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Crazy Milf from Chile and night off ;)

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Crazy Milf from Chile and night off It was 2016 summer time in Latin America . it was slow day but i dont remember what day it was anyway maybe arounde 8 pm there was nice looking milf at the bar siting alone just a minut ago her girl frien left other one was a bomb . time was going slow at one moment she was almost only person there . Came 11 pm and girls from bar and some friends was ready to go out we was going some 7 miles away to some nice club really popular place so at last moment one friend called milf from bar to go with us , any way bar was closing and she was dresed nice big ass latina with beautiful sexy legs big tits she wanted it so bad you can see dick in her eyes , she was 100% Latina like once you see on porn videos .Every body got to cars after short ride we was there it was too crowded half of people wanted to go to other place some of us lost in crowd and like it was a plan i was all alone with her Catterina mmm hundred of people around us my Spanish was really bad at time thank god she speak Eng. 39 years old and me at time 30 i was looking at her in eyes and we didnt need words any more high helas short black skirt soo tight with her nice round ass coudnt resist i needed to touch her uder skirt i can feal self holdings before i even told her something she told me "lets go out of here" now i was starting to burn .Well hell yesss , i didnt wont to fuck of friend who made this action posible so i first ask here if she want me to bring one friend also for here with evil smile on my face . and on my suprise she didnt hesitate and with same evile litle smile she say big yesss .same moment i send him message to find us outside next to her car some fucking big pickup , later in morning i found out that it was from her husbend pur guy .We sit in care and we was on our way to one of houses , i was already a little touched with alchohol and i sit behinde her wile she was driving wile we was talking to touch her from behind and without much of thinking i took her tits out and started to play with tham she was on fire in that moment we was going mor than 100mph nice right . Soon we was in house of my friend , like a little game we took her close of and left her to be naked soon we was all naked and siping some viski god knows what . She was wild crazy hungry for some dick she was sucking us like insane first hour was just her mouth on our dicks .She wanted more and more we fucked in all possible positions i took time out and my young friend took her in beadroom and continue just couple minutes after i came with cellphone and started making videos unfortunetly only one video survived but to continue , now she was sucking me wile he was pumping her pussy and after some 4 hourse bitch was satisfied . Friend was already at his house so Catterina and me left and my dick was waking up againe but problem was that she only have couple of hourse and she was here on vacation so i didnt give her good directions insted i give her directions to my house , and in car i made her hot againe in that moment she told me that her husband is coming at 8 am and she need to pick him up at airport (car belonging to her husband becouse her works in this county but they are from Chile ) Any way she needed shower really bad her pussy was driping of two guys sperm and her ass also . we came to my house quickly i told her to take shower here i will help her wash dress guess why she was already worry and closing to state of panick her house was too far away , she was fucked all night and husbend is coming in 3 hours she started to take everything off for me to wash it and so she can take shower in middle of undresing i pull out my dick and slaming in half open pussy with spearm still coming of , i grabed her wide round ass with full speed fucking as hard as i can she started to cry "no no please no more my husbend is coming"but next moment she was moaning like she wasnt fucked all night .When i wasnt more interested i help her cover up crime and she was on her way . and let me tell you if her didnt suspect anything when he saw her like that well than he is real dumb ass .I never againe saw her .
04-06-2021, at 10:16 PM