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admin 06-24-2021 10:27 PM

Fun in the Maspalomas Sand Dunes
Fun in the Maspalomas Sand DunesWell we were staying at the La Mirage swinging holiday resort in Maspalomas in Gran Canaries and we were looking forward to all the fun we could have with all the like minded couples also staying at the hotel and all the strangers we would meet down in the sand dunes.As we were met at reception we could see all the sexy people wondering around the pool area naked and free as birds laughing and joking with each other some playing some just relaxing at the bar and sunbathing. We looked at each other and knew we had come to the right place.We were both horny and wanted to fuck so we dropped our bags in our room and got out of all our clothes and as we wanted to go visit the dunes put on swim suits to walk down to the beach a short trip but in public. You were excited I could tell as your nipples were sticking out through your top and we hurried down to the dunes, as soon as we got there we saw the signs and knew we were in the naturist area.Straight away you removed your top and I removed my bottoms but you kept your wrap around your waist even though you had no bottoms on. I wrapped my arm around you and grabbed your tit and as we walked through the dunes I squeezed and twisted your nipple in my fingers, you were letting out moans as I did it and we both walked and enjoyed the view in front of us by pretty much every dune there were couples and groups of people some playing some just relaxing in the sun.It was as horny as it looked on TV and we were getting aroused as we walked your hand moved to my crotch and grabbed my hard cock and held it as we walked further in to the dunes. People looked up as we passed by most smiled some waved everyone was relaxed and seemed to be oblivious of you holding my cock and my hand groping your nipple as we walked.Finally we got to a secluded space with no one else around and we laid out our big towels and inflated the pillows before lying down. You were still stroking my cock as my hand fell to your wet pussy and began to part it exposing your clit to the fresh air and my finger as I rubbed it slowly making you squirm under my touch, within a minute you came and let out a loud moan knowing we were all alone and grabbed my cock hard as you climaxed hard on my finger.I removed your wrap and began to rub oil in to your body all over your big tits with your hard nipples and your body and especially on and around your sexy pussy as we did not want that to get burnt. As I was doing this you did the same to me covering me from head to toe in oil it was a very sexy feeling both of us now on our knees facing each other pouring oil all over each other and rubbing it in.Again I could tell by your body and looking at your nipples that you were enjoying the attention and would climax soon if I carried on. I pushed you face down and poured oil on your back and I worked it in all over your body and in to every nook and cranny, sliding my fingers between your wet thighs probing your pussy and your tight ass as I did so and sure enough within a few seconds you were quivering on my hand once again and moaning out loud as you came hard.I was rock hard and pulled you up on to your knees and slid my hard cock in to your oiled up ass with one hard push and began to pump hard in to your tight ass it was an amazing feeling out there in the sand dunes fucking you hard and as you started to moan loud as I pumped in to you I felt the build up in my balls and knew I was going to cum soon I told you this as I fucked you and you begged me to shoot my hot cum in to your ass.With that I came hard and you climaxed as you felt me pump my hot cum deep in your tight ass. I grabbed in our bag and pulled out the cuffs and pulled your hands behind your back so you were face down on the pillows as I cuffed them behind your back. I slid my cock from your cum filled ass and grabbing you by the hair I lifted your face up and slid around so I was sat with your head above my lap and then lowered your open mouth on to my cum coated cock for you to suck clean.I was in heaven you on your knees ass in the air cum leaking from it sucking my cock hands tied behind you it could not get any better. Right then unbeknown to you two people came through the dunes and when they saw us they paused, I smiled at them and they smiled back watching as you sucked my cock with vigour. One of the men was getting hard and I could see the bulge in his trunks and it was quite impressive the other guy had no trunks on and he made the first guy look small and he was proud of it too.They both moved closer and I put my finger to my lips as if to say be silent they nodded and as they got to a few feet they both without being shy began to stroke their cocks as they watched you suck me totally oblivious to our guests watching.The two men now had fully erect cocks and were stroking them hard I was impressed by the size of them both and imagined they had fucked a lot of women with them in these dunes, I waved them closer and pointed to your ass and they both dropped to their knees and the first you knew about it was when two pairs of hands grabbed your ass cheeks and then began to probe your pussy and ass which were still well oiled up from before.You almost choked on my cock when you realised that there were two pairs of hands attached to two strangers behind you and it was only me holding you by the hair that kept you in position. I told you to spread your legs so our guests could see your wet pussy and cum filled ass and you did as you were told, I could see them both smiling as they were pumping their fingers in to your wet pussy and this made my cock rock hard again in your mouth. The guy who had no shorts on moved behind you and looking at me as he did grabbed his fat cock and aimed it at your pussy, I nodded as he smiled at me and in one smooth movement he rammed it in to your pussy making you scream out and as you did I rammed your head down harder on to my cock forcing it in to the back of your throat.I could only imagine how his fat cock must be stretching your pussy as he pumped in to you and as I watched I saw you push back on to this strangers cock and I knew you wanted it bad. I reached in to the bag and pulled out the mask and slid it on to your eyes knowing that I wanted to keep the strangers just that in case we met again.I stood up and waved the other guy to my position and I stood over you, hair in one hand and cuffed hands in the other. As he sat down I told you to open your mouth and lowered you on to his cock straight away you knew it was not mine and you had to adjust as I forced you on to it choking you as it went deep. I handed over your hair to him and he nodded and grabbed you and began to throat fuck you. I stood up and looked as these two guys fucked you from both ends and slowly stroked my cock as I watched you get spit roasted.The guy at your pussy was pumping hard now and I knew it would not be long and I smiled at him and nodded as he started to pump his hot cum in to your dirty cum filled pussy. You came as he did this and tried crying out but the cock in your mouth gagged you and stopped the noise.He pulled his monster cock from your cum filled stretched pussy and I waved for them to swap and they nodded and moved so as one lifted your head off his cock the other lowered you on to his cum coated cock that was covered in your juice too. And as he rammed your mouth down on to an even fatter cock the second man who had been enjoying your mouth slammed his cock in to your cum filled pussy and straight away you started to cum as you were tender by then and he pumped hard in to you. I was close to cumming too but wanted to wait till he had cum in you and it was not long before once again I smiled and nodded at him and he pumped his cum in to your pussy till it was leaking out as he pumped his fat cock in to you.He looked at me and mouthed thank you and I pointed to your mouth and he smiled as he came next to you and the guy you were sucking pulled your hair up and directed your mouth on to his friend?s cock that was also cum coated from your pussy. As you sucked him I grabbed your cuffed hands and slammed in to your cum filled pussy and started to fuck you hard and fast and by the time you had sucked both cocks clean I was shooting my cum your third load deep in to your pussy and you were once again trembling with another orgasm. The two men stood up leaving you face down ass up on the pillows and I told you to say thank you for cumming in me, you opened your mouth and repeated the words to the two strangers you could not see. They thanked me and left as I moved my hand that had been in your pussy and filled it with cum to feed your hungry mouth, as I wiped it all over my cock before feeding it to you.Your hungry mouth sucked at my fingers sucking cum down and licked and sucked my cock till I was clean. I then removed your mask and cuffs and kissed you as I said did you enjoy that and you just smiled as you tried to stop trembling from the multiple orgasms you had just had. What a great start to our trip and we were still on day one.

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