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A Marriage, of Rope and Punishment

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A Marriage, of Rope and PunishmentHe sat comfortably on the plush rug on his living room floor and pondered what he should do next. His meditation, to help him get through these tough days, finally over for the evening. Taking a sip of his hot tea, spiked with a little extra zip, he smiled as he glanced over at the small bar bell weights, he made his wife use every morning.He stood up from his cross legged position and adjusted his Gi top, retying his black belt and adjusting his crotch. His cock, lurking beneath his white cotton Gi pants, already coming back to life as he picked up the weights and strode out of the room with an evil grin on his face.His large bare feet padded along the wood floor. His destination, the room glowing ahead of him from the flickering light of many a beeswax candle. Passing through the door he turned to his left and quietly picked a riding crop from off the wall.He looked down at the floor below and grinned at the writhing shadow cast upon it. He could hear suffering moans behind him and without turning around he asked, ?So is my submissive slut of a wife ready to be further punished? To be driven mad with the most horrible of torments??Still not facing her, he grinned as he listened to her slightly sobbing reply, ?Please Sir ?please my Lord and Master, have mercy on me?This is hurting so much, this is unbearable Sir.?She stared at his wide shoulders and back. She tried to stabilize her shaking leg and strained at the ropes keeping her bound wrists high overhead. Hours in these skin chaffing ropes, contorted and strung up for his pleasure, for his entertainment, was taking its toll on her forty-five year old body.She could feel a wobble in her left leg that travelled up into her torso. Any collapsing of that foot, any shift in its position, aggravated the immense discomfort in her left breast. Her nipple stretched in pain by the intricate and devious set of ropes he had created to make her suffer in.She whimpered as she stared at his back, ?Please sir?please help me..please release some of these ropes?please?.?He turned his large frame around and held the crop in one hand and the weights in the other. He had a smile that slowly became a stern look of admonishment towards his whining wife. Though he did grow harder and did enjoy the sound of her pathetic begging.He sat the weights down beside some of the burning candles on a small table, and then approached her. The crop threateningly tapping away across his left hand.?I say when you get out of MY ropes slave! Have you forgotten who is in charge in this marriage? Who?s owned this body for the last twenty years??She shook her head. Her body beginning to tremble in fear and anticipation of his domineering manner. She screamed in shock and surprise as the crop came down hard on the nipple of her right breast. Hitting her nipple ring with pin point accuracy and sending a searing jolt of pain throughout her chest.He swatted at her again, harder than the first time. The cracking of leather on her tit followed by his growling declaration of, ?I own these tits, These tits are mine and they always will be!?He trailed the leather crop down over her stomach and then swatted twice at her waist. One smack on each side, so fast that they barely registered before he had moved onto whipping her hips. He smacked them earnestly, leaving red squares glowing on her soft skin. ?This waist is mine, these fine hips are mine, aren?t they my sweet rope slave??She was nodding in agreement, shivering as he approached her rope trapped pussy. She clenched her eyes shut waiting for the thrash of leather to sting her pussy. Instead she felt his hand grasp the thin rope tied to her toe and strung back up to her labia ring.She whimpered again as she felt him snug up the rope. Her toe having to bend inwards to alleviate the growing discomfort in her sex from this torment. Then there was swoosh and she yelped and then cursed, ?Aw Fuck?Oh Gawd!?The heat in the sole of her foot was bad, but what was worse was the pull on her sexual flesh as her foot flexed from the shock and her toe tried vainly to straighten out. There was the sound of a low sexy pleasing growl from her husband as he grasped her bound right knee and then began to whip away at her foot.The number of times he struck her soft foot was lost to her, as she thrashed her foot about and tugged mercilessly on her own sex. He was laughing, enjoyment and lust written all over his face as he watched her in the throes of this ultimate self inflicted torture.Finally he stopped and cupped her chin, ?What do you say to your Master, wife? What do you say when I stop thrashing your flesh??Her wet eyes locked on his and she uttered, ?Thank you Sir..thank you for stopping?But I deserved it Sir.??And why did you deserve it my darling wife??Why?? he asked, while stroking the shaft of the crop between her thighs and along the rope scissoring her pussy in half. The shaft of the crop beginning to glisten in the candle light from the coating of her aroused cunt juices it was receiving.?Because I am your slut, your owned piece of flesh. I am your worthless slave, to do with as you please sir. I am ?mmm?, Her words cut off, as he sealed his mouth around hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. Both their tongues dancing around each other for minutes as he forced his mouth over hers.When he finally pulled away, she was panting and wishing badly he would do that tongue plunging to her pussy. He grinned at her and smirked, ?Guess you?re glad I didn?t gag you? yet, huh cunt???Thank you Sir? she gulped out, praying he didn?t gag her with one of the huge jaw breaking ball gags he kept at the ready. Or worse one of the throat blocking penis gags he punished her with on the rare times she really deserved it.?It will be easier to access my mouth, when master wishes to stuff his cock in there and feed me his cum.? She added in a whisper. The most faint of smiles passing quickly over her strained face.Her husband grinned and nodded, ?Well aren?t you a properly respectable and smart thinking little slave. No wonder I have kept you as my wife all these years and not sold you off.?His hand now traced the snug ropes cutting into her waist. He played with the knot, dead middle and below her belly button. He sc****d a finger under the crotch rope basically cutting her pussy in half. He applied some tension and watched his uncomfortable wife?s face turn into a pained grimace.He grasped her quivering chin and asked in a deep tone, ?What?s wrong sweetie, that rope biting into your sensitive soft little bits, too hard??That butt plug in your ass stretching you out toooo much??She bit her bottom lip as he pulled the crotch rope out and up, pulling it off her indented skin. The pressure on her clit excruciating to say the least. And the butt plug? She had been suffering and hurting for so long, she had forgotten about the shiny thick metal thing he had shoved up in her ass hours ago.Her screaming fit, as her loving husband twisted and pushed it in, long forgotten after hours of swaying and struggling in these tight and inescapable ropes. Ropes that kept her trapped and feeling utterly under his control. He owned her body and soul and could do what ever twisted thing he pleased to her.He played with the crotch rope a bit longer. Spreading the strands so that the swollen bud of her clit was clearly evident. His thumb and finger massaging the bundle of nerves in a way that had her fisting her bound hands and whimpering.?Hmmm I know what I want to do to this little bundle of nerves tonight. I think we should utilize a candle tonight. I think it could be a sizzling good time.? He chuckled to himself.His wife hung there in the ropes, unable to stop him or protest. Though a small series of weak ?no no no?s? did escape under breath as she watched him study the candles and then he picked up the small bar bells he had brought in.?Almost forgot about these? he said, shaking them in front of her mortified face. She watched with trepidation as he took the weights and tied the weights to a loop of rope attached to the long devious length of rope attaching her ankle to her left tit.He kept the weights in his hand and then dropped them.It took a second for her body to adjust, to adjust to the excruciating pull on her nipple ring. She then howled out an, ?OH GAWWD FUCCKK? that had her husband laughing.?Take them off please sir,,please take them off.? She rapidly begged, as she felt her nipple stretched unlike anything she had ever experienced. She feared the nipple ring would rip out as her poor tit distended upwards.He stroked the underside of her tortured tit with his large hand and let her know that, ?Your whining and pleading just made things worse for you now my dear. When will you ever learn that a slave wife keeps her whore mouth shut!?She couldn?t answer or even say sorry, she was in so much discomfort. She tried to gasp out a ?sorry master?, but he had turned his back to her. His attention on the candles spread around the room.He grabbed a large candle with an ample reservoir of hot melted wax and held it high over her chest. His other hand grasping her bound up right leg. He pulled at her leg, so her hips thrust forward. Her left foot leaving the floor and her stretched arms screaming in an agony equal to her tit being tortured by the weights.She was sobbing and pleading for him to stop, ?Please Master, don?t do this ..please don?t.?He lowered his stern commanding gaze to hers and stated, ?Oh you disobedient pleading little slut. You know this is going to happen. You know I am going to decorate your delicate soft flesh in searing hot wax. And there is not a god damn thing you can do about it. The only question is? where??His wife now had her eyes clenched firmly shut, her body shaking fiercely in the bondage. He laughed again and then bellowed, ?So which spot shall I cook with the wax? Your tit or your clit? You choose my dear. Your husband is being thoughtful to your needs today, isn?t that nice???I?I ?I don?AWWW GAWWD?NOOO.? She howled.Her answer had taken to long for his liking. So he tipped the wax a bit over her right tit, watching with delight as the hot wax coated her delicate skin. Both her well aged breasts now throbbing in the ultimate pain and discomfort.He then moved the flaming candle down to her pussy. As the wax coated her nipple and cooled, he was already waving the flame all around the sensitive cunt flesh. The pink and tan flesh pushed out into delicate rows, by the pair of crotch rope strands that were painfully dividing her pussy into halves.?Hmm I wonder how close we can get.? He pondered out loud.He was surprised by the amount of thrashing she did as he brought the candle in close between her thighs and the yellow flame curled up over the nub of her clit. He could hear a minute tiny sizzle as he played the flame all around her most intimate parts. The juice of her pussy, coating her flesh and the crotch rope, boiling away from the flickering flame.She was screaming, no actually wailing, unlike anything he had heard before. Well that wasn?t true, there was the time he put a needle through her precious nub of a clit, as he had her chained spread eagle and begging for mercy in the basement. The ultimate punishment for not having met him at the door on her knees, after his hard day of work.He smiled at that memory and pulled the candle away. He grasped her bound leg even firmer and said, ?Now let?s coat your sweet pussy in searing hot wax, since it?s all warmed up.??No noo master nooOO?, she pleaded uselessly, as her ?No? morphed into a scream.He tilted the candle and let the wax run down over her freshly shaved pubic mound, down over the snug ropes. Rivulets of hot liquid wax ran over her clit and labia. Her singed flesh making her wail and shake uncontrollably in her mass of ropes.He poured the rest of the wax all over her suspended, bent and rope trapped leg. Her leg and foot thrashed around uselessly as before, from the painful heat and only aggravated the pain in her pussy. He sat the candle down and then took that hand and grasped her throat. ?Happy with your torture wife??He squeezed firmly and felt her tears running over her cheeks and down over his strong hand. Her mouth opened and a faint, ?yes Sir? gurgled out past her lips.He grinned and placed his other hand over the hardening wax of her pussy. He was still able to aim a finger in the right spot and push it up into her abused cunt. Her ravaged but still wet, drenched cunt. A cunt just waiting to be fucked by finger, cock or whatever tool was handy.Crushing the grip he had on her mound, he felt the wax cracking. The pieces still hard in his palm and pushing roughly into her flesh. His hand beginning to move as he thrust his finger in and out of her abused sex. She moaned loudly as he asked, ?Do you like this slave? Do you like this?.my slutty rope loving wife??She started to moan out yes. But then he found a way to slip two fingers in between the devilish crotch ropes and then a third. All three fingers driving together in a fury up inside her. His arm pumping away and his grip on her throat never letting up.Only gasping and eye rolls coming from his wife as he thoroughly finger fucked her heated wax coated cunt. Her explosive sudden orgasm leaving her a wilted, sobbing mess. She then hung there for the rest of the evening, moaning and letting out the occasional pitiful pained sob. Trapped in those loving ropes until he would visit again and start her torment anew.
06-24-2021, at 10:26 PM

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