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Ambition Pt 4

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Ambition Pt 4The next morning, Louise Lewis woke in a strange bed and suffered a moment of disorientation until she remembered. She was their slave. Yes, they had released her from her bonds after the fucking, let her shower and dress in pyjamas, and answered her questions quietly but firmly about their expectations for this weekend and beyond, her new responsibilities as a college executive and as the men's permanent sex toy.Daley the night before had slipped into bed with her and fucked her again. As Louise now sat up in bed, he emerged from the bathroom stark naked and informed her the other two were on their way. He then ordered her to remove her pyjamas and then pushed her on her back on the bed before climbing on top of her for another hard, long fuck with lots of kissing and slapping of her breasts. Harold King came into the bedroom, waited for Daley to finish lining her cunt with his cum, and mounted Louise for a second vigorous fuck. Daley with a victory whoop took a camera from the dressing table and recorded King's hairy ass rising and falling between Louise's legs that King?s strong hands had forced wide apart and up to her shoulders.King too had a long, satisfying fuck. He varied speeds, stopping several times to hold his cock jammed up her cunt as far as he could. He came in her pussy with his lion roar and then eased his shrinking penis out of her cunt that dribbled with his semen. Then he let her up after giving her nipples a sharp tweak, so she was standing beside the bed reaching for her bathrobe when Ron Taylor arrived. He quickly assessed the situation and waved at Louise. "You don't have to get back into bed," he told her. "We can do it right there." She knew what "it" meant: another abusive fuck, another in what promised to be a long line of sexual encounters that seemed to stretch without end into her future.After tossing his robe aside, Taylor pressed his naked form against Louise's, holding her in a Hollywood kiss while his right hand stole between her legs and inserted its index finger into her vagina. The entrance between her succulent cunt lips was moist and fragrant as he licked his finger and bent her over the bed, observing her ass and cunt carefully to arouse his lust and plan his penetration. This came quickly as the head of his penis probed between the lips of the slotted purse of her cunt and then drove hard in. Daley recorded the fuck in carefully chosen close ups of Taylor's cock lodged in her pussy, her buttock flesh rippling with each vigorous thrust of his penis and her breasts swaying and shuddering with each impact. Taylor's penis attacked her faster and harder, his breath now in short gasps as he hammered his cock into her cunt. Then came the happy ending, and he slowly withdrew his shrinking penis from her cunt, pausing to observe his semen oozing from between her reddened vulva."It's time for shower and breakfast," Daley ordered, ?Some of the others will be arriving soon. Oh, it will be an interesting day for you, Louise," he told her with a wicked grin. Her grimace at this prospect was genuine, and her fear shook her naked body uncontrollably. But she bit her lip, showered, dressed, and went to the kitchen for breakfast as she had been told to do.At 9:30 Saturday morning, other college executives began to arrive and naturally wanted to fuck her. They had seen the videos of her being screwed the night before and knew she was now their sex slave, as well as a new member of the college executive team. Daley gave them permission to engage Louise in any sexual activities they wished, while he and the others took support roles which included extensive filming of sexual activities. He did remind them that she was not to be permanently marked, at least not yet.Jack Dickerson was the college's Director of Information Technology, and had arrived with computers and a large digital projector which he focused on a large screen mounted on a wall. Pete French, the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, and David Warren, the college's marketing director, stripped naked and pulled naked Louise over onto a couch opposite the screen where they began fondling her tits, ass, and pussy, not to mention deep tongue kissing and pulling her hands over to their crotches to encircle their erect penises with her long fingers.This made Louise quite tense. Her mind was already trying to suppress a rising tide of panic and anger as the reality of her victimization drove into her brain, her helplessness to prevent these men using her body. However, the men's sexual attentions were also arousing her to a fever pitch. She hadn't fully recovered from the three morning fucks in the bedroom, and her pussy still throbbed with desire even before Dickerson began a slow and infuriating circling of her clitoris with his finger.Daley, King, and Taylor set up video lights and cameras focussed on the couch. ?Ok, Pete,? called Daley. ?We?re ready for positions. Start and end missionary with some reverse cowgirl and doggy style, with maybe a side view too, you know, with her leg up.?French nodded a brief, lustful acknowledgement and mounted Louise stretched supine on her back, forcing her graceful legs wide to give the cameras a good view of her pussy. His monster cock was nine inches long and two inches thick with a huge, blunt mushroom head that he rubbed up and down her furry slit before pushing forward, forcing his cock head to split open her warm, moist, coral cunt lips.French repeated the movement several times before thrusting his cock all the way into Louise?s cunt. He raised his bum to allow Daley?s camera lens to capture the fucking close up, his cock and balls driving down into her cunt, her inner lips grasping his cock shaft and turning it into a glistening, moist arrow into her secret interior. Pete French enjoyed his long, female-dominating fucks, so he wanted to make Louise gasp and moan as long as possible as he reamed her luscious pussy. He withdrew and hauled her into a position sitting on his erection in a reverse cowgirl position. The cameras moved in low to capture his thrusting cock making her inner cunt lips wet and slippery as they clasped his shaft in their sexual embrace. Then he moved Louise onto her left side as he raised her right leg and slid his cock between her full vulva lips and resumed vigorous thrusting as the cameras zoomed in on her open cunt embracing his cock shaft. Then it was on to doggy style as he pulled up on her hips to force her face into the pillow on the arm of the couch. The camera saw her hairy pussy pouting provocatively at him from between her bum cheeks. French?s monkey grin pleased his male audience as they watched him ease the big pink head of his penis into her own pink portal of heaven and begin to slam her cunt so hard it made the flesh of her buttocks ripple with the impact.Finally, French flipped her onto her back, spread her legs wide, and attacked her cunt lips with the broad head of his penis. He felt the wet warmth of her cunt slip over his cock head and envelope his cock shaft as he drove his penis head up her vagina toward her cervix. After a few experimental thrusts, he began to fuck her hard. It was the longest fuck Louise had ever had. She wondered when it would end, where he got his stamina, and why her body kept building to more and more bone shaking orgasm.He could feel Louise?s divine naked body trembling with the welcome aftershocks of orgasm. He knew his own body was now trembling with an urgent need to release semen into her vagina, so he began a rapidly cadenced thrusting to move them both to the pinnacle of arousal. She responded with sighs and moans and heavy breathing. He increased his speed and depth. She began to shake all over. ?Ahhh. Ahhhh. Ooohhhh. Aaaahh.?Then their mutual orgasm hit. French threw his head back in a howl of victory, and Louise?s eyes rolled back in her head. His cock jetted gobs of cum into her pussy and coated her convulsing cervix. His orgasm lasted several minutes, followed by continued thrusts into her cunt as his orgasm subsided and their breathing relaxed and returned to normal.French withdrew his shaft from her pussy and stood up to the applause of the others who had been watching and masturbating, except for Daley and King who had worked the cameras and lights. Dickerson and Warren nodded their admiration at French for his performance. He grinned boyishly and nodded back, then nodded at Louise?s cunt dripping with his semen. It was his sign to them to do her. The other two naked men then took turns fucking Louise in their favorite sex positions on the couch, slapping her ass and tits while the cameras recorded the debauch. Dickerson went first, and when he had finished in Louise?s cunt and Warren?s thick cock was reaming her pussy, he set up a large, theatre size television screen connected to his laptop. A few taps on the computer and the screen came to life.Louise was exhausted and shaking with exertion and orgasm when finally David Warren had cum in her cunt and rolled off her, but she didn't have time to reflect further because the giant screen came to life with sexual images, a group of naked men taking turns fucking a naked woman one at a time in the missionary position. Louise stared in shocked recognition at the faces. The naked man on top was Harold King, his chubby hairy body squirming on top of a naked woman who moaned with pleasure as she was fucked. It was Elizabeth Lansing, another of the college?s junior executives.Louise was even more shocked at the v******e of the bondage scenes. She recognized Wendy Martin, an assistant from the President?s office, who was tied naked to a coffee table and screaming as Pete French landed a stroke from a dragon-tailed whip on her exposed cunt, shaved bald and turned an angry red with the whip lashes.She jumped as Taylor put his hand on her shoulder from behind. ?It?s OK, Louise,? he murmured with a patronizing leer. ?It will hurt at the time, but later you will enjoy it. Look at Wendy?s cunt. Nice and meaty red, isn?t it. Now watch again.?Louise couldn?t take her eyes off the scene of torture. Then they widened in surprise. Pete French had dropped the whip and mounted Wendy. The camera zoomed in on their crotches as his long, large cock approached her pussy slit between her spread eagle thighs. The graceful curves of his cock head pried open her lower labia and entered her with a firm thrust. After his first sequence of vigorous and rapid thrusts up and down her cunt channel, Wendy Martin shook uncontrollably with a massive orgasm.?That will be your reward, Louise.? Taylor patted her shoulder again. ?You will enjoy it in the end, but not right now. Rest and refresh. We continue with your trials this afternoon.?
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