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My wife purchasing a new car

Post #1

My wife purchasing a new carMy sweet Ana convinced me we needed to buy a new car. And she was right. I knew what model I wanted.So we went to the sales room and a fine salesman came to us.He was called Ron; a handsome black guy, tall and muscled.Anita bit her lips as she greeted him. I saw it in her eyes?The guy brought us for a test drive. Anita drove first, since the car would be finally for her. My sweet wife looked happy, with her short loose skirt riding up her thighs, showing plenty of her tanned legs. Ron sat in the passenger seat, explaining all the buttons and dials. It was a very nice car, but Ana did not think it was enough powerful. So the guy suggested we could try the diesel version? With his black hand on Anita?s thigh, he said that he had something even bigger that might suit her better. Ana giggled but I did not find it so funny at all?We got back to the sales room to swap to the diesel type car. Ana said that I should check out the other cars there, while she made the test drive of this new second car.The bitch looked at me with a knowing smile. I said sure, go on?I guessed the black bastard flirted with all potential customers. Twenty minutes later they came back. I sensed something had happened during their absence, but I did not say anything?On the way home, Anita made small talk about the second car.Once there, she just stepped on the stairs and I followed her.My sweet wife fell onto the bed; her loose skirt falling upwards, revealing a wet spot in the crotch of her thong. Ana gave me an evil grin; she raised her legs up and removed this stained thong slowly; she then threw it at me. I put it close to my nose. It smelled really wonderful; it was just her musky cunt smell, not anybody's semen. I quickly removed my clothes and climbed on top of my sexy babe.I slid easily into her very wet pussy and Anita gasped. I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked on them.Ana then looked at the ceiling, as she whispered:?I have been a very naughty girl?"My sensual wife then described me she had driven the diesel car to a lonely industrial place close to the sales room. She had parked there and the black guy had asked her if she had any questions?So this lucky bastard leaned on her and kissed her hungrily, while his strong hand moved slowly upwards and under her loose skirt.Ron soon had his fingers over her pussy lips and she groaned.The guy pulled her tiny thong aside, as he still was kissing her.He then slid a couple fingers deep inside of her wet cunt. The guy quickly finger fucked my sensual horny Ana her to orgasm.My wife soon came on his fingers. He then said it was his turn.He pushed her head down to his hard black cock. Ana described it as a nine inches? long; too thick. She told him they did not have enough time, because I would be worried about her.But he insisted, that she could not leave him like this. Anita then suck on this massive black cock and she finally jerked him off. He cleaned himself up with a cloth.As Anita drove back, the bastard said he really wanted to see her again, to fuck her. But she got out of the car without a reply?While she told me about all the situation, my own cock grew even harder and I felt I was close to cum. Anita fingered herself to orgasm while I fucked her hot soaking wet cunt.After coming inside her, screaming like a mad man, I told Ana that she should have fucked him. She giggled, asking me if I really wanted her to do it. I nodded a yes and she said that she wanted to?The next day, Ron rang twice, but Anita did not answer. She was trying to play cool. Later, she sent him a flirty text.But the bastard did not answer a single word. Anita then sent him a pic of her hardened nipples and Ron sent back a pic of his hard black cock. Ana said it looked even bigger.She texted him she wanted him to cum there and then.But Ron replied he could not do it now, since he was working.He texted Ana that he wanted to fuck her, not only a jerk off. She told him that she would visit him the next day.He recommended her to go alone?But my naughty wife told him she would go with me again.As they stopped exchanging messages, Ana squealed with delight and she straddled me. We fucked like crazy?The next day we went again to the car sales room.Ana was wearing a tight top with no bra and the same loose skirt, but no thong at all.When we got to his desk, we quickly got a good agreement for the final prize of the diesel car for my sweet wife. He handed us the keys. Anita stood up, saying there was a few things she still needed to know in the car. Ron could show her.We all got into the car again. I got in the driver?s seat; my sexy wife and Ron got in the back. I drove around to that lonely industrial place again and parked inside. Anita pulled out her top and the black guy leaned on her, to suck these lovely hard nipples. My sensual wife moaned loud, as she had Ron?s huge cock out of his trousers.She sucked him for a few minutes; she then told him to sit up.Ana wanted him to fuck her just there in front of me. So she straddled his lap and soon I saw his huge hard black cock disappear deep inside my wife?s pussy lips. Ana started rocking back and forth, as she moaned loud in pleasure.The black guy suddenly grabbed Ana?s buttocks and he tensed his back, telling he was coming deep inside my wife?s womb.Ana still bounced a couple minutes, until she came onto his dick.We dropped the black guy back to the sales room.Ron said that it was the best sex he ever had, since he was in the car business. Anita smiled, agreeing it had been fantastic for her.As I drove home, the smell of sex in the car overpowered the new car smell. I could not wait to lick Anita?s cum filled cunt.Next day Ana woke up early in the morning.She gave me a very evil grin, as she said she would go back to the sales room; since she needed more instructions about the car?I jumped out of the bed and started to get dressed.But Ana smiled again, saying she would go alone?
06-02-2021, at 08:04 PM

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