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11 - Maire's In-Shop Experiences - 6 Vignette

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11 - Maire's In-Shop Experiences - 6 Vignette11 ? Maire?s In-Shop experiences?Rise and shine, beautiful?, I heard Liam?s voice. ?Time to get up, sweetie? he said cheerfully.I moaned. My head hurt, my body was sore, and my eyes seemed glued shut. Finally, I looked over to where Liam?s voice had come from. He was standing in the doorway of our bedroom, already dressed for work, smiling at me.?Someone looks like they had a hard night? he grinned. Images were dancing in my head recalling last night. I groaned again and said half in jest, ?Go away?? and I rolled over.?Okay, Love,? Liam continued happy as a clam, ?I?m off to the office. Don?t forget that you have to work at the shop today, plus I have a dinner meeting with clients tonight.? When I didn?t respond, he added ?I?ve drawn you a hot bath and put on a pot of coffee for you. Come on, up and at ?em. Bye, beautiful.? With that he kissed my forehead. I just lay there. I heard the apartment door close behind him as he departed.Slowly, I sat up. My whole body ached. The attraction of the hot bath got me moving. I padded into the bathroom still wearing my stockings and garter belt. I looked in the mirror and laughed to myself. My mascara had run, one of my eye lashes had fallen off and now was stuck on my cheek, and I was generally a mess. I then saw a note taped to the mirror. It was from Liam. Inside a heart shape he had drawn, he had written ?Maira ? You are the best. I love you?. It made me smile. Underneath he also wrote ?I downloaded our recording on your computer. Have a look when you get a chance.?I made a mental note of checking my computer, removed my make-up from last night, undressed, and gingerly climbed into the hot water in the tub. It felt so good after I was able to lower myself all the way in the water. I slid all the way under to wash my wash my face and wet my hair. After I scrubbed myself, I laid back, relaxing in the warmth.Suddenly, I jumped. ?Hey, my beautiful Redbush!?. I groaned. It was Melissa standing in the doorway of the bathroom, grinning.?Do you always have to sneak-up on me?? I mumbled.?I want to hear all about your evening last night, my little friend.? When I looked up questioningly at her, Melissa again grinned and said, ?A little birdie told me you had a fun night.? Seeing my concern, ?Oh, don?t worry. James was cryptic in his email and only said I should check-in on you. So, here I am!? She seemed pleased with herself. I groaned again. ?Moving a little slowly I see? my Blackbush bestie said happily. She held my big bath towel up for me as an indication that I should get out of the tub. I did and she wrapped the towel around my dripping body and gave me a warm hug. ?Let me brush your hair and then we will have coffee and you can tell me all about it??A half hour later, we were sipping our coffees and I had just given Melissa the highlights of my evening. She was ?all ears? and let me tell the story without interruption. At the end, I looked at her and waited. ?So, Liam was okay with all of that??I gave a short laugh, ?It was his idea! He seems humiliated last night but this morning he was cheerful and happy. He even said that he downloaded the recording that the men had taken on my laptop.This made Melissa perk up. ?Oh! May we have a look? Have you watched it?? ?Sure,? I agreed, ?and no, I have not watched it yet?.The recording spanned more than an hour. We both watched eagerly with only brief exclamations: ?Oh!?, ?Nice!?, ?Wow!? and the like. At the end, we sat in silence for some time.Finally, my Blackbush turned to me and said, ?My little Redbush, I am so happy for you. You have come so far in such a short time. You are an amazing woman.? She leaned into me and gave me a long, soft kiss on my lips. Pulling back, our eyes held. I felt so happy.She then laughed, ?My Liam would never allow me to do all that! I love the man, and I know you love your Liam, but?wow! You are one lucky woman.? She then changed the subject. ?Look at the time. You need to get ready for work. If you are okay with it, I can post this video to your xHamster account for you?just in case Liam decides to delete it. Men! You just never know.? Seeing me nod in agreement as I headed to get dress, she added, ?I?m going to take some screen shots, too. That way you will have a nice gallery of pics right away.?I dressed in a dark blue pleated skirt, and a pale blue cotton blouse. I pulled-on the sheer pink lace panties I had worn only I short time last night, pre-sex. I discovered them under the bed when I pulled the sheets off to throw in the washer. I wore no hose and flat slip-on loafers. For a ?touch of naughty?, I fastened a black ribbon choker around my neck. Melissa looked up and smiled when I walked back out.Closing the laptop lid, she said ?All done. You can check it out later. Liam and I are going out for a ?romantic? dinner? (using air quotes), when means that he wants sex.? We shared a laugh. ?What are you doing tonight???Nothing. My Liam?s has a business dinner with a client, so I will be by myself after I get home.We parted ways and I headed for the shop.11a ? ?Lonelyman?Susan greeted me warmly when I arrived. ?Love your innocent school girl outfit,? she teased approvingly. ?I need to run some errands and won?t return until late afternoon. I?m sure you will be okay by yourself. If you need me, call my cell phone.?I busied myself straightening up the shop displays and Susan waved as she departed. The shop was quiet for about an hour until disrupted by the door chime sounding as a customer entered. I saw a typical middle aged, overweight man come in. ?Hi, I?m Maire,? I called out. ?Let me know if I can help you find anything.? I have discovered that most men just want to brose alone.He smiled ?Okay, thanks?. I know that I had seen him in the shop before. He usually bought a couple of items and didn?t have much to say. Some time passed as he looked around at the lingerie displays. I decided to go check on him. Walking up, I smiled, and asked, ?shopping for your wife again?? He looked at me, running his eyes up and down me, but I didn?t mind.?Well, yes, but maybe I could use some help. Nothing seems to be working.? I looked at him and allowed him to continue. ?My wife just doesn?t seem to be interested in sex anymore. Sorry, but that?s the truth.? He hesitated and then continued. ?I?ve tried buying her sexy things, romantic dinners, and more but??I sensed his deep disappointment. ?I understand. That happens. It?s not your fault. Come. I have an idea for you to consider. I?ll show you what has been very popular with other husbands in the same bind. I led him into the side room with the sex toys and various porn media. I could tell that he was shocked, or embarrassed, or something, but also very interested in what we had on display.Looking at me again, he said ?Really? Other men have the same? well, um, need???Well, yes,? I said. ?There are times that the man wants sex, and the woman?for whatever reason, does not. You can still love your wife, and she you, but have different sexual needs.? He now understood. ?Take my husband, I know that he looks at porn, and well?? I hesitated and looked at him, ?he masturbates. Many men do the same. Several of my older husband customers have discovered the joy of one of these? inflatable sex dolls.? I showed him our collection. You can dress her up, and then have your way with her?any way you like.? I smiled. ?And, as a wife, I?m okay with that.?We continued to talk, and after he got comfortable with the idea, he ended up buying a sex doll and several outfits for her. I assured him that he was not being unfaithful to his wife and that it would be fun for him. He spent close to $300, too! Susan would be thrilled.After he checked-out, he looked at me and said somewhat hesitantly, ?By any chance, are you Redbush??I was shocked by his question. Only a few people knew of my nickname. He continued, ?xHamster? screen name?? Still shocked and a bit afraid, I hesitated. ?It?s okay. I?m one of your ?friends?. My screen name is ?lonelyman?. Don?t worry, I?m not a stalker. I just thought I recognized you and thought I would ask.? He smiled.?Well?okay. You startled me. I don?t tell any of my xHamster friends even what State I live it, let alone that I work in this shop. I?m amazed, and a little unsettled, that you recognized me,? I admitted.?Oh, no problem, my dear. I?ve been a fan of yours for some time. I enjoy your tastes, and well, I have pleasured myself with thoughts of you!? He chuckled. ?Wow! You are even sexier in-person.??Okay, our secret, right?? He agreed and we were able to move on. It was exciting to be ?discovered? and a little sobering. ?So, when you get home, be sure to hide your new doll from your wife?at least until you think it?s appropriate to confide in her. Now,? I smiled warmly at ?Lonelyman?, is there anything else I can help you with???I know you enjoy sex, and so do I,? he started. ?Do you have any suggestions on how I could get my wife to have oral sex with me? It would seem that even if she is not in the mood for sex, she could do something for me, right?? He continued, ?I?ve been totally faithful to her all of our marriage, but she has never given me?you know, a blowjob, in all these years.?He was so sincere that I had to chuckle. I put my hand on his arm. ?My ?Lonelyman?, some women just never develop a taste for it. I have girlfriends who complain to me over cocktails when their husbands insist on it.? I smiled at him again. ?There is no secret to getting your wife to go down on you. Sorry.??But you seem to love it?okay, fine. I just hope that my new sex doll enjoys it. After all of the porn I?ve watched over the years, I just want one good blowjob!? He smiled. ?Okay, I?d better go.? As he turned to leave, I stopped him.With a naughty twinkle in my green eyes, I suggested ?My sweet Lonelyman, I would love to suck you cock. Our secret, of course.? He turned, searched my face, and slowly smiled. No one was in the shop and I directed him behind a clothing rack. I watched, silently, as I unbuckled his trousers and they dropped to the floor. I placed my hands on his face, looked into his expectant eyes, and repeated ?Our secret.?With that, I gave Lonelyman his first blowjob. As expected, he didn?t last long and he ejaculated a full load in my mouth. He was breathing hard and smiling, ?Wow, thank you, Redbush?or can I call you Maire??As I stood to answer him, we heard the door chime ring. Hurriedly, he buckled his pants. I said loudly, ?Thank you for stopping by. Here is your bag and please do come again.? I said that last with that naughty twinkle in my eyes. He was speechless. As I turned to attend to my new customer, he grabbed my hand and pressed something into it.?For you. A tip. A friendly thank you.? With that he turned and departed. I looked down at my hand. It was a $100 bill.11b ? Mrs. BartonI recognized the customer who had come-in following my time with Lonelyman. It was Mrs. Barton. She comes in frequently and Susan waits on her. Susan grumbles after she leaves as she rarely buys anything yet requires a lot of attention. I decided to try my luck.?Hello, Mrs. Barton,? I said as I walked up to her.She looked-up at me, and asked ?Oh, where is Susan? Are you the new girl???She?s out on errands, and yes, I?m relatively new, I guess.??Are you in high school, dear? A cheerleader perhaps?? she asked looking me up-and-down.?No, Mrs. Barton. I?m 29 years old and married. But thanks for your compliment.? I gave her a big grin. ?Is there anything I can help you with??She looked at me for a moment and finally said, ?I don?t know. Since Dudley passed several years ago, I just?well, I just haven?t found companionship.? She gave a laugh and a conspiratorial look, ?I haven?t had, you know, relations, in years. Being a young, married girl, you just take it for granted that you can have sex anytime you wish. It?s not so easy being a frumpy old woman in her late 50?s?. (I knew she was older than that, but I let it go). ?What do you suggest, young lady???When my husband is out of town on business, I find ways to entertain myself?if you know what I mean.?She looked at me, paused, and finally said, ?Are you suggesting young lady, that you touch yourself for pleasure? Oh, my?I never?well, rarely do anything like that.? She scolded me. ?But then again, I?m not a sex-starved young thing like you? or like I was when I was your age.?I decided to give it my best try. Taking her by the arm, I led her into the side room. ?Mrs. Barton, you are still a sexy woman. Perhaps, in your privacy and comfort, I could suggest something.? I pulled out a pink vibrator from the display case.She looked horrified but couldn?t take her eyes off of it. ?What?s that? What?s that for??I gave her a good natured chuckle. ?Why Mrs. Barton, it?s a vibrator. I call it ?a girl?s best friend?. This is one of my best selling items in the store, Mrs. Barton, particularly with married women. Once you try it, you?ll know why so many women love it.?She stammered, ?Well what do you do with it??So, I told her. At first, she was shocked and embarrassed, but then she started to become interested. After about 30-minutes, she had purchased the vibrator, a bottle of lube, and even a ?beginer? porn DVD. She was obviously excited but didn?t want to show it to me.?I?d love to hear how things work out, Mrs. Barton,? I encouraged her and smiled.Just then, Susan returned to the shop. Seeing Mrs. Barton, bag in hand, she gave her a delighted smile and made friendly small talk. When Mrs. Barton finally departed, Susan turned to me in surprise, ?You got her to buy something? Well done! How did you do it? What did she buy??Susan was so pleased with me and I felt good about that. ?Let?s celebrate with a cocktail tonight,? she declared. ?I?ll buy. Are you available for a quick one??I thanked her and told her that, with Liam out at a dinner meeting, I was available. We arranged to meet at Delilah?s around 7pm after she asked if I could close the store this evening. She had some more errands to run. I agreed and Susan departed with a friendly wave.11c ? Meeting SteveI had a busy afternoon in the shop: single women and men looking to ?spice up their sex lives?, young girls just learning about their sexuality, and others. Just before closing time at 6pm, a young man came rushing into the shop. He was athletic and attractive. I figured that he must have a hot date, or an urgent need for a gift for his girlfriend.?Hi. I?m Maire. Can I help you with something?? I smiled at him.He looked me up-and-down, something that I?m used to, and seemed speechless. ?Um?are you in school at the University?? he asked, referring to the local campus. Like always, he misjudged my age.?No,? I admitted. ?I?m not smart enough. Are you a student at the U??He seemed pleased with my answer and relaxed a bit. ?My fraternity pledge class is participating in a scavenger hunt. We each have to complete at least 75% of the items and whoever gets the most, will be the Pledge Captain. I?m almost done but there are a couple of items that? well, I do need help with.? He showed me his list. Most of the items were crossed off with only a few exceptions. To my amazement, I noted the two items remaining were:? An explicit photo of you with a woman using a vibrator on herself, and? A photo of you getting a blowjob (man or woman ? haha). He looked at me sheepishly. ?I don?t know what to do and I really want to win Pledge Captain.??You?re a handsome man,? I said. ?You must have a girlfriend who can help.??No. But thanks. I have a girlfriend, but we have just started dating and we are not even to first base. I could never ask her to pose for either of these pictures.? He seemed desperate. ?Your fraternity sounds pretty interesting,? I smiled. I couldn?t believe the words that tumbled out next were mine. ?For a fee, perhaps I could help you??He looked at me. ?What do you mean???What?s your name???Steve?.?Steve, I?m Maire. What I mean is, that for a price, I will pose with you for those photos. Do you have $100?? I asked.He did. He gave me $100. He was thrilled. I wasn?t sure whether it was the thought of posing with me, or the excitement of winning the scavenger hunt. I locked the front door and turned the ?Closed? sign around. I then led him to the ?sex toy? room. I selected the same pink vibrator display sample I had shown to Mrs. Barton and held it up for him to see. ?Let me get loosened up first, and then I will snap a photo of you pushing the vibrator inside of me.? He agreed. I allowed him to video me with his iPhone as I turned on the sex toy, and sat on a display bench in the shop. I opened my legs for him to video, pulled off the same sheer pink lace panties that I had worn of so briefly last night, and began to lightly run the toy over my pussy. He was salivating! I got wet quite quickly and suggested that he kneel between my legs, take the vibrator and smile at the camera as I snapped a photo of his pushing inside of me. I couldn?t believe I was doing this, but money is money.He pushed the pink vibrator in and out of my pussy a few times for the photo. When he went to stop, thinking we were done, I insisted that he not stop. I placed my hand on his and guided the buzzing toy around and into my pussy. I was on fire, and I think before I knew what was happening, my hips shook and I came with a gasp.He watched with amazement. ?Ever seen your new girlfriend have an orgasm?? I asked. With large, wild eyes, he shook his head, no?. ?Okay, now for your blowjob, Steve.?He was giving me a strange look that I didn?t know how to interpret. Then he smiled devilishly at me. ?You?re Redbush!? he blurted out. ?I know you.?I froze. My brain was spinning trying to figure this out for the second time in the same day.?xHamster. I?m OneHungDude, and we are friends. Oh man! I love your stuff. You are amazing!? From his reaction, I deduced that he wasn?t here because he knew who I was before he came in but had just realized it. This made me feel somewhat better.?Did your husband actually watch you with those two men?? he asked, obviously having viewed the pics Melissa had posted for me (that I hadn?t seen yet!).I nodded my head.?Oh, man! That is so weird. You are one sexy slut, Redbush. Oh my gosh!??Okay, Steve. This has to be our secret. No one knows who I am and where I live or work. You have to protect me. Please???Okay. Okay.? He agreed. ?This is so cool to be with you and have photos taken with you. I have jerked off over you so many times!?I was honored by his admission. Needing to move this along so I could get to my cocktail date with Susan, I moved in front of him. ?Focus, Steve. If you want to win Pledge Captain, we need to do this and I need to go.? With that, I unfastened his pants. His erection was obvious beneath his boxer shorts. I pulled down his shorts and his large, stiff erection popped straight out. It had to be over 9?. ?Oh my,? I smiled up at him. His swollen cock head was so beautiful! I giggled, ?Wait until your new girlfriend discovers this!?With that, I kissed the precum from the tip of his cock, put both of my fists on his shaft, and lowered my mouth. I heard him moan as his large cock filled my mouth. I hungerly swirling my tongue, licked and kissed as I bobbed my head on him. I glanced up to see him watching me and recording me on his phone.?You like that, don?t you bitch?? he spoke down to me. ?Yeah, that?s it, you married slut. Suck my cock like a whore. You love cock, don?t you. Just wait for what I have stored up for you!? He laughed.I enjoyed sucking his large, hard cock. Wow! It seemed all too soon that I sensed his body changing. ?Oh! Get ready you little cum slut. You?re going to get that prize you wanted. Get ready?? His body stiffened and jerked as he filled my mouth with his seed. He grunted with each spurt. It was like drinking from a firehose for me, I was swallowing as fast as I could. Finally, he was done.Steve was breathing hard and grinning at me. ?You do like that, don?t you?? he asked, knowing the answer. I just smiled up at him and cleaned the tip of his subsiding cock with my tongue.?Our secret, right?? I held his eyes.?Yes. Yes.? He agreed.As I stood, I grabbed my discarded panties to put back on. Steve stopped me and said, ?Another $100 for your panties.? I knew that men liked trophies. ?My dad is well off and I get an allowance? as if I required an explanation. I agreed, handed him my panties, and saw him out of the store. He couldn?t stop grinning at his conquest and of likely winning the Pledge Captain award. We promised to stay in touch and he said he would send me the recording via xHamster.I was pleased and could still taste him in my mouth as I closed out the register, cleaned-up, and summoned an Uber. Susan was going to be thrilled with my sales day.11d ? PromotionAs soon as I walked-in at Delilah?s, I spotted Susan. She was an attractive woman. She saw me and waved me over. Standing we hugged. A waitress arrived without being summoned and served us each a Martini. Susan had obviously prearranged this. I could sense that others noticed us together but this didn?t bother me.I then shared my big news. ?I had close to a $2,000 day today!? Susan?s face lit-up. She was ecstatic.?You are amazing, Maire. A true saleswoman. I was already going to give you a raise, but now, I am going to give you a promotion as well.? She hoisted her Martini to me ?To our new Shop Manager at Susan?s Lingerie?. We clinked glasses and drank. I felt so good. I truly enjoyed my job, working for Susan, and my life.After our round of cocktails, we hugged again and both departed.When I arrived back at my apartment, I immediately opened up my xHamster page. The video hadn?t posted yet but with just the photos, I had 52 new friend requests and a dozen private messages. I felt good. I poured myself a Redbush whiskey, removed my makeup and slipped into a nightie. I settled-in with my laptop laying under the clean sheets on my bed.Life was good.11e ? Car SexA couple of weeks passed. I saw Lonelyman a couple of times at the shop and sold him two more sex dolls and more dress up items. Mrs. Barton gave me a smile and a thumbs up when I saw her in the shop. She, too, bought two more sex toys and some pornography. My friend, Steve, wrote me on xHamster saying he had ?good news and bad news? to share. The good news was that he won the Pledge Captain. All of his Brothers were pestering him to reveal who ?the sexy coed was? in the video. He swore that he kept his promise to me and that he didn?t tell anyone. He was now known as the house ?Stud? for his performance and his endowment. I thanked him and congratulated him, pleased with how I had helped.Then, he told me his bad news: he and his girlfriend had broken up. I told him that I was sad for him. He then offered to buy me lunch if I?d entertain his ?grief?; so we agreed on a lunch date. I didn?t see a need to tell Liam as I figured lunch to listen to a friend, with maybe a cocktail, was pretty innocent.I took an Uber to the small sidewalk café that Steve had suggested. He beat me there and rose from his seat to greet me when I walked-up. I kissed his cheek. Steve had already ordered us a very nice bottle of white wine and we ordered appetizers and sandwiches. Before the food came, he presented me with a little wrapped gift box. I guessed that it contained jewelry. ?Oh, whatever you got me, you shouldn?t have,? I smiled, pleased with his thoughtful gesture.I opened the box. It contained a beautiful, sparkling green-stoned ring! ?It?s green tourmaline. It made me think of your sexy green eyes when I saw it. I had to get it.??I love it,? I gushed. ?But how can I wear it?? I pouted. ?What do I tell my husband??Already prepared with my expected response, Steve suggested ?tell him you bought it with bonus money that your boss gave you.?Perfect. I was pleased and I slipped it on my finger. It fit nicely. I admired it and smiled at him. ?You are such a sweet man. I do like you.? I pulled his face towards mine and kissed him. ?We do need to get you a girlfriend.? He just grinned, happy that I was pleased with the ring.?So, speaking of girlfriends, tell me what happened to end your relationship so quickly?, I asked as our meals started coming out.?I wasn?t rushing her or anything. I knew that pushing her towards sleeping together too quickly wouldn?t be right.? He explained reasonably. He raised his hand to indicate to the waiter to bring another bottle of wine. Then he continued, ?but we got carried away one night and then she got mad at me???Okay,? I gave him a mock serious look and said sarcastically, ?please don?t tell me that you made her have oral sex with you instead of intercourse??When he answered via his hesitation in his response, I said, ?Steve, you didn?t?? I had only been half k**ding when I asked the question but apparently, I hit on the issue.?Well, um?okay. I did suggest that she give me oral sex. I did it only out of respect for her not wishing to have intercourse, so I wasn?t an ochre or anything.??Steve!? I exclaimed. ?Now, please don?t tell me that you promised not to finish in her mouth but you couldn?t help yourself?? His downcast eyes gave away his answer. ?Oh, men!? I exclaimed. Then I laughed. ?So, she believed you and then got her mouth filled with your seed!? Steve nodded.?I did try to pull out before? you know, but??We both broke out laughing. ?So, you ruined your date and I?d bet her clothes. Am I right??We couldn?t stop laughing. ?Shhhh?? I tried to get him to stop making me laugh. The extra wine was a mistake! We finally calmed down. ?Steve, we do need to find you a nice girl, but you also need to control that monster cock of yours!? I playfully slugged his arm and we started laughing together again. We talked until I realized that time was slipping by and that I needed to get home. I was going to call another Uber but then Steve offered me a lift home as he was paying our check. I told him that I was reluctant to accept as I didn?t want us to be seen riding around town together but he insisted.As we walked down the street, he pulled out his key fob. I saw the lights flash on a large BMW sedan. ?That?s yours?? I asked incredulously.?Yep. It?s a hand-me-down from my dad. He?s into Porsches now??He went to open the front passenger door for me but I opened the back door and climbed-in. He laughed thinking I was asking him to chauffer me until I smiled at him and pulled him in with me. I kissed him passionately. Finally, we broke our kiss. I hugged him to me and breathed in his ear, ?fuck me!? He pulled back, a questioning look on his face. ?Yes. Here. Now. Fuck me.? I answered his un-asked question. Not waiting, I slid my bikini panties down my legs and opened my stocking-covered legs to revel my trimmed ?red bush? invitingly. His eyes grew large as he stared at my pussy. He urgently started fumbling with his pants, so I reached up and helped him. His large, young cock sprang out, already erect. I smiled.Steve rubbed his swollen cockhead on my wet pussy lips to moisten it, and then without romance, pushed into me. I gasped and pulled his hips to me. His 9? manhood filled me. Then he started thrusting. ?Young men!? I thought but I didn?t mind. I needed a good, old fashioned, passionate fuck! My hips responded to his thrusts as he got started and I pulled him to me in an embrace. ?Yes! Yes!? I urged. I could feel the car rocking and fleetingly wondered if anyone was walking down the sidewalk next to us.He had great stamina for being so young. Even cramped-up in the back of his daddy?s car, it felt good. I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me, his wild passion showing in his eyes. ?You like this? My cock in your married pussy?? he said through clenched teeth as he pounded into me.?Yes! Oh, yes! That?s it. Fuck me. Oh! Don?t stop?oh!?. Quickly and unexpectantly, the wave of my sudden orgasm washed over me. My body shook as I thrashed about on his huge cock.Through my passionate haze, I heard him grunt and felt him stiffen. ?You ready for this, you married slut?? he said, not really a question. With that he came. He grunted and shoved with each of his spurts and I knew that he was filling me with his seed. He finally finished and collapsed on top of me. We were both exhausted and breathing hard.Several minutes passed. I broke the silence, ?You?d better give my panties back before I leak all over these nice leather seats!? He laughed and rolled off of me. I slid them up my already wet and sticky legs and over my garters and hips. ?Take me home, my lover.?We straightened ourselves and got in the front seats for the drive home. I directed him to park a block away from my apartment. With a gleam in his eye, he asked ?$100 for those panties???Oh? Another trophy for your collection?? we both laughed. I slid the damp panties off down my stockings and then let them dangle from my finger playfully. We completed our swap and I felt him watching me as I walked down the street. I turned, smiled and wiggled my fingers, particularly the one with my pretty new green tourmaline ring, at him in a wave.11f ? PromotionInside my apartment, I knew I needed to move quickly to get cleaned-up before my husband came home. I could smell the sex and knew that I wouldn?t be able to hide it if Liam arrived early. I was a little tire and a lot sore from the rough sex and Steve?s large cock. I ran a warm bath and climbed in to soak and wash.I had just gotten out and finished dressing when I heard Liam arrive home. I rushed out to greet him. He was bursting with excitement.?Guess what? Guess what!? he grinned. ?I got a promotion and a pay raise!? I hugged him and congratulated him. ?How should we celebrate? I?m so proud and pleased,? I smiled. The thought crossed my mind of what I would do if he wanted to have sex. I was still sore and sexually spent from my back of the car energic sex with Steve. I was saved, at least temporarily by a knock at our door. In walked Melissa and Liam. ?I hear congratulations are in order!? Liam exclaimed. ?Congrats on your new job and promotion, my friend.??New Job?? I?d have to ask my husband more on that later. He only told me about his promotion.?Let?s all go out for dinner and drinks,? Melissa suggested. So we did. Our men talked shop. Apparently, my Liam?s new job was as a District Sales Manager. More money, but also more travel. ?Hmmmm?? I thought. I love my husband, but some more free time also appealed to me.When Melissa and I visited the lady?s room, I confided my afternoons activities with Steve. Melissa, my best friend, was thrilled, excited, and concerned. ?Is this the man you told me about who was your xHamster friend and who you helped with his frat pledging thing?? she asked with concern.?Yes! But his young cock is soooo big!? We both laughed and went back to our table and our men.That evening, feigning being tired, I managed to escape intercourse by giving my husband a satisfying hand job.Life was good.
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