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Kaeley A. On the Floor

Post #1

Kaeley A. On the FloorLet?s fast-forward a bit in my incredible sexual relationship with Kaeley A.. The following events occurred about a year and a half after our first encounter in my bathroom. (See my story ?Kaeley A. In the Bathroom? on my profile page.) She was about three years into college at the time and living with her girlfriend, Gigi.Yes, Kaeley was officially out as a lesbian ? and in a committed relationship to boot ? but that didn?t stop her from longing for my cock from time to time. And I was obviously only too happy to oblige. I?d drop anything and drive any distance to bring my stiff fleshy rod to her. She told me it pleased her like no dildo or vibrator or even woman?s tongue ever could.Apparently she told this to Gigi, too, because the circumstances surrounding this particular hook-up were bizarre to say the least. I was home working one afternoon when I received an email from a strange sender. Normally I would have deleted it but the subject line was ?Kaeley?s Gift.? What are the odds a spammer would come up with that? So I opened the email and, lo and behold, it was from Gigi. In so many words, she said that Kaeley had been begging her to do something special ? sexually ? for her birthday and Gigi had somehow come up with the idea of, in her words, ?..using my cock as a sex toy.??Basically, you drive up Friday afternoon, come into our place, take off your clothes and GET IT UP. Do not make a sound! Kaeley will be tied up and blindfolded. I want this to be a total surprise and I want to see if she can figure out whose dick is doing whatever it is you?re going to do to her. Interested??I stared at the email for about three minutes. It took me longer than that to reply because my hands were shaking with excitement and I couldn?t type out a single word without making a mistake. Again, in so many words, I replied ?Fuck yeah!? and hit the Send button.It all sounded too good and weird to be true. I had no idea what Gigi looked like or whether she?d even be involved in the sex. But I couldn?t pass up an opportunity as kinky as this. Within half an hour, Gigi replied with the logistical details. Then all I could do was wait. Less than a week later, the magical day arrived. The hours ticked by and then it was finally time for me to jump in my car and make the long trip to Kaeley?s college town. My phone?s navigation app took me west of the downtown area to a tree-lined residential area full of old, mostly rundown houses. I found Kaeley and Gigi?s place, a two-story wreck with a open front porch littered with old chairs, milk crates, ash trays and empty beer cans. It had been converted into two separate apartments ? one on the ground floor and one upstairs. The mailbox told me they lived upstairs, so I rang the bell. A loud buzzer jolted the old wood and glass door and I was in. I marched slowly up the dark, musty stairs and reached the landing in front of their door. After a few deep breaths, I knocked.At first, there was no response. Then I heard rustling and some giggling from inside. I waited about twenty to thirty seconds and knocked again. This time I heard footsteps walking quickly toward the door.?Is it the person I emailed?? said a strange voice (not Kaeley?s).?Mmmm hmmmm,? I hummed, trying to not ruin the surprise.Immediately the deadbolt popped open and the bottom lock snapped as well. The door swung slightly ajar and I heard the footsteps walk quickly away. I hesitated a moment then pushed the door open a bit further and stepped inside. I was in Kaeley and Gigi?s living room. It was dimly lit by a kitchen light on the far side of the apartment behind a countertop. There were also some candles lit on bookshelves along the walls. My eyes adjusted quickly and I could see that Kaeley and her lover had cleared all of the furniture from the room. The hardwood floor was wide open, though cluttered with a number of towels and books and a computer hard drive (?) and other strange objects. Oh, and there was one other thing on the floor: Kaeley.She was lying naked, spread eagle. Her hands were bound by white rope and tied to two of the legs of a heavy couch pushed against one wall. Each of her ankles was circled in the same rope, which trailed off to an old built-in bookshelf and tied to some sort of heavy iron hooks there.Kaeley looked fantastic. Her pale white skin was as smooth and beautful as ever. As I explained in my first story, Kaeley is no skinny-Minnie. She?s a big-bodied girl with large heavy breasts and a big round tummy. She has big meaty thighs and, oh, that big white ass. Each cheek is large enough for me to press my entire face against. And I can push my face deep into the fatty tissue. I can also pull a cheek aside and kiss my way from the peak of one buttock all the way down into the inner cavern until I can press my tongue into Kaeley?s waiting asshole and hear her breathe in sharply and gasp in her high, squeaky, sexy voice, ?Oh, Mr. __________!?Yes, she and I had made love several times by this point. Right then, that big ass was pressed flat against the hardwood floor. I looked over Kaeley?s exposed body licking my lips. I couldn?t wait to suck her breasts with their reddish nipples poking straight up in the air. And there was her face, partially hidden by a red handkerchief acting as a blindfold. Yes, she still had those cherubic, heart-shaped facial features ? like a woodland nymph who had been very well fed. Oh those chubby cheeks and ice-blue eyes and devilish smile. I wanted her so bad. On the far side of the room someone cleared her throat. It was Gigi. I looked over and there she was. Gigi, it turned out, was a tall, athletic black woman with very short hair. As far as I could tell, she was wearing nothing but a pair of denim overalls. She was glaring at me impatiently with wide brown eyes.I looked back and gave her the ?what should I do?? gesture. She closed her eyes wide in exasperation and shook her head. Then her eyelids popped back up and she mouthed the words, ?Take off your clothes.?Under normal circumstances, a woman telling me that would have been the greatest thing ever. But this was ... odd. Almost like being in the doctor?s office. Nonetheless, I wasn?t going to delay. Slowly, awkwardly, I began to disrobe. Apparently there would be no foreplay here. When Kaeley heard the rustling of clothing being removed and placed on the floor, she said, ?Who?s there??I smiled and looked at Gigi, who angrily put a finger in front of her lips. Shhh!?No fair asking, hon,? Gigi said. ?That?s the surprise.?Kaeley laughed and moaned excitedly and writhed a bit in her bonds. Her curvy body was like a Victorian oil painting, squirming on floor, waiting for my cock. When I was totally naked, I looked at Gigi. Again, I gestured ?What now??She gave me another impatient, exasperated look. She made the ?jerk off? gesture and mouthed the words ?Get it up!?I looked down at my cock, which wasn?t even semi-hard yet. It hung limp and lifeless and looked just as confused as I was. Fortunately, the apartment was warm and the dim lighting helped me get in the mood faster than I otherwise might have. The naked, horny girl tied to the floor helped too. ?Here goes nothing,? I thought, reaching down with my right hand for my dick. I began pumping the shaft like I was trying to put air in a tire. My cock responded ? slowly at first then a little faster. Before long, I was about half erect, still floppy but bigger and thicker. I pumped a little harder but still wasn?t quite fully engorged. Shyly, I glanced up at Gigi who was staring back with her arms folded across her chest. ?Come on!? she mouthed.I made another ?sorry but it?s not that easy? gesture and pumped a little harder. It was somewhat humiliating, which made getting fully erect difficult at first. But then I realized the humiliation of being an on-demand sex slave was one of the hottest things to ever happen to me. So I stood up a little straighter and dutifully jerked my cock while looking over at Gigi. She arched her eyebrows as if to say, ?Not bad, but I?m not that impressed.?I looked down at Kaeley and remembered the first time she?d slid her lips over my cock in the bathroom. Then I thought about the time I gave her a ride home and we kissed hard in the car and I cupped her big breasts under her shirt and she leaned over from the passengers seat and sucked me while I ran my fingers through her hair. And then there was the time we were finally able to make love in a bed ? her bed at her parents? house ? and I spent so much time licking her nipples and fingering her that she orgasmed before I?d even taken off my clothes.My cock was now fully erect ? pulsating and pointing over Kaeley?s naked, bound, waiting body.I looked over at Gigi and she shrugged as if to say, ?Good enough.? She pointed for me to get down on the floor next to Kaeley. I took a few steps over and got down on my knees. My dick stuck out, throbbing and still dry.?Okay, dear,? Gigi said. ?I?ve got something for you. I?m going to first put it in your hand.??Oooh, okay,? Kaeley said. Her voice was so cute. I moved over and positioned my cock so I could lower into Kaeley?s left hand. As soon as she felt it, her fingers closed around my cock and she pumped it a bit.?Wellllll,? Kaeley said giggling. ?That feels like a penis!??Can you guess whose it is?? Gigi said.Kaeley pumped my cock and then used her fingertips to feel its entire length. I breathed out hard and tried not to vocalize how good it felt.?Mmmmm, not really,? she said coyly.?Maybe if you feel his balls,? Gigi said.Kaeley let out a burst of laughter. I wasn?t sure if Gigi was joking or not until she gave me that glare of hers and gestured for me to move in closer to Kaeley so she could grab my nutsack. Gently, I lowered my jewels into her outstretched palm and winced. She knew not to squeeze too hard, right?Yes, she did. Kaeley gently felt up my balls. Then she slipped one of her fingers a little farther back and tapped my asshole a couple times. I inhaled sharply and she giggled. Kaeley pulled her hand back and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started pumping it again.?I?m starting to think I might know who this is,? she said, still pumping. ?But I need more ... information.?She smiled and then opened her mouth wide and licked her lips. I looked over at Gigi as if to ask for permission to slide my erect penis into her girlfriend?s waiting mouth. To my surprise, Gigi?s eyes had softened a bit. She had been watching the show with naughty glee and I even noticed her right hand had slipped inside her overalls. Gigi smiled and nodded slightly.Not wasting a moment, I repositioned myself so I was kneeling next to the left side of Kaeley?s face. I reached out with my left hand and stroked her right cheek and the gently turned her head to her left so her mouth was inches from the tip of my hard cock. I could feel her breath on my dick. Kaeley?s mouth opened and her tongue emerged every so slightly. I couldn?t wait a moment longer. I leaned over her, put both my hands on the floor by the right side of Kaeley?s head and thrust my cock between her lips. My penis slid over Kaeley?s wet tongue and found the damp heat of her mouth. I gasped, still not vocalizing, but loudly. Kaeley squirmed against her bonds slightly but got her head rocking back and forth, sucking me in deeper. I hovered over her like an erotic ghost on my hands and knees, my big dick pointing straight down, disappearing into her mouth. Her salivary glands kicked in and soaked my dickhead and shaft as I plunged in and pulled up slightly, creating a pleasurable wet friction.?Oh fuck,? I whispered.?Ssshhhhhh!? Gigi scolded.The sound made me flinch and my dick popped out of Kaeley?s mouth. I slid the shaft over her lips. She used the opportunity to flick her tongue along the bottom and tickle the underside of my cockhead. Breathing out hard, I let my dick slide all the way past her mouth so my balls were exposed to her tongue. She flickered the tip against my scrotum. Should I teabag her, I wondered. Deciding that might be too much for Gigi, I reached down with my right hand, holding myself over her with just my left, took my cock between my thumb and forefinger and guided it back between her young lips. She sucked it in.As Kaeley A. sucked me off, I gazed back over her naked exposed body. I swear I could sense her pussy dampening. I lifted up my left arm, holding myself steady with the right, and grabbed her right breast. I cupped and squeezed and ran my thumb over the hard nipple. Kaeley moaned, the vocal vibrations lighting up my penis. I moved my hand over to her other breast and repeated. She sucked me harder, running her tongue over my peehole.?69 her!?The two words echoed suddenly through the room. Kaeley and I both froze, my cock lodged in her mouth. It was Gigi.I looked over and Gigi was leaning against the kitchen counter eating area that overlooked the family room. Her overalls were down, bunched up around her feet, and her long, sleek dark body was exposed. Three fingers of her right hand were deep inside her pussy, moving up and down hard.I withdrew my dick from Kaeley?s lips and, obediently, began to change positions. But before I could wheel myself to move, I had to do something. I just had to kiss Kaeley on the mouth. I pushed myself up so my torso was erect, wiggled backward a bit then bent back over, lowering my face toward hers. Kaeley was breathing hard, grinding her big ass against the hardwood floor. I couldn?t wait to taste her pussy; it must be so wet by now. Nonetheless, I leaned in and gently pressed my lips against hers. When she felt them, it was like I had placed a glass of water to her mouth and she was dying of thirst. Kaeley raised her head off the floor and pushed her lips hard against mine. Our teeth clicked. For several seconds we kissed each other sloppily, our tongues slithering into each other?s with reckless abandon. I love to feel a woman?s tongue against mine right after she?s sucked my dick. ?69!? Gigi shouted impatiently. I felt Kaeley?s lips form a smile while I was kissing her. I smiled back and pulled my lips away. Then I moved around so I was kneeling directly behind her head. In fact, my knees were pressed against the top of her head and I could feel Kaeley?s soft hair. Next, I placed one knee to the left of her head, sliding it along side her. Then I lifted my other leg and placed my other knee on the right side of her head. I was now straddling Kaeley?s head and face, my big cock stuck out parallel to her noise and my balls dangled just above her forehead. The only thing left to do now was to lunge forward and land with a hand on either side of her creamy white thighs. So that?s what I did.Oof! My hands fell with a slap on the hardwood floor next to her thighs and I stretched my body out over hers while my hard cock, still damp with her saliva, slid over her face. Then I lowered my head between Kaeley?s legs.Kaeley was mostly shaved, with just a thin, wispy landing strip of dark brown pubic hair leading to her moist slit. And, just as I expected, she was very damp. The strong scent of her sexual excitement rose up in an invisible cloud and engulfed me. I gently kissed her labia. Her body tensed and she wiggled a bit on the hardwood floor. I went back down and once, twice, three times licked her pussy from the clit down to her taint. Kaylee groaned with pleasure and as she did I instinctively lowered my penis into her mouth. She sucked it in lovingly as I went to work on her pussy.Kaeley tasted thick and acidic and musky, like hot tropical fruit with traces of honey still deep in her wet tissue. I dug my tongue into her pussy just under her hard clit then pushed my tongue down between her lips until I felt the bottom of her slit. I did this several times until she was nice and opened up. Then I stuck my tongue out erect and started fucking Kaeley?s exposed pussy with it. Her hips started to buck up and down and she moaned loudly. Again, the sound of her voice vibrated the erect penis in her mouth. Mine. I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go into her vagina then slowly pulled it out. Next, I raise my head a little and then put my mouth down right over her clit. I sucked in the bean and flicked my tongue over it. This was too much for young, sexy Kaeley A.. She opened her mouth wide and cried out. I could feel the moisture and heat from her breath all over my cock. This almost made me come. I knew if I was going to last longer, I?d have to pull out of her. So I did. I raised my hips, my hairy middle-age man ass sticking up into the air of their candlelit living room, and plucked my wet engorged dick from her sweet willing mouth. Then I leaned back in and started lapping away again at Kaeley?s clit and labia. She was so wet; her juices were smearing all over my mouth and cheeks. ?Oh my God!? she cried out in her cute high-pitched voice. ?Yes! Eat my pussy!?In response, I brought down my tongue, pressed it deep inside her and waggled it around. Then I pulled out and stretched my head deeper down between her legs. Kaeley could sense what I was trying to do, so she helped me by spreading her legs as widely as her bounds would allow, arching her back and lifting her ass cheeks up off the floor. As she did so, her taint and asshole were exposed to me. My tongue shot out and traced a wet line from the very bottom of her wet slit, down her taint to her tight, puckered anus. I touched my tongue to her asshole and made several quick, fast circles.Kaeley grunted like an a n i m a l. ?Yes, yes. Do that,? she gasped. I wet my tongue in my mouth and stuck it back out again so the tip was pressed against her anus again. Then I nodded my head very quickly several times over so my tongue was pushed into her butthole over and over. She groaned again. I reared my head back to gather myself then leaned back in to kiss and taint and then give her asshole a smooch with my whole mouth.Suddenly Gigi called out, ?Who is it, Kay? Say his name!??No, not yet,? Kaeley moaned. ? More, more.?Breathing hard into her wet, open pussy, I lowered my cock back into her mouth and made her suck me several more times. Then I pulled it out again and slid my wet dick against her right cheek as I lowered my face back down between her legs. I kissed her pussy full with my mouth and stuck my tongue deep in it several times again. Then I gave her a taint and asshole another quick kiss each before I went back to lapping at her sopping wet labia like a dog. Finally, I put my mouth over her clit again, drew it in and flicked it with my tongue ... once, twice, three times. Within a few seconds, she came in my face.The sound she made was deep and guttural. Then there was another noise, a strange noise. It was a sharp squeal like a miniature elephant rearing its head back and trying out through its little trunk. The sound came from behind me. I turned my head but I couldn?t see. Then I realized what it was ? Kaeley was pulling so hard on the ropes around her wrists that she was dragging the large couch and the other side of the room toward us. And just as I was processing this, I felt a splash of liquid against my four head. I looked up and, sure enough, Kaeley had squirted! There was a puddle of liquid now between her legs on the hardwood floor. I put my mouth back over her pussy and stuck my tongue into the hot pool of her juices as she continued to come. I could tell she?d finished her orgasm when her whole body relaxed, seemingly melting into the hardwood floor, and she let out a deep sigh. Her breath washed over my quivering hard dick still hovering over her face.?Oh my God, that was so good,? she said. I wasn?t sure what to do next. Should I lower my cock back into Kaeley?s waiting mouth and have her finish sucking me off? My wrists and arms were getting tired holding myself over her sexy tied-down body. Then Gigi broke the silence.?Now fuck her.?I looked over at Gigi in disbelief. She was now completely naked, her overalls nowhere in sight. She had a large white dildo buried deep in her snatch and she was moving up and down in a slow, deliberate rhythm. Her legs were splayed open and she was still leaning back against the counter looking down at us with unbridled masturbatory lust. Her long dark body was sleek and shiny with sweat. She had small breasts with very pointy nipples. Wanting to be a good soldier, I carefully guided my left leg over a Keeley?s face and then let myself roll away from her. My hard wet cock bounced against my body. ?Where did you go? ? Kaeley asked. ?I am going to let him fuck you, ? Gigi said, increasing the tempo of the dildo pounding her ebony slit. ?Okay,? my sweet Kaeley agreed. I crawled on my hands and knees across the floor and turned myself around so I was positioned between Kaeley?s splayed legs. I crouched down, my ass in the air again, and smooched her sopping pussy. She inhaled sharply. I ?d have to fuck her missionary position, given the way she was tied to the floor. So I slid into the wet puddle of pussy juice and slithered over her like a snake. Kaeley?s squirt-juice smeared against my hairy chest. The room now reeked of sex. The dank vaginal fluid of not one, but two sexually charged young women. Our collective sweat and teeming pheromones. Soon the bleachy scent of a huge load of my semen would join the party. I positioned the head of my cock just on the outer lips of Kaylee?s labia. I slid it upward so it tickled against her overstimulated clit. I could tell she was bracing herself to feel the full length of my dick fill up her wet pussy. ?Who am I, Kaeley? Say my name and tell me what you want me to do.?There was a brief pause then Kaeley flung her head back and cried out to the ceiling, ?Oh, Mr. ____________, fuck me. FUCK ME!?I didn?t need any more prompting than that. Staring at Kaeley?s sweet blindfolded face, I pushed my big dick all the way into her until our pubic hair tangled together. ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,? she groaned, flinging her head back even further. ?Fuck her!? Gigi commanded. I lay each hand flat on the dirty floor on either side of Kaeley?s sweaty, pulsating, thick body. Then I pushed myself up so the upper half of my body was well above Kaeley?s heaving chest, her big breasts sagging to each side. Meanwhile, I began to slam my pelvis into Kaeley?s crotch. My big cock, so engorged and hard from her wet mouth, slid in and out of Kaeley A.?s deep wet pussy. I could feel it hit the back of her cervix then slide backward out of her until the head of my cock was just behind the lips of her labia. Then I slid it all the way in again. Over and over I did this until I heard that wonderful slapping sound of my abdomen crashing against hers. I fucked Kaeley like this for as long as I could until my lower back started to get tired. Then I slid all the way into her and let go of my arms so my upper body fell down against her chest. Kaeley?s large breasts smashed against my hairy chest. Our nipples touched and grazed and rubbed. She was vocalizing in various ways at this point, her cute voice filling up the room. I had placed my head directly to the right of hers so my left cheek touched hers. Then I started fucking her again hard laying flat atop her, my full weight on Kaeley?s restrained body.Joined together, we became one sweaty convulsing fleshy entity. I could smell her perspiration and it filled me with lust. I lifted my head a little and turned it toward Kaeley?s face. She sensed that I did so and turned her face toward mine. We kissed passionately, our tongues slamming and sliding into one another as my penis continued to grind into her vagina.After a while, we pulled apart and breathed heavily into each other as we fucked. I wasn?t sure how much longer I could last. My penis was starting to tighten and tingle in that distinctive way that leads only to orgasm. My natural male urge was screaming out to fill young Kaeley?s wet womb with my seed. ?Oh Kaeley,? I whispered. ?I?m going to come soon, sweetie.?Before she could respond, Gigi commanded, ?Come inside her.? She sounded like she was near orgasm herself. I buried my face against Kaeley?s neck and continued pumping my cock into her. Her sweat smeared against my face and I licked the saltiness off her skin.?Oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh,? she cried. As she did, that couch she was tied to screeched too. Kaeley was pulling it closer toward us again. I did another push-up and pulled my upper body off her. I looked down at her heavy breasts glistening with sweat. They had been flattened by my weight. ?Oh God,? I thought. ?I haven?t even sucked her nipples.? I loved Kaeley's nipples, and I loved to press my face against her breasts. She loved it, too. Kaeley had told me when we had sex in her parents? house. Using all the remaining strength in my arms I lowered myself down just enough so my mouth could cover the nipple of Kaeley?s right breast. My tongue shot out and flicked across it and I sucked gently.?Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!? she cried. I sucked a little harder and licked her breast for a while while my pelvis kept moving back-and-forth pumping my big cock inside her. After several minutes, I moved my head over to her left breast and did the same. Kiss, lick, suck. ?Oh, don?t stop. I?m going to come again. I?m going to come again,? she said. I sucked hard, like a vacuum, and used my tongue to circle her incredibly hard nipple. And I fucked her. I fucked young Kaeley A. so fast and hard.?Tell me when you?re coming,? I said after popping my lips off her nipple.?Now now! Oh suck, suck!?I dropped my mouth back over her areola and nipple, which were now smeared with my saliva. I sucked in her nipple hard and began sliding my cock in and out of her pussy a little more slowly but in a perfect pounding rhythm. I could feel her whole body tense up, every muscle tightened and then she let go and cried out so loud that I was sure their neighbors could hear. The sensation of Kaeley orgasming ? again ? was too much. I decided to let myself go. My mouth pulled off her breast and I pressed my face to hers, flicking my tongue over her mouth as she continued to cry out. Then I began to fuck her in rapid succession of thrusts, grunting into her face as I did.?Kaeley, I?m gonna come,? I whispered.Her screaming suddenly stopped and she whispered back sweetly, ?Okay.?Then it happened. The orgasm crashed over me and my first spurt of hot come blasted deep inside Kaeley?s pussy. ?Ohhhh,? we groaned as one.I kept my cock moving back-and-forth inside her as I came. Ecstasy. Pure pleasure. A second sharp burst of cum shot out then a third. Her pussy was already hot but somehow became even more heated as my semen filled her up. One more big burst of cum came out. We were so wet together. So hot and wet. ?There must be a huge puddle underneath us,? I thought.The orgasm subsided. Finally I came to a rest and stopped fucking. Once again, my whole body relaxed on top of Kaeley?s. We lie there for several long seconds breathing hard letting the intense pleasure resonate inside and outside our bodies, then gradually drift away. I actually felt the urge to drift off to sleep as my penis softened inside of her. Then she spoke. ?Mr. __________, I can?t breath.? she said in her cute squeaky voice with just a little bit of a laugh. ?Oh shit,? I said. ?Sorry.?I quickly rolled off of her, popping my now softened and soaking wet cock out of her pussy. I collapsed on my back next to her, my right leg touching her left. The room was quiet except for the sound of breathing ? Kaeley and I still trying to catch our breath and Gigi panting rhythmically as she continued to languidly masturbate with her dildo. Unable to resist, I reached over with my right hand and lifted Kaeley?s blindfold up onto her forehead. I wanted to look into her eyes and tell her how much she meant to me. We were so good together, sexually. I wanted to leave with her right then and there. Steal her from Gigi. Drive away with her somewhere and spend weeks fucking in a hotel room. She squinted hard until her eyes were clear then looked over at me crinkling her nose and smiling. Kaeley loved my cock. She opened her mouth to say something but, once again, Gigi?s booming voice rang out.?Get the fuck out.?I looked over and stammered, ?What???You?re done. Go!?Stunned, I looked into my lover Kaeley?s ice blue eyes. She shrugged ? as much as a person tied to the floor can shrug? and showed me her teeth, as if to say, ?Sorry, but you better do what she says.?My head fell back, flat against the hardwood floor, and I stared at the ceiling in disbelief for a second or two. Then, sheepishly, I gathered myself up and rather clumsily staggered to my feet. There I stood, naked and depleted in their candlelit living room, a thin line of semen still dripping from my limp dick. Kaeley was at my feet, glistening with sweat, full of my semen, looking up at me with a satisfied, mischievous smile on her face. I felt like I should say something but was speechless.?Take your clothes and go,? Gigi said flatly. Her big white dildo was now lying atop the kitchen counter and she was walking over toward us, naked and powerful.?Oh...okay,? I managed meekly. I gathered up my clothes and shoes, clutching them close to my body, and stumbled to the door. Somehow, with one hand, I grasped the doorknob and turned. Stepping out naked onto the landing above the stairs, I took one last look back. Gigi was crouched like a thirsty panther between Kaeley?s legs, lapping away at a river of my white semen draining from her lover?s pussy. And, by the looks of it, Kaeley herself was going to come again. I closed the door and began to get dressed.
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