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My first older woman

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My first older womanI was 25 at the time, fresh out of a long term relationship and not exactly sure which direction I was going. I had always been fond of older women, the confidence that they broadcast always caught my eye. Finding myself browsing craigslist a lot at the time I ran across an ad for a women seeking a man for dinner. I responded to her ad and we immediately hit it off. So was relaxed, easy going, mid-40s, quick witted and kept me on my toes. We would talk for hours about almost anything. We talked about fetishes, dislikes, turn ons, and the things our exes wouldn't do that we absolutely missed. She asked what made med respond to her post and my only answer was that there is something about older women that drives me insane. She chuckled at that response and we finally decided to meet in person.We meet at a local Mexican restaurant for some drinks. Her pictures did not do her justice. She was a fitness instructor, and it showed. At first glance when she got out of her car her curves made my mouth water. She was wearing tight dark jeans with heeled boots, and black jacket with a scarf covering her neck. I walked up to her and stumbled over my words introducing myself. Her blue eyes captivating me and drawing me in. We walk in and wait to be seated. I help remove her coat before she sits, her scarf still wrapped around her neck. As I sit she starts unwrapping it. It was drapped perfectly, covering up the top of the low cut shirt she was wearing. My eyes quickly darted to her cleavage popping out at me. I struggled to make eye contact during our drinks, we get up to leave, I help with the coat again dragging my hands down her shoulder as I put it on her. We walk to the parking lot, I give her a hug and as I walk away she grabs my shoulder, spins me around and kisses me deeply. We kiss in the cold for a few minutes. When we break our kiss she gets in her car and tells me to call her again sometime. I stand there stunned, not knowing what to do. As she pulls away I scramble to get to my car quickly. I pull out and head towards home. She is a few cars in front of me going the same direction, my mind still focusing on how she took control of me in the parking lot. I watch where she gets off to turn. "Fuck it". I say out loud as I pull in behind her. Following her into her apartment complex I park a few spots away from her. I get out before she does and start walking towards her car. She gets out and looks at me walking across the parking lot. "Did you forget something" she ask. I approach her, my hands slid up under her arms as I lift her to my level, pushing her ass up the fender of her car to the hood and kiss her. Her purse slides out of her hands and down the hood of her car as her fingers run through my scalp. As we kiss my hand runs down her back as she arches away from me. She looks at me "awfully brave for someone so young". She pushes me back, hops off her car and grabs my hand. "follow me".She picks up her purse and pulls me too her apartment. As the door opens I grab a handful of her hair and pull her mouth back to mine. I push her against the wall as she shuts the door. My mouth moves to her neck as she tugs at my shirt, trying unbutton it while I gently suck on her neck. She pushes back, into the kitchen table I go as she tries to take over control. We talked about it a lot on the phone how we both love to have control, and I wasn?t going to let her have it. I grab her and spin her around, lifting her up onto the counter height table. My lips engaging hers as my hands reach under her shirt to undo her bra. She moans under her breath as I unclasp it, then pull her shirt over her head and her bra off her shoulders in one movement. Her tits are gorgeous. The best I have ever seen. Perky as can be for being dd's. My mouth moves to her nipples as she rubs my head as I suck on them. Nibble and biting them, caressing them with my hands. As I continue to suck on her breast my hands move down under her ass, then around her waist. Unbuckling her belt and jeans. Her breathing getting heavier, as I slide off her pants while she finally gets off my shirt. No panties underneath catches me by surprise. She smirks at me as I kiss my way down her stomach. My hand goes around her throat as I push her back onto the table. I kiss her thighs as she grabs my hair trying to guide me in. I resist, continuing to tease her as my hot breath glances off of her clit as I move from thigh to thigh. My hands dig into her ass as my tongue finally flickers against her glistening clit. It tastes so sweet. She moans and lifts up her head, I make eye contact with her as she looks down at me over her tits. My mouth engulfs her clit as I suck and gently tug on it. Feeling her nails dig into my scalp. I feel her getting wetter and wetter as her hips gyrate with my mouth. Her legs squeeze against me as I feel all 10 fingernails dig into my scalp. She screams in pleasure as her body spasms uncontrollably. My mouth moves with her, sucking up all of her juices she is giving me. Her legs squeeze tighter as she tries to push my mouth away, her breathing starting to come back to normal. I finally let her go free from my mouth, she slowly sits up, a devious grin on her face, slides off of the table and falls in front of me on her knees. She looks up at me with her hand on my belt. "Got something in her for me" as she undoes my belt. Her hands run across my swollen cock in my pants. "Oh, is someone excited". She pulls down my jeans, the outline of my hard cock seen in my boxer briefs. She teases me running circles around the tip before she pulls at my waistband. She pulls down, my cock springs out from the side and brushes against her cheek before she pulls away. She looks up at me again, her mouth open, her tongue hits the tip as her hand wraps around the base to stabilize it. Her lips wrap around my cock as she slides her mouth to her hand, slowly down, the slowly back up as her hand twist gently on the base. She pushes her hand harder against me as her mouth hits it again, the both her mouth and hand run the length back to the tip. She works my shaft a few times with both, pushing her mouth down farther each time till she finally gets all 7.5 inches in her mouth. She deep throats my cock a few times before she pulls out to take a deep breath. "Didn't think I could go that deep" she ask. I'm speechless as I watch her work my cock. Her mouth sucking me harder and harder. I pull on her hair, lift her too her feet. I take her hand as I walk through her apartment. I move her to the living room and push her into a armchair. She spreads her legs wide exposing her still soaked pussy to me. I lift her up, make her kneel in the chair and push her around away from me. Her head resting on top of the chair I rub my cock across her ass and in between her legs. She arches her back, sticking her ass up in the air, the tip of my cock hits her clit, she jumps a bit before pushing back into me guiding the whole length of me into her tight pussy. I grab both of her hips as I slowly work my cock in and out of her tightness. Feeling it get easier and easier with each stroke as she continues to get wetter. I reach around and grab her tits as I start to push myself deeper inside of her. Our bodies crashing together making a joyous slapping sound with each deeper faster thrust. Her moaning getting louder and louder as I feel her grip on my cock tighten, then huge moan. She buries her face into the chair cushion to muffle her moans. She shakes and drips on the chair. I pull out of her, she quickly gets up and pushes me into the chair. She turns and puts her back towards my chest and lowers herself onto my throbbing cock. As she starts to ride I feel my cum building. I fight it off, hearing her moan makes it hard but I maintain letting her have her way with my cock. She rides me as I bite on her shoulder and back. She starts to cum again. I feel her juices dripping down my shaft and over my balls. As she stops I lift her up and place her ass in the chair. I spin her legs to the side and pull her ass to the arm. It's the perfect height. Her legs drapped on my shoulder as she grabs my cock with a firm grip. She guides me into her pussy. I know she feels my cock growing inside of her, twitching with each stroke as I continue to fight off my cum. I slow down, gently sliding into her. She starts to moan again. My cock slowly sliding into her as my finger massages her clit. I finally see her face as she cums. Her eyes locked onto mine as she quivers against my cock. I start to push faster and harder. "Fuck my pussy hard, I want you to cum for me" she says to me. With each twitch of my cock inside of her "yeah baby, give me your cum". I pull out of her pussy, she props herself up on her elbows. I wrap my hand around my cock right as the first shoot comes up. It shoots up hitting her right above her left nipple and hits on her check. "mmmmmm, cum baby, I want it". As the second shot comes out it hits her chin and onto her lips. The third and fourth hit on her stomach and right breast. She pushes herself up and wraps her lips around my cock. The next few spurts run into her mouth as she moans with each one. She sucks my cock dry and pulls it out of her mouth. Licking her lips as she falls back into the chair. "Not bad for a k**" she says with a laugh. I chuckle and fall to the floor, knowing I conquered that pussy.
01-08-2022, at 10:48 PM

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