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Josh and Lois

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Josh and LoisMy name is Josh, six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds. I am a big guy and did not have trouble getting girls even though I was not as handsome as most and the really pretty ones usually went for the more handsome, financially secure guys. This was never a problem as I was screwing regularly with the girls telling their girlfriends about my huge cock and most of them wanted to try it at least once. I am blessed with a ten inch fat cock measuring nine inches in girth... about as thick as a beer can. I never said no and made any takers scream and cum on my huge cock, they loved the way I stretched their pussy's and had them gagging on my cock if they were able to get it in their mouths. I used to work at the local Mill as a laborer, at twenty six and after eight years on the job I still had not saved enough to study further and started to get used to the idea of being a laborer for the rest of my life... In July of that year the boss's daughter started to work in the office, Lois was eighteen years old with big bright blue eyes, full pouted lips and a cute little ass to die for. Lois is a pale skinned beauty with a perfect body; she looked like a f******n year old girl with her five foot two frame and skinny tight ninety five pound body. We did not know much about her as she was never in town before, she used to go to boarding school and her dad always went to her for vacations. All the guys drooled over her but we knew she was out of bounds since her dad would definitely fire any us trying to get to that tight little pussy, I knew I did not have a chance with a beauty like her so I used to fantasize that she was sucking on my cock or riding me while screwing one of the usual's... it made me blow my load so much quicker!In the late fall one of my co-workers decided that he could not wait any longer and started charming Lois, of course all this happened without her dad knowing. Jimmy was one of those guys that always got the ladies and even though he was not making good money his movie star looks had the prettiest girl in the room sucking on his cock within an hour when we went for a beer or had a party. After a week or two of secret hook-ups Jimmy was boasting about what a great kisser Lois was and that she was the first girl that could swallow his load every time without spilling a drop ? he was still living with his parents and they were going away that weekend so he was planning to invite her over for some fun, she made him so horny with her flirting and touches that he hoped to fuck her the whole weekend long... We were having a barbecue that Friday night when Jimmy showed up very upset and wanting to "kill that bitch Lois", I did not like his tone of voice and told him to shut up. He got aggressive and starting screaming and shouting at me so I fucked him up quite badly and he had to spend the night in hospital ? the police never took his assault charges to heart as he was fired that Monday and later I learned that Lois's dad put in a good word for me because I defended his daughters honor. Jimmy left town after that incident.Lois and I became good friends after she came by my house one afternoon to thank me, I never asked what happened between her and Jimmy and we used to spend hours talking about everything. It was always a struggle to hide my boner while we were together but it looked like she enjoyed my discomfort and was really happy to be making me horny. I was like her protector and now nobody even tried to look at her funny or make comments as they knew that a lot of damage will be done to them between me and her dad. I was soon promoted to charge hand and her dad always thanked me personally for making sure production went smoothly with most of the guys being a bit scarred of me.On the 24th of December of that year I was sitting on my own between a stack of lumber eating some fried chicken when Lois walked up to me, she never came into the yard and I could feel the whole crew staring at her tight little body tucked into some skinny jeans and a tight blouse showing off her petite little tits. She sat down next to me:"What are you doing for Christmas? Dad is closing down the Mill until after New Years.""Really, are we getting paid?" I asked.She giggled and put her hand on my knee, "Of course silly, Daddy said he will pay everybody for the time off as a bonus for the good production we made this month. I told him the good production is mostly because of you, so Daddy said I can make you a proposition if you want some extra cash.""Yeah, anytime!"She giggled again which made my cock swell uncomfortably: "Daddy is going away for a couple of days with his new skank and I don't want to be alone, he said it will be okay if you stayed with me until he came back and you will be paid overtime looking after me." She paused and stared at me with those beautiful eyes while she bit down on her sexy bottom lip, before I could reply she continued: "You are the only guy I trust in this town and I know you will not take advantage of me, I will ensure that you have everything you need and treat you like a king, please say you will stay with me.""Sure, no problem." I had nothing else to do anyway, just getting pissed with the guys and no money to visit my family. The words trust and advantage made my cock deflate, shit. I knew it was going to be hard not to react to my boner and not try izmir escort to fuck this beautiful creature but our friendship meant a lot to me so I was prepared to spend a couple of days with her and masturbate myself shitless...She jumped with joy and planted a kiss on my cheek, I almost shot my load as she gave me a big smile and walked back to the office swinging her sexy little ass a bit extra while giving me a cute smile over her shoulder every couple of steps.Her dad closed the Mill at three that afternoon, I rushed home and after a shower and some fresh clothes I knocked on her door at five. Lois opened the door wearing tight little pants showing off her cute ass with a white T-shirt that clung to her petite tits and clearly showing her small erect nipples. She looked me up and down and started giggling."Sorry, I did not intend to get you all uncomfortable ? I like dressing sexy when I am alone." She giggled again staring at my crotch.She had me staring at her and I did not notice my huge boner straining against my pants, fucking boxer shorts. I felt embarrassed but she quickly grabbed my hand and led me into the house. I soon got used to being in her company and got some control of my cock, it stayed semi hard but every time she touched me or flashed her tight ass at me it would jump to full attention, this made Lois giggle every time as I did not even try to hide it anymore. We had dinner and later sat on her back porch with some beers and wine, we talked and laughed while enjoying being in each other's company. I was just starting to feel a little bit drunk when Lois put her hand on my elbow and said:"Why didn't you ever ask me what happened with Jimmy?"I thought for a second and said: "Jimmy is a asshole, he probably tried to do something you did not like...he always boasted about how good you kiss and sucked cock but I guess he tried to go to far." I was a bit shocked at being so frank with her and knew it was the beer talking hoping she would not throw me out of the house.Lois giggled: "Boys always say I am a good kisser and I guess I am good at cock sucking since that is as far as it usually goes until..." She stopped talking and stared at the porch."Until what?" I said. She did not answer.I leaned over and lifted her chin with my hand and could see tears in her eyes: "Until what baby?"I pulled her onto my lap and she sobbed quietly into my chest."Please don't hate me, I think I am in love with you and I will go away and never come back if you hate me.""How will I ever hate you? I have been in love with you from the first day I saw you baby, if anybody hurt you I will..."She placed a hand on my mouth and shifted her ass which was being m*****ed by my huge boner pressing into it, I did not even realise that my cock was about to burst through my pants fabric as I have never been so hard from hearing her confess her love for me.Lois giggled and wiped the tears from her cheeks: "I love making you horny, I wanted to taste you for so long my angel but not before I know you really want me ? once I had your cock I will never be able to love anybody else.""Tell me, whatever it is will not change the way I feel about you.""Okay, promise me you will keep quiet and not say a word until I am finished.""Promise.""Dad never had me living in town because he was afraid people might get to know about my secret, I was always daddy's girl and he gave me everything my heart desired. Keeping me away from town folk was his way of protecting me from the world. I was born a boy... my mom could never accept that and killed herself when I was still a baby so Daddy made sure I was brought up as a girl to honour my mother. I was always a rebel and did not want to accept that I am a girl but when I was fifteen I developed a crush on one of my male teachers, he was almost sixty. He taught me to worship his cock and made me suck him dry whenever it was possible. On my sixteenth birthday he decided that I was ready to be fucked, when he found out that I had a cock he was very upset and beat me severely. It was three weeks before the term was over and as punishment he would have guys fuck me every day, sometimes he would invite friends over and I had to suck all their cocks while having my ass filled with their cum. That was at night and in the afternoons I was tied to my bed with my ass in the air so that any boy who wanted me could fuck my ass and they all did. During that time I had about four hours sleep at night and spent seven hours at school while being tortured, ****d and pissed on for the other thirteen hours of every day. The teacher never fucked me but still enjoyed me sucking his cock every day. It all ended as my dad took me out of that school when the term ended. The problem was that I finally accepted the fact that I wanted to be a woman and needed to please a man's cock. I started using female hormones and Daddy promised me that he will pay for a complete sex change once I meet the man of my dreams. My tits have grown some but they are far too small still... When I meet a guy I like I just want to make him cum and they always let me but as soon as they feel or see my cock they hate me and want to beat me up. I have sucked a lot of cocks since my first crush but never had a cock in my ass ever again... I truly love you and want to make love to you; I want to feel your cock spurting your juices deep inside of me... I escort izmir hope you can accept me baby and love me for whom I am."I was stunned and stared at Lois, she started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to get off my lap but I placed my hands on her firm butt to keep her from moving:"Unbelievable... I have never been with a transgender girl and nothing changed, I still love you... I just don't know how I am going to fit my cock into your ass, most woman struggle to take it in the snatch. Show me your cock, how can you hide it with those tight jeans and shorts you wear?"Lois giggled and put her small hand on my boner which was now even harder and seemed bigger. While stroking my cock through my pants she said:"I have my ways baby, let's go to my room and explore."With that she got up and took my hand, leading me to her bedroom. Lois lay down on the bed and invited me to lie next to her. I was nervous as hell but started kissing her while stroking her ass, back and trying to feel her cock. I was so fucking horny! She kissed me back with passion and slowly sucked on my tongue while stroking my cock. We undressed each other slowly and once I had her naked I sat back and stared at the beautiful creature before me. She had the tightest little ass I have ever seen with her butt cheeks parting ever so slightly to show her tiny puckered fuck hole, her tits swelled just enough to fit into the palm of my hand with dark brown tiny nipples standing fully erect. Between her legs her six inch cock probed straight up into the air fully erect with a drop of pre-cum glowing at her cock-slit. I leaned forward and kissed her, gently sucking on her tongue and lips then moving to her nipples and down to her navel, my tongue never leaving her body. I decided to go all the way and took her cock into my mouth; she moaned loudly and grabbed the back of my neck face fucking me for about twenty seconds before she dropped her load down my throat. It did not taste bad and it felt right although it was very strange... I cleaned her cock with my tongue and took her balls into my mouth sucking on them until she screamed from pleasure; she was rock hard again and squirted her juices over her belly while I sucked her balls. I licked all her cum from her body and kissed her deeply letting her taste herself. If this was what being gay meant I wanted to be gay desperately.I rolled onto my back and had a look at my cock, the head was deep purple with angry looking veins popping out from my rock hard cock and it looked even bigger when Lois took my penis in her hand and her fingers only reaching halfway around my cock. It was too big for her mouth but Lois expertly licked up and down my shaft spending some extra time on my engrossed head and making sure she scooped up every drop of pre-cum while gently stroking my aching full balls. Lois sucked my cock until I started pumping my ass and she knew I was about to cum, she used both her hands and blocked my sperm chute giving me a huge orgasm without being able to cum, my balls felt like they were about to burst.This went on for about fifteen minutes and each time I reached orgasm she would block the cum and gently nibble on my balls. I begged and pleaded until she let me shoot my huge load into her mouth; she pressed her mouth around my cock head as much as she could and tried to swallow every drop. Cum was running from the sides of her mouth and down my cock but she made sure she got every last drop and swallow my whole load. I was totally wasted and we just lay in each other's arms while she gently floated her nails over my cock and balls, after ten minutes we started kissing and soon my cock was at full attention again ? she wanted me inside her ass and sucked me to full strength. Lois jumped on top of me and tried to get my cock into her ass but it was impossible, she jumped up and got some KY from her closet and started putting some all over my cock. I took the KY and put some lube on my fingers, we kissed each other gently while she stroked my cock with KY and I put some lube in her ass with one finger first and then two, her ass was really tight and I had to force a third finger into her. Once we were both ready to go she got back onto my cock. I kept my cock straight while she spread her cheeks and sat down on it, she was making struggle noises while my rock hard member tried to invade her tight ass. There was a popping sound as my cock head went past her ass ring, her eyes flew wide open and she made a gurgling sound before her legs collapsed.Lois slid down my cock as her legs collapsed and was fully impaled on my thick ten inches, I was really scared that I caused some serious damage as I could feel her tight ass squeezing my cock and lifted her head from my chest. Her eyes were glazed over and staring at nothing as she struggled to breath:"Oh god...make the pain stop... fuck me... make it feel better... please!!"I grabbed her under her arms to lift her off my massive member but she stopped me while she sobbed:"Fuck me baby... just fuck me."I slowly pumped in and out of her waiting for her ass to stretch and settle on my cock, after about five minutes she started focusing and gained control of her legs. She started fucking my cock with renewed vigor:"Oh fuck baby, this is so fucking good... fuck my tight little ass, give me your hot cum... I want to feel your cum in my stomach!"She came on izmir escort bayan my stomach after about ten strokes and seemed to keep on spurting fluid from her cock for another ten strokes each time she slid down my cock. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she screamed and dug her nails into me wherever she found a grip, I think the neighbors must have heard us since we got some suspicious looks from folks after this. After pumping her ass for another ten minutes I grabbed hold of her shoulders and pressed her down on my cock while I squirted a healthy load into her stretched bowels, Lois gave a high pitched scream while she drew blood from my chest where she has dug her nails into me ? then she passed out.Lois was out for about five seconds and slowly opened her eyes after I lifted her off my cock, she had a content smile on her face and looked down at my member coated with her slightly brown ass juices:"Oh my, I wasn't planning on jumping you on our first night baby...sorry for that, next time I will prepare better."I laughed and gave her a deep kiss: "It's nothing a shower won't fix babe, this was the best fuck I had in my are now stuck with me baby!" Lois giggled and kissed me back: "I love you honey, to me you are the best looking guy in town. I love your body, the way you treat me and off course I love your beautiful big cock!" She laughed and said:"You are the first guy to ever suck my cock, it was so good and you made me cum so hard with your mouth and cock... You really stretched my ass honey; I think I am going to struggle to walk." She giggled and flung her leg over me."Let's jump into the shower, I want to eat your ass out baby and I'm sure it will help to make you feel better."Lois giggled again and we ran for the shower...I ate her ass for a long time that night and after stretching her so wide I was able to get my tongue deep into her ass-pussy tasting her juices. We fucked once more that night and she cleaned my cock with her mouth afterwards, kissing me and sharing her ass juices with me and I knew I was totally in love.I received the best Christmas ever when Lois woke me up the next morning with a fantastic blowjob, making me cum even harder than the previous night. I was a bit grumpy as she would not let me fuck her but said it still hurts and she needs time to recover. We had breakfast naked and we had to suck each other off again before we went to the store as I just could not get over her tight fuck hole winking at me through her taught butt cheeks when she walked around with her sexy slim cock bouncing up and down.We met some co-workers at the store and they were all dumbfounded to see us together, it was obvious that we spent the night together. We were invited to a barbecue that afternoon. We spend the day getting to know each other and laughed a lot. Lois dressed in a tight mini-skirt so that I can touch her cock if I wanted to and we went out. The guys were all jealous and amazed at this beauty being all over me the whole time as they could see her touch my cock when she sat on my lap, the girls all thought I am being used for a good time and just ignored us. When I got the chance I put my hands between her legs and fondled her stiff cock, she was horny the whole time but we kept ourselves in check. We did not sleep on Christmas night, we sucked each other dry and I filled her bowels with cum as often as possible. That night we found out that she loved to suck her ass juices from my cock while I sucked my cum from her ass-pussy...We spent the next couple of days in bed, if we were not eating or sleeping we were fucking and we learned a lot about what we like and want while I stretched her ass so each time we fucked it was less painful to Lois when I entered her tight ass. Lois had some fetishes left from her first crush and enjoyed having me piss all over her once in a while, when she really felt kinky she let me piss in her ass or had me piss in her mouth while she swallowed every drop.We never wasted a drop of cum and it was either in her bowels, her mouth or mine but never spilled. I had Lois fuck my ass a couple of times but we agreed that she is the girl and I am the boy so I would only suck her cock but had all access to her body.A week after her dad returned Lois moved in with me and we are still together twenty years later, her dad died two years ago so I am the new Mill owner and boss. Her dad had me study for my MBA and paid for anything we asked for, we never had Lois do the sex change as I loved her cock to much but settled on a nice boob job, just enough to fill my hands completely.We never got married because of the laws but everybody assumed we did and we adopted and raised a beautiful twin brother and sister, they are normal and well-adjusted while the town always comment on how happy and stable our 'marriage' is. To this day nobody knows about Lois's 'little secret', not even our c***dren and that I suck my wives cock every night.Lois kept in shape although I put on some extra pounds, she still wakes me up with a blow job every morning and I fuck her petite sexy ass every night. With the k**s off to college next year we will have the house to ourselves once again and we can fuck whenever we want!I thought off kicking her teacher's ass for what he did to her but after we discussed it we agreed that he did us a favor, they made a woman out of her and it is enough punishment for him that he never bothered to make her fall in love with him. I was lucky enough to end up with a beautiful, sexy and devoted wife. Every Christmas is special as we celebrate the time we fell in love...
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