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A walk in the rain

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A walk in the rainJohn had been waiting for 30 minutes before his step daughter finally arrived and got in the car. "where on earth have you been" he enquired."Just chatting to Libby" Laura said with no air of urgency.John as usual just had to shrug off her attitude, one day, he thought, he would snap at her endless selfishness and give her the spanking that she deserved.For now though he played the unwritten game that passed between them both, it had been lightly raining but Laura's blouse was soaked through and he could clearly see her nipples pushing onto the fabric. Once again she had put on her uniform and was braless."Come on Laura, buckle up. I want to get the dogs walked before it really buckets down".John glanced at her thighs as she fixed her seatbelt, that skirt was far too short he thought, but he secretly loved her revealing clothes, he could feel his cock stiffen yet again and he knew when he got home he would have to wank himself off.The journey passed slowly, John glanced over every now and then to view her skirt ridding high up her thighs and her breasts outlined beautifully against her top. izmir escort He hoped she didn?t notice his perving or his growing erection.It was clear on arriving at the park that the rain had put off all the usual dogwalkers, they were alone on the common for what seemed the first time in ages.John let the dogs out who immediately disappeared into the bracken,he waited a few minutes,Laura still hadnt appeared.John opened the car door," what are you doing"? he asked even though it was clear she was texting. Laura skirt had ridden high up to her crotch now revealing her white panties. John shifted uncomfortably as he shifted his cock into a position he hoped would not show how hard he was.Oh god he thought, had she seen me looking at her panties?John turned away," come on Laura, you don?t get to stay in the car"He waited for what seemed an eternity and turned to face the car fully expecting Laura to be still texting.Instead the sight that greeted him filled him with both excitement and terror.Laura stood before him, her blouse undone and her skirt high above her hips."Is this what you were trying to look at Daddy"? escort izmir she said softly.John was frozen, thinking to himself what the fuck do I do now?Laura sensing his lack of push took the initiative and pulled him in close, kissing him passionately. The two embraced for 30 seconds before John pushed her off. had she read all this wrong she thought, this could be disastrous if she has misinterpreted all the signals.Laura did not have long to wait for her answer. John turned her around, roughly and with one movement he was kissing the back of her neck, had cupped one of her breasts and had pulled down her panties to her knees and was rubbing her totally bald pussy."Oh Daddy" Laura moaned softly.John was in no mood for niceties though. He inserted two fingers into her pussy whilst easing his throbbing cock out of his trousers and pushing it hard against her as he wanked himself.Laura was wet, very wet and she could also feel precum on his dick as he alternated from rubbing his head between her bum cheeks and along the crack of her pussy.She was immensely turned on by the fact that Daddy was wanking himself izmir escort bayan and passionately kissing her neck.Surely he would enter her soon, but that moment never came. Laura let out a loud moan as she shuddered and came with his fingers deep in her.John felt her body convulse, he knew he was close to spunking. His thoughts wandered to how he was going to fuck Laura as soon as they got home. Before he knew it though he was aware of another sensation, Laura was moaning again but this time he felt the warm gush of liquid all over his hand and dribbling down her inner thigh. At first he was shocked to realise what she was actually doing on him but as his cock hardened even further he knew he also was enjoying this new turn of events. Laura continued her gushing as John wanked his cock even harder, pushing her now so their bodies were pinned hard against the car. And then he spunked harder than he had ever done so before. He spunked on her arse,and filled her bum cheeks, his cum oozed down between her legs and mingled with her wetness barely still dribbling out of her.Both paused breathing heavily for a while with Laura gently rubbing his cock and milking every drop of cum out of him and onto her body before John said "get in the car Laura, don?t wipe my cum off, I want to get you home and really show you what daddy can do"
09-16-2021, at 10:16 PM

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