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The Making of a Fuck Toy - 3

Post #1

The Making of a Fuck Toy - 3Chapter Eight ? A New HomeEric pulled up to his private parking space. He helped his new toy out of the truck and grabbed their shopping bags. He escorted her to the private elevator and pressed the button. Her eyes were down and he could tell that she was attempting to take in deep breaths. This had to be a nervous moment for her in a day full of nervous moments. He chuckled to himself. When the door slid open, he motioned for her to enter. He watched as she took in the expansive foyer and great room. It was ten times the size of her small apartment. Cass couldn?t believe her Master?s Penthouse. It was huge and richly decorated in darker colors. There was leather furniture and thick oriental rugs throughout the main room. The centerpiece of the great room was a giant fireplace. Over the mantle was a large head of a moose. There were other mounted heads of a****ls, some that she?d never seen before. I guess Master likes to kill things. She thought to herself. He showed her around the place. She followed and was even more amazed with each room he showed her. He finally showed her to her room. ?This is your room. It has everything you will need. If there?s something you require that?s not here, just let me know. Right now, I?d like you to shower and meet me downstairs by the fireplace. I?ll be waiting there for you.? Eric said, his eyes watching her take in the room.Cass turned to his voice. ?Yes Sir. Do you want me prepared in a certain way for you??He smiled at her eagerness. ?Just clean your body and come down naked.? He smiled.?Yes Sir.?With that, Eric turned and left her to her task. He went to his room, showered and changed into some clean clothes. While he was waiting for Toy, he busied himself by starting a warm fire and opening a bottle of wine. He put on some soft instrumental music on the stereo. The light music came out over the penthouse wide speaker system. He was sitting in his overstuffed recliner when she entered. He looked at her when she walked into the room. She was positively ravishing. Her body looked supple, her skin moist and health. He loved the glow of her face. He wondered if she?d pleasured herself while she showered. Part of him wanted her to have broken the rules so he?d have an excuse to punish her again. That thought alone made his cock twitch. But his heart wanted her to have obeyed his rules. At any rate, when she walked over to where he was sitting and knelt at his feet, his heart leapt. He was amazed that someone with as little knowledge about his lifestyle would learn so fast. She was a natural submissive, something precious. While he intended on educating her deeper in the finer points of submission, he inwardly thanked the gods for his luck in finding her.?You look presentable. Simply beautiful.? Eric said with a growl.?Thank you Sir.? She said shyly. Cass knelt with her eyes down, in the pose he had showed her that first night. She arched her back to present her breasts. Her nipples were swollen and hard. She?d teased them so that they would pleasing to her Master on their first night in his home. Cass made sure that her thighs were spread as wide as possible. She?d secretly hoped that he would see that she was still very aroused and take her for the first time. She longed to have her Master?s cock inside her. Her body trembled with need, of her own need of course, but also a deeper need to please him.?You?ve mastered that position very well. I?m very pleased.? Cass swelled heart swelled, and delighted in his words. ?I have many more things I want to teach you, but only a few things tonight. I want to take the rest of your body and claim it as mine.? The liquid lust of his voice made Cass?s channel flood with her slick juices in anticipation of her Master?s cock.He instructed her to bring him a glass of the wine he?d opened. His eyes watched as she gracefully rose and went to the wet bar and poured the glass. She brought it back to him. She started to hand it to him. He showed her how he wanted it presented to him.?Toy, submission is filled with rituals. One of them is handing your Master something, like a glass of wine. You?re to kneel at my feet with your head bowed properly. Then with both hands cupping the item, in this case the glass, you offer it up to me. You?ll wait until I decide to take it from your hands.? He watched as she did exactly as he had instructed.Cass?s body shuddered with his instructions. She knelt as he had told her. She gracefully lifted the glass she had cupped in both hands. ?Your wine Master.? She said sweetly.Eric took the offered glass and stroked her hair. His toy purred with his touch. He pulled her face so that it laid on his thigh and he continued to run his fingers through her soft hair. He could feel her soft supple breasts press against his leg. They both enjoyed this time of bonding. Him, enjoying the submission of a beautiful creature, and her, content in being owned by a strict but loving man. They stayed this way for several minutes. Cass was luxuriating on his thigh, remembering their first night when he made her cum on his boot. She could feel his bare foot beneath her. She held her place but longed to grind on it, the hair from the top of his foot, tickled her cunny. Her body was humming with need, but she was content for now with his fingers stroking her hair. When his hand gently pushed her back, she returned to her kneeling position.Eric stood and towered over his new little fuck toy. ?When you?re in this presentation pose and I come up to you, I want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, offering your mouth to me. This will be done every time. Understand Toy???Yes Master.? Cass acknowledged shyly. She was looking up at her Master with her mouth opened and tongue out. He looked so good to her. He was only wearing a pair of dark jeans that were unbuttoned. His broad shoulders started the perfect V that ended at his hips. The thick coat of hair that covered his chest and stomach ended at his open jeans. She stared at the opening of his fly, hoping that she would see her Master?s cock again.Eric loved her fervor and eagerness to learn. The simple sight of a submissive kneeling, offering her mouth to him, always made his cock pulse. Eric reached to the table next to his chair and picked up the two nipple shields. He watched as she followed his hands. Her pupils were dilated and her nostrils were flared. ?These are for you. They are non-piercing clips for your nipples. They will keep them erect and give you a subtle stimulation while there?re on. I want you to wear them while at home. You will only put them on when I am here, during the day you may take them off. It will be part of your daily preparation for my coming home.? He said as he twirled the shields in his fingers.?Yes Master. I will wear them in anticipation of your coming home and while you are here. Thank you Sir.? Cass repeated. She bit her lower lip when he bent and placed them on her nipples.Eric pulled her left nipple slightly, and slid the silver bangle on her erect nipple, then repeated the same with her right. He stepped back a bit to gaze at how the jewelry enhanced her appearance. When he was satisfied with the result, he moved back in front of her. She leaned her head into the bulge of his cock. He stroked her hair.?Remove my jeans Toy.? His voice soft but commanding.?Y yes Sir.? Cass squeaked. She was nervous tonight. She?d been wanting to feel his cock inside her all day, for the past two days for that matter. Her belly tingled, the sensations rippled through her body. Eric watched as her shaky hands fumbled with his jeans. When she got them down, his hard cock sprung from its hiding place. She jumped with eager anticipation but stayed with her mouth open and offering to service him. He lined his cock up and slid it into her willing mouth. She closed her lips around the crown and swirled her tongue on the underside of it. He let her lave on his cock, before he placed his hand on her head and guided his cock further down her throat.Cass gagged when his dick hit the back of her throat. She fought back the reflex. He kept moving his shaft in and out of her mouth. She loved the feeling of him taking her there. This was quickly becoming something she looked forward to. When he pushed further in again, she gagged and coughed when it hit her tonsils. Her eyes watered as she fought off the urge to empty her stomach. She brought her hands up to hold his shaft, maybe in a way to protect him from going too deep.?No hands Toy. I will use your mouth as I see fit.? He took control of her head with his hands and began to take her throat. izmir escort ?When you?ve learned to take my cock down your throat, you will be allowed to finger yourself.? She moaned around his shaft, the vibrations almost made him release early like some school boy. Cass struggled with taking him deep but she doubled her efforts and relaxed her throat to let the thick head of his cock press against the entrance of her tight opening. He held her head still while his cock nudged forward. Cass tried to calm herself, fighting the need to breathe. When he pulled his cock out, a long thick rope of saliva extended from her mouth to the head of his dick. When he fisted his shaft and wiped the wetness on her face, Cass shivered. She had been near climax all day and she now fought to hold back her orgasm. She was finding that his degrading treatment only made her feel naughtier.Eric held his cock in his hand, after rubbing her own saliva on her face, he slapped her cheek with his shaft. ?Go over to the ottoman and get on your hands and knees slut.? Chapter Nine ? Claiming of Toy?s CuntHe waited for her to assume the position. He moved to stand beside her, his hand moved her shoulder. ?Lay your head down on the cushion with your arms outstretched above your head.? He watched as she moved to his command. ?Now spread your legs wide.? She opened her stance, the position left her feeling open and exposed. ?Very good. Now arch your back.? His went to the small of her back. His fingers feathered her dimple just above her ass. ?This puts your pussy and ass in a position that brings the most pleasure to whoever?s cock is inside you. It?s called the Ass up position. If I call or text you and instruct you to get into this position, you will immediately go to the foyer and present yourself in this position. Do you understand Toy???Yes Master. If you text or call and instruct me to assume the Ass up position?..Ohhh Sir! I will prostrate myself in the foyer and wait your arrival.? She repeated his teaching.While she spoke Eric ran his finger through her wet slit. The touch had flustered her but she was able to continue her response. He reveled in her good behavior. He knew that she had been struggling with not having climaxed since he?d warned her not to touch herself the night before. It was because of this good behavior, that he was about to give her the pleasure she?d been waiting for these past 24 hours.?Good girl. Now reach back with your hands and hold your cheeks open for me.? His voice strong and commanding.Cass was startled with his forceful command, but she quickly did as he had instructed her. When her sex was pulled opened and waiting, she gasped as she felt his thick cock at the opening of her cunny. She felt him rub the bulbous head up and down her wet slit. A shudder rippled through her and she almost lost her position. She pushed back against him, letting his cock slip inside her. She whimpered as her Master?s shaft entered her channel. He let her adjust to his girth, then she felt him push deeper. She curled her hips up and down, hoping that it added to his pleasure.Eric placed a hand on the small of her back, keeping her back arched. Then he started giving her more of his cock. He enjoyed her whimpers and moans, as he took what was his now. She was so wet that his cock slipped effortlessly into her channel. He had a hard time keeping himself for letting loose with as much as her pussy was milking his cock. She pleased him by how much she had done today for him.He stopped when he was deep inside her. ?Toy. Because you?ve behaved so well today and pleased your Master, you may cum whenever and as often as you require.? Almost before he could finish his acquiescence, he felt her spasm on his cock. Her juices flooded out around his shaft. He fought with everything he had not to follow her over the edge. He wanted to bring her to climax a multitude of times before the night was through. He held off a few seconds, then started fucking her again. This time he grabbed her wrists that had been holding herself open for him, and started driving his cock deeper still. The little fuck toy erupted again, her voice almost gone from her screams of pleasure. Her words were incoherent and garbled, but he recognized it as her attempt to thank him. He didn?t relent and continued his onslaught. Cass?s body was giving out on her. She held her position but could feel her arms and legs giving out. If he?d not been hold her arms behind her, she would have surely fallen off the ottoman. Her Master kept fucking her and she kept cumming. OH MY GOD!!!! She screamed in her thoughts, as her voice was too weak to be heard. When he finally eased to a slower rhythm, she was able to catch her breath. His thick cock slid in and out of her slippery channel. The lewd sounds of her juices sloshing about embarrassed her but she also reveled in the fact that he?d let her cum because he was pleased with her.Eric let her slowly come down from her multiple orgasms, then slipped from her damp hole. ?Kneel.? He waited when she didn?t move at first, lost somewhere in her post-orgasmic stupor. When his command organized in her frenzied brain, she scooted down to the floor and knelt obediently at his feet. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He smiled down at her, pleased in her remembering his previous instruction even in her present state of mind.?Good girl, now clean my cock.? His voice gentle but authoritative.Cass hungrily took his cock in her mouth. She pushed her head down as far as she could go with her arms behind her. She wanted him down her throat in the worse way possible. She wanted to show how much she wanted to thank him for giving her the best orgasm of her life?.EVER! She hummed on his stiff member, pressing ever further down. She moaned and made lewd sounds as her Master?s cock hit the back of her throat. She excitedly sucked him, laving her tongue across the underside of his shaft. When she got frustrated and not being able to throat him, she pulled back and looked up at him.?Master? May I use my hands to steady myself? I want you down my throat. Please Sir?? Cass pleaded with her eyes. She blinked when he smiled.?Since you asked so nicely, You may.??Thank you Master.? She brought here arms forward and placed them each on his thighs. Using just her lips, she bent down and sucked up the end of his cock into her mouth. She took a deep breath to relax herself, then she opened her throat and edged him through the tight ring of her throat. Cass?s eyes were closed and she pressed her Master deeper down. When his course hairs tickled her nose, her eyes flew open and she blinked. Cass moaned with her accomplishment.Eric was amazed that she?d been able to deepthroat him. It was not something that someone just learned to do overnight, but she had, and had earned a reward. ?I want you to finger yourself while you have me down your throat Toy.? His lip inched upward when she gurgled what he assumed was a ?thank you sir? while he was still in her mouth. He was starting to grow very fond of her, but he needed to remember that this was just a contractual thing, not permanent, not forever, not? He shook his head to shake that thought from his head. He looked down at his fuck toy and watched her hungrily devoured his cock. With her fingering herself, her whimpers and moans were sending tacit messages through the vibration it caused.He pushed her away, then moved back to his chair and sat down. He saw the little pout she gave him but he let it go, she?d been more than he expected. ?Come ride my cock girl. I want you to fuck me like you were just sucking me.? He growled.Cass jumped to her feet even though her knees were a little sore and weak from their play. She started to climb onto his lap but he turned her around so that she was not facing him. She huffed a little as she longed to look into his eyes while he was inside her. So far he?d only made eye contact when she had him in her mouth. But she did as she was instructed and presented her ass to him. He guided his cock back into her tight pussy, the post coital spasm she had when his cock slipped in, only encouraged her to please him. She?d had two huge orgasms already, once when he fucked her on the ottoman and the other when he told her to finger herself with his cock down her throat. There were others of the smaller aftershock variety. She wanted him to cum more than anything in this world right now.Eric laid back and fixated on her ass and how her swollen lips seemed to swallow his cock. She was fucking him just as energetically as she had throated him. The way she curled her hips escort izmir in and finished the stroke with a swirl that had him tittering on the edge of bliss. This girl can fuck! He set back in awe. He could tell by her little noises that she was enjoying herself too. He slapped her wiggling ass as she continued to drop her pussy down onto the long thick shaft of his cock. ?Yes, yes, spank me Daddy.? Cass yelled as she edged closer to another huge orgasm. His cock felt so good filling her channel and bumping her cervix. Her legs ache from riding him but she wasn?t about to stop now.His ears perked when she called him Daddy. When she had referred to him as Master earlier this evening, it had elicited a twinge in his crotch, but this was even better. He watched as she lost herself on his shaft, her pussy tightly squeezing his, milking him, until he finally released into her wetly spasming channel. He felt her rhythm slow to a gentle rocking, trying to extract every ounce of his seed from him. Eric reached up and pulled her back onto his chest. His strong arms wrapping around her, one hand cupping her breast while the other slipped down her belly to her clit. She threw her head back on his shoulders. He kissed her softly on her exposed neck.Cass shuddered when his proficient hands fondled her body. Coupled with his lips gently kissing her neck while she laid impelled on his still blood engorged shaft. She felt like her trembling would never end. Please don?t ever make me leave this place Daddy. Cass thought as they both basked in the afterglow of their port coital haze. She drifted off in a peaceful slumber, her need assuaged by her Master, her Daddy.Eric felt her body become listless, her gentle breath confirmed that she?d fallen asleep. He held her tight not wanting to let go. He breathed in her sweet smell and gently stroked her supple skin. She stirred only when his cock slipped from her warm pussy. He secretly basked in the feeling of her in his arms. He felt completely sated. She?d done everything he?s ask of her, and had satisfied him totally. To him she had no flaws. When this thought entered his mind, he thought of his many flaws. Why he couldn?t allow himself to grow fond of her, why he had to separate his feelings for her.He cradled her in his arms and carried her up to her room. As much as he wanted have her in his bed tonight, even forever, he knew it just couldn?t be. He pulled back the covers from her bed, and laid her down. He returned with a warm wet cloth and wiped her body clean, taking extra care of her swollen labia and rosette. Eric kissed her gently on the forehead and tucked her into to bed.?Good night Baby girl.? He whispered softly.?Good night Daddy.? Her softly uttered reply shattered him.Chapter Ten ? Tenuous Start to the DayCass rolled over in bed. Her body ached but she had slept better than she had in as long as she could remember. When her eyes slowly opened, she momentarily didn?t know where she was. Then it registered that she was in ?her? room in Eric?s condo. Why do I have to sleep alone? Why can?t I sleep with him? The questions would go unanswered. She fingered his collar that was still around her neck and she remembered her place. The sun lightly peeked around the thick curtains of her room as she sat up and stretched her sore body. Cass wasn?t sure what to do. He?d given her no instructions because she?d fallen asleep. She bolted upright and quickly jumped into the shower to clean off. She needed to find him and start another day of service.Eric had risen early as usual. He showered and checked his phone and e-mail. Being the owner of a large company never ended. He?d been working every day for the past several years, ever since his parents had died. His love life had been s**ttered with occasional submissives, but they were all short lived and were mainly just to quell his needs. It had been a fairly lonely existence but that had not been important. His drive to make his father?s business grow. Actually, he?d been his step-father. Eric had never known his own father. His mother had remarried when he was only 2yo and grown to think of her second husband as his own.He had decided to let Cass sleep in today. There was no pressing reason for her to be up. They?d gone to bed exhausted and hadn?t even eaten anything for dinner. So after sending off a few e-mails, he went down to the kitchen and started preparing a big breakfast. He had some country music playing softly on stereo, but had it playing only in the rooms downstairs. This was his comfort zone. Alone in his kitchen. He had always loved to cook and busied himself with the task of preparing something that would provide the nourishment they would need.Cass toweled off after her shower. She kind of liked that she didn?t have to find something to wear. After brushing her damp hair and putting it into a couple of dog ear ponytails, she went downstairs to find him. She could hear the music softly laying through the speakers and could smell something wonderful cooking. When she turned the corner to where the kitchen was she stopped. He was in a pair of faded jeans, no shirt or shoes, and he was cooking. Cass leaned against the corner and just watched how he efficiently he went about the business of making breakfast. He was a picture of organization. She thought of how he had been last night, so caring, and patient with her. It wasn?t like she?d thought it would be. She thought that she would be constantly fucking or sucking him or someone else he wanted to see her with. Those thoughts sacred her. He did do some things that pushed her, but in the end he?d been there to protect her, and ok that man could fuck.He saw her staring into space. She looked lovely in his collar and nipple shields. She?d showered and put her hair in pigtails. She looked much younger, even more naïve. It?s what had drawn him to her, her innocence. ?Good mornin? Sunshine.? His voice easy and calm. Cass startled to his voice that brought her back to the present. ?Good morning Sir. I?m sorry for flopping out on you last night. I?m ready to be punished for my bad behavior.? She dropped down on her knees where she stood.Eric continued to cook, but turned around to see her in position. ?What, I?m not your Daddy this mornin??? He chuckled.?W what?? She stammered.?You called me Daddy last night when you were lost in the throes of an orgasm.? He smiled at her.?I?m sorry Sir,,,uh?Master. I don?t know why I did that.? Her voice ?Come c***d.? He watched as she struggled to get up from her kneeling position. She padded over to where he was standing. ?I have to say, I?ve never been called that before, but I kinda liked it. You don?t remember?? He smiled and pulled her into an embrace.Cass tingled with warmth when he held her. ?No Sir. I was in seventh heaven. You can be quite intoxicating Sir?.Daddy.? A warm flush of blood warmed her face and sent an early rush of fluids to her pussy. ?MMMmmm. I like the sound of that Baby Girl.?She watched as he finished the meal with one hand, just as efficiently as he had been doing with two. ?Is there anything I can help you with???Sure, you can set the table and pour us up some orange juice or milk if you?d rather have that.? He kissed her forehead.She accepted his kiss but wanted something more, but she scurried off to do as she?d been told. She found the plates and silverware, and poured them each a glass of juice. He brought the food to the table and started doling out some of everything on her plate. It was more than she could have ever finished. She pushed her food around on the plate, eating bits and pieces of things. She liked the waffles that he made with strawberries and whipped cream.They didn?t talk much while they ate and when he?d finished he took his cup of coffee and went out on the balcony. Cass busied herself with clearing the table and washing the dishes. When she?d finished with putting everything away, she took her glass of juice and went out to where he was.Eric looked out over the city. He loved this condo, yes it was really a penthouse, but he liked it for the view it afforded. Although, he?d rather be living on a large ranch somewhere, his father had always said that he needed to be close to where things happened. He remembered his mother had moved from Texas to be with her new husband but always longed to be in an open space just like him. But you can?t run a business from afar, so he settled with this place, high above it all but near his work.He cursed himself for settling for what his dead father wanted for him. He didn?t love it here. He didn?t like what he did for a living. Sure it made him a rich izmir escort bayan man, but it didn?t challenge him, it didn?t fill a void. Eric also cursed himself for letting her get under his skin. She?d waltz right into the kitchen this morning and he just fell for her again. You can?t have her Eric. You?re too busy, too broken. He would have to get his head together or this was going to end ugly.Cass walked out of the open French doors onto the balcony. He was standing at the rail, looking out, lost in thought. She moved over next to him and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him tight.?On your knees slut!? His voice harsh and commanding.She dropped her glass, breaking it and spilling its contents on the ground. She fell to her knees and got into position. She quickly remembered to open her mouth and she jutted out her tongue, offering herself. She felt the sting of a shard of broken glass cut into her knee. What did I do now? She thought, holding her tongue, not wanting to anger him more.He turned and pulled his cock out and pushed into her open mouth. His hands grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep into her throat. She immediately started gagging. He felt her try to push him away but held her tight. When he did release her, she fell back on her behind, he thighs splayed. She had tears in her eyes. He wasn?t sure if it was from her crying or from her gag reflex. Eric realized he couldn?t do this. Not now, not while he was angry with her. No, angry at himself.?Go to you room Toy. Go and think about your place. What you are here for.? He said in a gruff voice.Cass hesitated there, staring up at him. She fought back her tears. ?Please Daddy, use me. I know my place. I?m Daddy?s fuck toy.? She turned and got on all fours, in the ass up position he?d taught her. She reached back and spread her cheeks, exposing her holes to him. ?Please Daddy, use me for your pleasure.?Eric watched as she bent and presented herself for use, her sex glistened with arousal. He knew this was wrong. He couldn?t use her in anger. She?d done nothing wrong, this was his problem.?I said go to your room. Now!? His voice commanding but less angry.Cass rose and started to pad off to her room. She turned towards her Master. ?I don?t know why the fuck you have me here if you don?t want to use me. I should just go home and pack my things and go live on the street. I?m sure someone will find a way to use me.? She turned and started again for her room.Eric was startled by her angry response. ?STOP!? He moved towards her in a deliberate manner. When he stood in front of her, he lifted her chin with his finger. ?Now part of this is my fault. I have some problems with relationships and I?m having to work those things out. But, I can?t sit by and let you speak in that tone and manner to me. As much as I hate to, I?m going to have to punish you for it. Even though I was the cause of it.?Eric hooked his finger into the O-ring of her collar and pulled her over to the ottoman. He sat down and pulled her over his lap. She silently complied and didn?t struggle. His hands stoked her gently on her back, lightly tracing the dimple at her hips. Then his hand moved down and cupped her upturned behind. He squeezed her supple cheek. She moaned softly. Her pussy flooded with a fresh supply of her juices as she laid over his lap, his hands softly stroking her. The way he had her over his knee had her off balance, but she felt safe in his possession. She spread her legs slightly to give him access to her holes.He grabbed a fist full of her hair, pulling back sharply. ?This is a punishment, so they will be hard. You will receive 10 slaps with my open hand. No need to count them, but you will mind your manners when I?m finished. Now why are you being punished Toy?? His voice terse but not angry.?B?because I spoke rudely to Daddy.? She replied shyly.He didn?t wait any longer. His hand came down hard on the bottom. The hard slaps came at a blistering pace, each cheek getting equal treatment. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!With each blow her cries got louder. Each time his hand connected with her bottom, her breasts wobbled and caused her turgid nipples to abrade on the cloth of the ottoman. Cass swore her pussy was leaking onto his jeans. Her belly tingled with an impending orgasm that she fought to control.Eric?s hand gently rubbed her quickly reddening ass. ?You have two more to go. Where would you like them my pet?? His voice calmed by her submission.?Where ever Daddy would like.? She said coyly, but she knew where she wanted him to strike next. ?No. I want to hear where you want them.?Cass blinked. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her belly. She wanted him so badly. ?D?.daddy, I want them on your toy?s pussy. Please Daddy? Whip your toy?s pussy.? She said breathlessly now. Her orgasm right on the edge.?As you wish, but Toy, I can tell that you are very close to coming. If you do, I will whip your wet little cunny until it is so swollen, you will have to spread your lips to pee. Understood???Oh yes Daddy. I?ll be a good girl.? Her voice determined but scared.Eric brought his hand down hard in rapid succession right between her splayed thighs.SLAP! SLAP!Cass?s body trembled with need but she was able to hold off her orgasm. ?Thank you Daddy. I?m sorry for being rude to you.??All is forgiven Baby Girl. Why don?t you pick out a movie and we can lay here and watch it.? Eric watched as she padded up to the TV. Her soft ass was red and swollen from her punishment. He chuckled to himself. The little minx had gotten into his heart. When she turned and he saw her red and swollen labia, his cock twitched. She had chosen for him to whip her soft little cunny, not because she was a pain slut, but because she knew it would please him. So when she had decided on a chick flick, he didn?t care. She had earned a reward.Eric had moved over to the couch and patted the space beside him for her to lay down. She did as he instructed and laid her head in his lap. His hand pulled the warm afghan off the back of the couch, tucking it in around her naked body. He ran his thick fingers through her soft hair. She purred, nuzzling his throbbing dick. He doubted they would get through the closing credits.Cass relished her time in her Master?s lap. Her bottom still stung from her punishment, but she cooed with lust as he ran his fingers through her hair. It seemed to lessen to sting some. While they watched the movie, she couldn?t help but feel his cock against her cheek. She tried not to snuggle against it, not wanting to raise her Master?s ire, but she longed for him to fill her with his shaft.They shared a bonding, luxuriating on the couch. During one of the steamier scenes, Cass couldn?t take it anymore. She crawled up into her Master?s lap, straddling him with her wet cunny against his throbbing bulge. ?Please Daddy, fuck you little toy.? She begged. He nodded his assent. She kissed him sweetly and reached between her legs and unzipped his jeans, releasing his thick cock. Cass lifted slightly and sank down onto his shaft. Because she was so wet, her pussy was able to take his girth with little effort, slowly ground on his cock, her clit rubbing against his pubic bone. She wrapped her arms around his neck and swirled her hips, feeling his thick shaft hit all of the walls of her channel. He let her set the pace. He reached around and cupped her ass and found them still warm. She moaned as the sting was renewed. She tightened around his cock. ?Please Daddy, may I cum???Yes, cum on your Daddy?s cock.? His voice gravely with lust. He felt her body immediately tense, as the spasms washed over her. He didn?t force the pace, but let her writhe on his cock. He could feel her clinching, milking him. He fought off the urge to follow her. He wasn?t finished with her yet. She slowed to a stop but kept swirling her hips slowly. When she?d come back down and her breathing was calmer. He slipped his hands under her thighs and lifted her up, cupping her bottom. He squeezed her tender ass and brought her up and down at a feral pace, his cock sloshing in her wet pussy. She fell into the crook of his neck as he took what was his. His tempo was thunderous. She mewed and whimpered with each savage thrust. He could feel his scrotum tightening. Before she could beg, he said. ?Cum with me Baby Girl.??AAAAhhh t?.thank you D??.dadddyyyyyyy.?They both stiffened and fell over the edge of the abyss together. Their lustful sounds, echoing throughout the great room, until his pace slowed. They laid there in each other?s arms until their heartbeats synced. A thin sheen of sweat glistened from their bodies. Their bodies clinching, until all was calm.Cass sat in her Master?s lap with his softening cock still inside her. Her fingers running through the thick patch of hair on his chest. ?Thank you Daddy.? She purred.
09-16-2021, at 03:30 AM

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