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Revenge of the machines

Post #1

Revenge of the machinesNote: I translated this story from french. It is the first time I have done that; I hope it will turn out well!« For god?s sake, what?s happening again?? Laura catches her security pass and her tool kit and quickly heads towards the prototypes room. She has only begun her job as a night-time technician a few days ago. Apparently, the machines were just waiting for her arrival to find new ways of breaking down. Yesterday the wrapping machine (cleverly nicknamed the ?wrap-it-up? by engineers), which was supposed to spot finished pallets and wrap them with plastic, had sent an automatic alarm to report a technical defect. When Laura had entered the room, the ?wrap-it-up? had mistaken her for a package and had begun wrapping one of her feet with plastic! ?There is still work to be done on artificial intelligence!? Laura thought.On reaching the prototypes hangar, she hears the humming of the machines and of the air conditioner. She holds her pass in front of the card reader and walks through the secure gate. Even if they are not completely functional, these devices are quite fantastic! They are not glamourous though, mostly designed for factories and transport companies. Nothing like the pretty humanoids dedicated to consumers, widely promoted in science magazines.The room is cool, bathed in blue light. Laura recognizes right away the peculiar sound of the wrap-it-up, in the middle of the place. It is seemingly still having troubles with shape recognition: it wraps a forklift. Laura switches the machine off and begins to free the forklift from its cling film, grunting. The plastic wrap is of course intertwined in the blades, she has to crawl on them to try and loosen it up. She firmly pulls on an end, and the blades suddenly lift, almost making her fall. That is weird. The cling film must have gotten tangled up in the control lever? Laura is now suspended above the ground. She hears clicks behind her and turns her head just in time to see that the wrap-it-up has started itself back up? and is wrapping her ankles to the forklift blades! ?This is crazy, I am positive I turned it down?? While keeping her balance with her left hand, Laura tries to tear the cling film off her legs with her right one. The wrap-it-up takes this opportunity to tie her left wrist to the cab corner. Laura is on all fours, with only one free hand for now! ?Fuck it! I am sure this never happens on daylight, when this place is real crowded??Machines are working around her, each of them designed for a particular task. One of them is getting closer: it is a kind of drone equipped with a razor blade, to unwrap packages. It is logically nicknamed ?the stripper?. ?Just what I need! I just hope it is accurate...? The drone is indeed heading towards the plastic strips around her ankles. Laura pulls at her legs to avoid being hurt ... but the drone suddenly changes angle and begins to cut her pants! But what the?? Laura gets a screwdriver out of her satchel and tries to move the drone away with it, but the latter whirls skillfully and strikes her wrist; Laura drops the screwdriver but catches it just before it bounces on the blades of the cart ... and the wrap-it-up takes the opportunity to tie her second hand near her right knee! Laura panics, she is now tied, kneeling on a forklift, and the drone continues to carefully cut her clothes! Her pants fall to the ground, a pile of cloth strips, and her t-shirt will soon follow. What are these perverse machines?! Not to mention that it is getting really cold ...The drone completes its work by cutting the straps of her bra; Laura only wears her safety shoes now. And is she dreaming or ... No, the lifter moves on its own! It cannot be! It heads towards the aquarium, a glass room at the far end of the hangar, equipped with multidirectional water sprinklers used to clean various manufactured parts. The sprinklers are triggered automatically at the entrance of the vehicle, which stops in the middle of the room. Laura feels the whole back of her head swept by a stream of warm water. Her hair is dripping; she screams, but knows very well that she is alone in the building ... The forklift vibrates again, and the blades rise slowly. "But, no, is it..." The forks stop just as the stream of water reaches Laura's buttocks. She feels the warm water hit her body and muscle in her private parts. Pressurized water is directly stimulating her clitoris. Laura fidgets on the lifter but cannot avoid contact; the wrap-it-up left her no freedom of movement. And then ... well it ends up being very nice ... It is something she usually loves to do in the shower, pressing the shower head against her pussy, feeling both stimulated and filled by the water that comes out. However, she has a thought for the video surveillance system: she will have to try and erase the recorded tape, otherwise her colleagues will help themselves to an eyeful view ... The stream of water now works in quick jolts, repelling orgasm. Laura is panting, she has never felt such a thing, and the fact of being forced to endure it, without being able to do anything about it, is still arousing her excitement. Suddenly the truck engine starts again, and it sticks her right against the sprinkler, which now diffuses water continuously, and under maximum pressure. Laura enjoys, powerfully, she screams with pleasure; her hips are agitated with uncontrollable jolts. She sighs. The machines will surely release her now: as crazy as it may seem, they must have reached their goal ...The forklift is indeed getting out of the aquarium, and heads back to the middle of the hangar, where Laura has found it in the first place. But no ... it turns off to the left! Where is it driving her again? It finally marks a stop in front of the assembler: a series of articulated arms, mounted on rails, intended to put complex parts together. An idea runs through her mind, but ... no, it cannot be?The articulated arm closest to her quickly answers her inner question: it stands up sounding like a hydraulic cylinder, and its four ends, which are more or less the size of human fingers, close on her breast, and begin to knead it. A second arm gets closer, and pinches the nipple of the other breast, firmly! The forklift goes down about twenty inches, allowing a third arm to pass between the blades and slip two articulated ?fingers? in her wet pussy ... and a third in her anus! The arm comes and goes, and tightens its fingers gently, like forceps, inside her. Laura roars, and another arm stands up in front of her face. Laura understands, scoots her head down and vigorously licks the metal finger. It is cold but seems to throb when she introduces it in her mouth. She swings her head back and forth and strokes the end with her tongue. It is strange but wildly exciting ...Suddenly the sensation in her pussy changes: the two fingers inside her are now spinning, like a drill, while continuing to come and go quickly. She screams with pleasure and feels a second orgasm, even stronger than the previous one.The machines stop instantly. The forklift drives back to its original place. Laura is exhausted, panting, satisfied but lost. She is waiting for the drone to come back and free her from the cling film. It does not move ... It is 7:30, her first colleagues must arrive within half an hour. She must release herself before they see her like that!I am not a native english speaker: I hope this story was well translated, and that it was a good read anyway!
09-11-2021, at 02:51 PM

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