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forced to be Female Pt1

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forced to be Female Pt1The last thing I could remember was walking out of the Bank and crossing the road to my car. I had just been to see my bank manager to discuss transferring some money from one of my accounts into a high interest savings account.I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change.I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump into me. Then everything went blank...................!The next thing I remember was being faintly aware of people standing around me and talking in low voices. As my sense started to return I tried to move but found I could not do so. My first thought was that I must have been in some sort of accident. My arms and legs did not respond and I tried to speak, to attract the attention of the people standing around me. I could only mumble and it only gradually dawned on me that I had been gagged.My head became clearer and I then realised that I was lying on my back on some sort of table. I could move my head slightly and saw that my arms and legs had been strapped to the table.The people standing around consisted of two men and one woman. They ignored me as I tried to attract their attention. It was as if I did not exist. But then I realised that they must be talking about me as the older man was looking at me and saying something to the woman, who was writing down what he said. I tried to listen but my head was still fuzzy and I could only make out some of the words.The man was saying, "The nose needs altering a little, to make it cute and the eyes could do with being a little bigger"As he spoke I felt him touch my face and heard him say, "The chin looks fine, not a very strong jaw line at all. Once we get rid of the beard it should do nicely"I felt him touch my hair and heard him say, "The hairline is fine, once I have done the testes there will be no more loss"It was only when the man touched my groin that I discovered that I was lying there naked. He felt my balls and lifted my penis, held something against it and said something to the woman, who in turn wrote on her pad.It was only then that they turned towards me and gave any indication that they knew I was conscious. The man looked at me and spoke,"Ah, so you have come around" He turned to the woman and said with a smile,"Exactly on time, make a note of that, Ann"The woman, Ann, wrote on her pad and smiled back at the man. The man turned to me and lent towards me."Now I want you to listen to me, Understand?" he said. I nodded my head. The man continued,"You have not been in an accident, but you are at a special clinic. The reason why you are here is not for you to question. You will do everything we say, and you will do it without any hesitation or any questions."The man turned to the woman and nodded his head. She came towards me with a syringe and I felt it prick my arm.The man looked down at me and smiled,"You will soon find that you have no alternative but to cooperate fully."The three of them stood looking at me. Suddenly I felt a terrible pain in my stomach. It was like a fire had been lit there and it began to spread. The man smiled at me as my face contorted in anguish."I see you can feel the pain. Now listen very carefully, I will not explain again"The man, who I was later to be told was Dr Knowles, told me that I had just been injected with a special d**g and that it was this that was causing my agony. The d**g was special because it would stay in my blood system indefinitely unless the antidote was administered.The antidote, Dr Knowles explained, was known only to him and would only be given to me when they had finished with me. Until then the only way to stop the pain was by taking a capsule, which he held up for me to see. This capsule would stop the pain for twenty four hours at a time, and I would only be given a capsule if I had obeyed their commands."You understand, any disobedience and I will withhold the capsule until you obey. Obey us and you will get the capsule every day before the pain returns. Understand?"I nodded my head. The pain was so intense, like acid eating me away. All I wanted was for the pain to go away.I was told not to speak as they remove the gag from my mouth. Dr Knowles held the capsule in front of my face and smiled,"When you swallow this the pain will go very quickly. But remember the pain will return in twenty four hours unless you have been cooperative in every way"The capsule was put into my mouth, under my tongue and very quickly the pain just vanished. I was left sweating but too scared to speak. I did not want the pain to return.I was then told that I should sleep as tomorrow was going to be very busy. They did say what was going to happen nor did I dare ask. To make me sleep I was given another injection.I woke up the following morning to find myself still strapped to the bed and still naked. Ann was standing over me smiling. She undid the straps and allowed me to sit up on the bed.I felt self conscious being naked and I must have blushed because she laughed and looking down at my naked body she said,"Maybe we will get you some clothes to wear today, If you are good and do as you are told"Ann had brought me some breakfast and I was told to eat it then to swallow a tablet. I asked her what the tablet was for, only for her to laugh again and tell me that I would soon find out. I must have looked fearful because she added."These tablets will not cause you any pain, they are part of your treatment"I asked her what exactly was my "treatment", but she just said that Dr Knowles would tell me in his own good time.After I had finished eating I was allowed to wash and clean my teeth then Ann told me to follow her. In case I was tempted to disobey she reminded me of the pain I would suffer if my capsule was withheld. I followed her.I was led into a room and told to lie on a large operating table. As soon as I lay down the other man that I had seen the previous day came in and fastened my arms and legs to the corners of the bed. The man, whom Ann called, Eric, watched while Ann began to cut my beard with scissors.When she was satisfied with what she had done she said something to Eric and he wheeled a trolley over to the bed. Ann then picked up something from the trolley and I felt her touch my face with the point of whatever it was.I felt her begin to pluck at each single hair of my beard and I realised that she was using electrolysis to remove all the hairs from my cheeks and chin.It took quite some time but gradually she covered all of my face and then proceeded to work at my eyebrows. She offered me no explanation as to why she was doing this and any attempt by me to ask or protest were just brushed aside with a reminder of the consequences I would suffer if I did not cooperate.When she had finished with my face she took some ointment from the trolley and began applying to the whole of my body except for the pubic hairs between my legs. When I was all covered she looked at her watch and waited for several minutes.When she was satisfied Ann then proceeded to remove the ointment using a sponge and soapy water. When she had I finished my entire body had become smooth and completely hairless.She stood back and looked down at my naked body and smiled,"That is much better. Now to do your hair and then Dr Knowles can take a luck at the new you"My hair was washed and while wet Ann cut it and then dried it with a hair dryer. I had imagined that my hair had been cut short but when she had finished it did not feel so short.When she had finished with me she used the telephone and a few minutes later Dr Knowles entered the room. He looked down at me and the felt my neck, chin and cheeks. He looked pleased with result and said so to Ann,"Yes very good indeed, The jaw line is quite round, I should not need to alter that at all. In fact I think we might just as well proceed with the next stage right away"As he spoke he motioned to Ann who picked up a syringe and stuck it into my arm. As I began to loose consciousness I heard Dr Knowles say something about getting the operating room ready.When I came around the first thing I felt was an ache in my groin and in my throat. Then I realised that I could not see. I was filled with panic then realised that my eyes had been bandaged. I could hear voices around me then I felt a prick in my arm and fell asleep again.This happened several times until finally I woke and was actually able to see. Dr Knowles was standing over me and was examining my throat and eyes. He looked at me and smiled,"I see you are finally awake. That is good. It is about time that you were up and about." He turned to Ann and motioned to her."I think our patient needs tidying up a bit, will you see to that please and then we will have a little chat"Dr Knowles left the room with Ann leaving Eric looking at me in a funny way.Ann proceeded to wash my face and comb my hair before telling Eric to untie me from the bed.I was then instructed to get off the bed and Ann helped me because I felt strangely weak."I think you are ready to see Dr Knowles now, Dear" Ann said and took hold of my elbow and led me out of the room and down the corridor to his office.Dr Knowles was sitting behind his desk and as I was led in he motioned for me to sit down and for Ann to leave.He looked at me and then held up a capsule."It is about time for your antidote, is it not? But first I want you to sign some forms." He pushed some papers in front of me and held out a pen. I was still dazed, but still suspicious as to what I was being asked to sign."Just sign them where I have marked. You do not need to read them. You really have no choice but to sign if you want to have this little capsule" he added.Remembering the pain I would suffer if I did no have the capsule soon I picked up the pen and signed."Good" said Dr Knowles, "Now I will explain what is happening to you." He handed me the capsule and a glass of water. I gulped the capsule down. It was difficult to swallow because my throat felt so sore.He got up from his desk and came around to stand in front of my chair. He looked me up and down before continuing."You have no choice at all but to accept what is happening to you, no choice at all. You have been here for nearly four weeks and so far everything is going very well indeed. That said when we have finished our work you should learn to accept the result. You see we get paid to change people and we are being paid very well to change you"He told me to stand and led me over to a full length mirror. I looked into the mirror but did not immediately recognise the person I saw there. What I saw in the mirror was quite a shock.The reflection in the mirror did not look like me at all. My hair had grown much longer and was now well below my ears. My face was completely hairless except for my eyebrows and these had been plucked and shaped like a girls.My nose looked smaller and I noticed that my Adam's apple was hardly visible. In short my face looked rather feminine. I looked down at the rest of my body. It too had become hairless and looked smooth and girl like. Then I saw my groin and almost cried in anguish to find that they had surgically removed my testicles. My manhood had been taken away!Dr Knowles smiled at me as I stared at myself in the mirror."You see we have been commissioned to change you into a woman and so far I am very pleased with the way things are going. Now I want examine you a little closer, stand with your legs apart, please."I did as I was told Dr Knowles began to feel between my legs. I was aghast to discover that my penis had been tucked tightly back between my legs. I could not feel my testicles at all. I staggered to the chair and Dr Knowles followed me. He spoke quietly."As part of your treatment we are giving you female hormones. I have found that these work so much more effectively and quickly if the testes are first removed. So I have done that already. Your penis has been stitched down, infibulation we call it, so that it will not create even a little bulge in your panties. In due course I will remove the shaft of your penis altogether and give you a fully functioning vagina, exactly like a woman's"I was staggered, I had been castrated and had not known, no wonder I felt so weak.Dr Knowles looked at me said to Miss Robert,"I think our patient should wear some clothes from now on."Within a few minutes Ann had returned carrying a bundle of clothes. She put them down on a chair and came over to me.My head felt light headed and I was still dazed as Ann helped me to get dressed. Dazed as I was I was startled to find that she was putting a long silk nightdress over my head. Pulling it down over my body she smiled and said,"Now that does look pretty, Dear. I think you should wear these too."She handed me a pair of silk panties and watched as I put them on. I was too dazed to really understand what was happening, but the panties seemed to fit me very snugly. Ann then handed me a silk dressing gown which she fastened for me. Finally she gave me a pair of slippers to put on my feet.The slippers were open toed and had a slight heel.Once I was dressed Ann told me to sit back in the chair while she brushed my hair. When she had finished she smiled and said to Dr Knowles,"Well doesn't that look pretty"Dr Knowles smiled and Eric grinned and looked me up and down.I looked at myself in the mirror again and now I did indeed look more like a girl than ever.I sat there stunned as Dr Knowles began talking again. He said that my "treatment" would leave me indistinguishable from any other female. I would be taught how to dress as a woman, walk and move as a woman, even think as a woman."And of course" he added with a smile, "You will be able to perform the sexual act as a woman!"Dr Knowles explained that the hormones would help my body to become more feminine, it would become more curvaceous, my hips and bottom would get bigger while my waist would get slimmer. I would develop breasts and my skin would become softer just like a woman's. He said that he had already operated on my larynx so that once the soreness had gone from my throat, my voice would even sound like a girl's."We are being paid very well to turn you into a complete and perfectly functioning woman and we will do it, you should have no illusions about that. By the time we are finished with you, you will be so feminine that no one would have believe that you had not been born female""Of course" he added, "The removal of your testicles will heighten the pitch of voice a little as well"I was almost too dazed to think, but I could hear Dr Knowles saying that my situation was already irreversible and that I had no option but to accept that from now on I was to be a woman."I am confident that you will even be a very beautiful woman" he said and then added, "The documents you have already signed will make your new gender legally accepted. I have taken the liberty of giving you your new name. From this day on, you are officially called, Susan, and that is how you will be addressed in future"Ann led me back to my room."Come on Susan" she said, "I think you need to rest for a little while"As we walked back down the corridor Ann told me that I should be pleased that I was being transformed into a woman, that I would enjoy myself once I accepted the fact and that I had no other choice.
09-11-2021, at 02:51 PM

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