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Some LIX

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Some LIXSome LIXJahn and Gin looked longingly, even lustfully, at each other across their living room. Jahn slowly smiled at his wife, Virginia, and she returned a smile that tasted of sadness across her dry lips. It had been ten months since her much wetter lips had been around Jahn's lovely cock. It had been ten months since she had felt his lips and tongue taking her to a shattering climax. As they had gotten to know each other more deeply, the sex had been exploring and exciting, but after many late night confessions, laughing and crying, they had admitted each was, in fact, shyly, a closet submissive wanting to come out.No one they knew was suitable, even to talk about it with. They went shopping online for kinky fetish toys and accessories and jewelry. They tried to crash the local BDSM scene. They tried online and offline and BDSM-and-breakfast roadhouses. No one was suitable.It had been ten months. It became like a taboo subject. It became stolen moments of secret masturbation fantasies alone. For Jahn. And Gin.Still on the fringe of the kinky social crowd, rumors began circulating about some new person only known as XXXLIX. No one knew exactly how LIX swung or was hung or how LIX licked or anything much. A few digitals of what ws supposed to be his cock and balls ? adorned wih leather or rope - were sent to this one and that; analysis of his favorited onsite photos, videos, and erotic stories were shared back and forth with arousing details and fantasies. LIX seemed to be androgynously sensual and lusty as a satyr. Couples, singles, fetishists, and creative switchy anything-goes novelty lovers. So the rumors went. And grew.And reached into the data stream of Jahn and Gin. It wasn't, they told each other, a coincidence. He could be ? if not The One ? at least A One who could fire up their sex life again. They nodded at their own logic and later that night ? watching threesome slave-Dominant porn ? masturbated in the nude in front of each other.Gin closed her eyes and slowly slid her middle finger between her glistening pussy lips, drawing it even more slowly, teasingly, up and across her throbbing clit. She groaned loudly, imagining her lips vibrating and trembling around LIX's thick cockhead. Jahn's fist pumped furiously along the fat shaft, his hand pounding hard against his cockringed balls. He grunted. His mind played warping images of his tongue and Gin's dancing on LIX's cockhead before taking turns sliding it deeply into their mouths.?Fuck!? he whimpered softly, feeling a false cum droplet ? but that was all ? dribble from his cockslit.?No, no!? Gin cried, feeling her climax escape her grasp. Her clit ached and made her body shudder.They didn't even have to talk about it. They wanted some LIX.It became a ritual of arousal and denial that Jahn and Gin considered agonizingly pleasurable foreplay and control. But they wanted more. They wanted LIX to be their...whatever he wanted to call himself.And they would be his willing, used submissives.And it was going to be great.
09-11-2021, at 02:51 PM

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