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ugly play toy - part 1

Post #1

ugly play toy - part 1complete made up story this didnt actually i get contacted by a guy asking me if i wanted to fuck his wife, sure i love to fuck married women they always seem to be desperate.after seeing pics of this woman i didn't think id be able to do it, i mean fuck she was ugly absolute disgrace of a woman, fat and folds of skin hanging over her waist band, tits that nearly touch the floor, either this girl was born really unlucky or she is a well used piece of meat i decide to go with the latter i mean yeah shes ugly but shes a prime piece of meat for me to abuse.i was amazed when i seen pictures that she could actually give her husband and erection as well as make him cum, shes not worthy of me wasting a Viagra pill, i need a plan. fuck it ill wing i turn up at her house husbands opens the door and lets me in, she has no idea whats about to happen to her. so i think fuck it he hasnt told her so im not going to be polite about things, why should i??i grab her the hair and drag her onto the sofa, and tell her that im going to fuck her while her husband watches and that if she didnt obey it wouldn't matter because id do it to her anyway. she looks at her husband thinking this is some kind of sick joke but from the smile on his face she could see she was fucked!she was already in tears, balling her eyes out and begging for me to leave her alone, she was begging her husband to not let this happen, listening to hear cry and beg was getting me hard, so i walk up to her whilst undoing my trousers the look of fear in her eyes was amazing, my eyes were locked on hers and hers were locked onto my dick dreading what was going to happen next, i could see her husband undoing his trousers and ready to beat one off to his wife being abused. but i told him hes not allowed, he can watch but not touch.i start by pulling her face closer to my dick by the hair, her hands on my thighs trying and failing to push me away, my cock rubbing over her face, i feel her tears all over my dick and my cock getting harder, i pull her head back and let her go, she feels relief until i slap her across the face. her eyes now still streaming with tears looking at her husband with anger and feeling of worthlessness, she trys to utter the word "please" but she cant as my dick slips into her mouth and straight down her throat, she begins to gag, her eyes bulge as saliva shoots out of her nostrils as she starts to slap and scram legs and back trying to get me out of her, i can feel her throat tighten around my dick as she starts to choke and gasp for air, i pinch her nostrils and she really starts to put up a fight, such an amazing feeling, i pull my cock out just before she passing out, letting her catch a breath or 2 before going straight back in, this fucking her throat, her saggy tits and cheap dress now drenched in saliva.i can see her husbands trousers bulging as he squirms i can see in his face hes ready to explode but not yet, but i call him over to stand behind his wife and hold her by the throat for me and squeeze just a little as i continue to fuck his wfies ugly face. i stop fucking her and let her husband comfort hert her a little making her feel like ive had my fun ands its over. he takes her up to the bedroom for me as i follow as we enter i push him out the way and instruct him to sit and watch as i start to rip the ugly bitches clothes off. she starts to beg me again as i slap her about some more. shes almost ready to give up but not quite.i dont even check to she if shes wets before forcing 2 fingers in her, damn her cunt is fucking loose. she screams as i finger her cunt listening to the sloppy cunt squelch, i get her husband to gag her as i begin to fist her, loose as it may be it was quite loose enough for my fist, never mind ill just use 4 fingers for now till shes warmed up, just for laughs i even scoop up her tears to use as extra lube!! i pull my fingers out and tell her that she belongs to me for my pleasure, i take out her gag and ask her if she understands, she nods yes and immediately fills onto her front pushing her arse out, as if to say i give up. i tell her its not that easy im no where near finished with her.
09-11-2021, at 02:51 PM

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