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Our first and only Swing/MM(MM)/F

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Our first and only Swing/MM(MM)/FThis happened around 5 years ago, my wife was 39 years old and I 42. We had been together as a couple for 16 years, and married for one year....yeah yeah...I was a bit slow to go on my knees and ask her.... We have a nice life, both sexual, comunical and emotional and we love each other deeply, but as every others. We have our ups and downs. And this was a down period. So, back to the story. I give her a calendar each 1.december..small gift, small every day till Christmas eve. This year, a Saturday morning, she found a note: Today I want you to dress classyslutty, we are going out for some fun this evening. Classyslutty? Well, she is a lawyer, high class background, so classyslutty is SEXY. And dress, short....her long brown hair flowing down her, high heels, long black gloves all the way to the elbow....... Basically, a kind of woman every guy wants to fuck. Sorry women....but that is how it is. We men basically want to fuck you in any possible way.....well, men are different, some like the ass, some the tits, anal, pussy, mouth..or all? Well, back to it. I picked her up by car and we off we went, to the city. I parked in a street and explained to her that we was to visit a swingers club...and that I had NO interest in other women, but if she got up for some fun....I was game.....and what happened in the club stayed in the club.... So we went inside. Met the owner and he showed us around and explained the rules....but he forgot to say the simple one.....the hand touch....i a person lies a hand on you, and you do not move it away, it is an invite for the person to do more with the hand.... Well, after the "show around" he explained about dress code.....bla bla, dressed in the bare and nude, or sexy, in the first "shock"....yes, even though I am not jealous and all that.....when my wife turned her back to me and lifted her dress and asked him if her underwear was ok for the basement....I could feel my ears getting red.....and my heart bounced..... He smiled, YES!, and looked at me and said. I bet that was the first time your wife has done that......then he blinked at her and left.I stood there, still shocked...even how much I had prepared my head, the emotions flushed thru me....I could feel my heart pound, my ears got red and hot.... Then he stopped, turned around, smiled......but since you are here with your wife, you must expect to see much more.....and I believe you will.... My wife turned around, looked at me, smiled. You will see later. And she blinked. Normally I was in control, but today she was in control. And I was happy to let her be in control, and I would just do all I can to make her feel safe. We took a walk around, talked to some people, got a drink. But it was a slow night. Few people, and no men of her preferences. So, after a second drink we started to talk about going home again. I took my last desperate move...excused myself and went to the bathroom, took my time. Hoped that a good man would show up, from a hidden corner..... And he did. When I got back to the bar area I could not see her at once...So I stood by the bar and looked around...and there she was....and again, that flush of emotions.....I saw her back. She was sitting in the lap of a guy......face against him, feet spread, one at each side of his a sit-and-ride-position.....and I could see his hands on her butt, hips, one hand slided over her waist and up front...or down front....again my heart went crazy....and my ears hot...again....but all very positive feelings.... It was difficult to see if they talked, or kissed....and I honestly do not know what I hoped I bought three drinks and went over to their table.... The reaction of my wife was interesting. She, as I, was probably confused of her feelings (or I do not know, I just guessing)....but when I arrived she quickly slid of him and with red cheeks she explained that they was just talking. I smiled and offered drinks, and we all started to talk. Quite soon my wife excused herself....and went to the ladies room. I used my time well, explained to him to be rough, no unsure fondling, go for it, and said that if we get her hot, we will have a fun night....... We sat there talking quite intense when she got back, and we all continued talking. I do not remember how we got here, but suddenly this guy, quite tall, strong, bold headed....grabbed my wife by the waist, lifted her up and almost throwed her into a sofa...well, at least, that is how I saw it. I guess he only lifted her....but....heart pounding again, seeing this stranger pulling her short dress up to her hips, tearing off her my wife said, I would see it later....long black stockings, high heels knee-high boots....btw the sole one the boots where panties...well, I only saw they were black......and small.....then he went down on her....and I saw she spreaded her legs wide for him....picture yourself your a black dress.....up around her waist, creamy white tights....with a strangers head down between....elbow high black gloves....the look of a Spanish photo-model with long thick brown hair, a beautiful face, curves like a woman should have......and that closed eyes and half open long? I do not know, but suddenly, my next view/ memory is he standing in front of her, she on her she had the devil after her she "buckled up" his pants, pulled them down....stopped, looked at his boxers and the bulge behind them...and then down with the boxers.....his dick was average, and semi hard....and she just took him straight in her mouth.....I still remember that wife.....the mouth I have kissed a thousand times......with a strangers dick behind those beautiful lips...... Next memory.......he pushed her back on her back....she waiting, he rolled on a condom and just spread her legs and penetrated her....og did she spread them her self?.... I still remember my quite c***dish curiosity when I looked down under him....had to see....and saw her beautiful pussy lips curved around his hard, a strangers dick, in my wife.....and she was not my classy lawyer wife.....she was a****listic....sluttish...classyslutty? No, the classy was gone, just slutty.... The stranger, I do not know his name. Got quite eager, and I signalled him to slow down....and slowly he did. And we basically pulled my wife down to the basement, into a big bed. How I got naked I do not remember. But I remember we both fucked her, I remember her breathing, her in her knees, spit roasted, she riding one, sucked one. And I had to take a break. And looked. And this stranger where GOOD! I must admit his stamina was....amazing. And he was rough....her ass god slaps, he fucked her hard....and, I joined again. She on her back, I remember licking her, tasting the rubber (thought it would have been better without rubber), he held her feet back and wide open for me.....and then I heard him, yelling "Jesus holy Christ"....I looked up, and saw he was sitting over her face....then I knew....she did lick his was easy to see that he was shocked, and enjoyed it a lot.....then a lot of things I do not remember, but suddenly my wife was on all four.....he behind her. I again needed a break and fondled her breasts, enjoying them hanging, swaying, looking at this strange guy who enjoyed my wife.....and she enjoyed it all. I got down, kissed my wife, looked in her eyes, kissed her more. A fantastic feeling, kissing her while she is fucked. Her kissing was not the romantic type, more the greedy type, she more sucked on my mouth and tongue. But then she stopped.. I got a bit confused, did she give me the "stop"-code? We had a secret word....she made som sounds which confused me, an "oh", and "ai" and she did bite her lip. So, naturally I asked if she was in discomfort, if I should stop the session. Again these sounds, and a "No"...."oh"....."ahhhh"..... And again I asked, "what happened"...... The answer...."he", "ai"...."oh"...."he is fucking me in the ass".... I sat back, looked at her, could feel my heartbeats in all of my body, from the toes to the fingertips..... She on all four, beautiful and sexy, slutty, closed eyes, biting her lips, making sounds, strange sounds, mixed between pleasure and discomfort, but nevertheless pleasure. He was still gentle, moving slowly, and I could see my wife start to push against him. The stranger was a good guy, he did not smile in arrogance, no "triumph", he just had a great time, I looked like that. He had a face of horniness and a****listic enjoyment. I asked her if she wanted me to lick her. She nodded and I lied on my back and moved under her.....I could look straight up, her hairless pussylips, gigantic swollen clitoris, and a pair of hairy tights, balls and a dick, swollen, deep inside her. I had to look for a while, amazed...I very rarely get to do it in her ass, and she let this complete stranger just do it.....jesus who I love her, I thought, and lifted my head. Licked her clitoris, tried to help her to come. This was also the first, and only time, I have touched a man....difficult not to in this position. But I took my chance. Once when he stopped, deep in her. I licked his balls, lower shaft and around here and there. Just for some seconds, and always quickly back to my wife?s clitoris. (Later I learned that she would have enjoyed to see to men together, but at that time I did not know, and I was a bit ashamed.) But, my wife never got to the "high level" of this, so he pulled slowly out of her ass. And, while I still laid there licking her I could see he switched back to her pussy (yes, he should have changed the condom, but at that stage none of us where that rational)... I moved away from my wife, got back on my knees. And this guy was again fucking her. Now she was on her back, feet in the air, held by him. She reached out for me, and we kissed again. The kissing was the hottest of all this evening. I do not know why. Then I got aware of two guys who stood by the bed. Looking. I asked my wife if she wanted another man? "No", she said. But after some more fucking I asked again, and this time she I signed for one of them to join us....... At this point it was a lot of fucking going on, and I do not remember much, except the stranger, at one point, when my wife was sitting on top of me, and sucked this new guy....well, the stranger then asked her if she wanted a DP? Fiver years after, I still remember her words...."No, not tonight, I will save that for another time"..... So she ended up riding me and sucking two dicks....not a bad option, and a nice view for me.... At some point the second guy who had watched us just joined. And it all went to an end. I came on my wife?s chest, the stranger started a hell of a fuck and came in her pussy (with condom)....then I watched my wife with the two new guys. Spit roasted. One of them came in her pussy, with condom, and the other one in her mouth, without condom. Then all left and my wife and I went to the shower. Later, some weeks maybe, we talked about this night. Agreed that we both had enjoyed it. That the stranger was good! To bad we did not have his name.....that would have been a nice house friend. The two new guys was, as my wife said, "fun"...with fun she explained that it was fun with four guys.....but they both where lousy lovers.....she felt that they only wanted to satisfy themselves. But, all in all, a fantastic experience, never again repeated (
09-11-2021, at 02:51 PM

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