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a story written for me by Alex

Post #1

a story written for me by AlexThis story was written personally for the delightfully wicked Susan.Part 1?If it makes you feel any better, Susan, this wasn?t meant for you. You see, I?ve lived in this neighborhood for a long time and, like most of the other men here, have watched your daughters grow out of their pigtails into sexy fuckable young women. So, I did a little internet sleuthing, trying to find a work schedule, a favorite running trail, anywhere out of the way, where I might be able to grab them for a more private encounter. Unfortunately, too many of these young sluts nowadays have learned how to obscure their online presence. You, on the other hand, left a digital footprint from a blog full of twisted porn and i****t fantasies leading right to your front door and, well, you kind of know the rest, don?t you??As you had been ever since your capture, you remained silent. Surprisingly. Of course, I had read your blog, knew that several of your fantasies tended towards this very situation. It crossed my mind that you might think this was some wish fulfillment set up by your husband, some kind of twisted birthday present, or maybe just an excuse to get you out of the house while he spent a little ?daddy-daughter? time. I wasn?t quite ready to believe that you might actually enjoy strange men k**napping you and tying you down naked in their basement, though. I could see you struggling against your bonds, futilely, of course, as I stood above you. There was maybe the slightest hint of fear as I lowered myself down over your mouth, but also a hunger as you stared at my cock jutting out proudly. Unfortunately for you, your meal was slightly?sweatier. As I pressed my ass down against your face, you turned your head in a feeble attempt to deny me.?That?s fine, Susan, I?m willing to bet that I need your cooperation far less than you need to keep breathing. I can wait.? Of course, I wasn?t going to wait for long. I sat down further, making sure to cut off your oxygen. I could feel you wriggling beneath me, searching for that next breath, before I felt your tongue tentatively lick between my ass cheeks. I watched as your stomach writhed, the taste of a day?s worth of sweat sending you into violent gags. You fought them down, though, your tongue exploring farther as I watched your hands clench and unclench in panic. I sat up, briefly, allowing you one large gasp of air before plummeting back down on your waiting tongue. I groaned as I felt it probing my asshole, raising my hand and slamming it down against your pussy with as much force as I could muster. I could feel your scream echoing through my bowels, and my cock jumped, a large drop of precum dripping down onto your neck as I continued raining down blows against your exposed cunt. I could feel the tears flowing freely from your eyes, dripping down my ass as I stood back up, looking at the pitiful, crying mess beneath me. The look on your face was pure gratitude as I unhooked your ankle cuffs from the metal grommets in the floor, turning to one of confusion and then horror as I instead attached them to a pair of chains I had dragged over. After adjusting your arm bindings, I began to pull on the chains, lifting your your legs up over your head and arching your back until you were staring up into your beaten red pussy. Finally, the vow of silence broke as you started sputtering out complaints, pleas, promises, anything that might deliver you from the pain to follow as I swung a leather flogger slowly in front of your face. Without warning, I swung it through the air, bringing it down viciously between your spread legs. The scream it elicited was musical; long, reedy, high-pitched. ?Don?t worry, Susan, I just wanted to hear that scream unfiltered. I also wanted to make sure you were properly warmed up for our next game.? I set the flogger down and picked up a thick candle. ?At the end of the night, you?re going to go home. You?re going to make sure you walk home using the path I set out for you, staying underneath the streetlights as much as possible. I will; however, allow you some modesty, but you?re going to earn it. In a minute, I?m going to stick this candle in your pussy. If you ask, I will use as much lube as you feel is necessary. I will insert it as deep as you want.? I saw you open your mouth to answer and I quickly stuck my foot inside it. ?Not yet. Let me finish the rules of the game before you make your decision. Obviously, after it?s inside you, I?m going to light it. Once it?s lit, for every minute you are able to keep it clenched inside you, you earn another article of clothing to wear on your walk home. You can forget about your bra and panties, but four minutes earns you your shoes, shirt, and shorts back. I think that?s fair, don?t you?? You tried to speak, but I pressed my foot farther down into your mouth. ?It doesn?t matter if you agree, it doesn?t change anything.?I removed my foot from your mouth and stepped behind your now painfully-spread legs. Holding up a small bottle of lube questioningly, you resignedly shook your head no, eyes glancing back at the candle in my other hand, nearly as thick as your wrist. I lined the candle up in between your swollen lips. ?Tell me when. Remember, the farther it goes, the easier it?ll be to hold onto it, but the hotter it?s going to feel.? I began slowly sliding it inside you, watching you grimace as it stretched you open until, after 3 inches you cried out for me to stop. I glanced at my watch as I flicked my thumb across the lighter, setting the wick ablaze. ?Game on.? I wheeled a small shop chair over, taking a seat above your head. You glanced up nervously, then back to the lit candle protruding obscenely above you. I flicked my eyes between the candle and my watch; your eyes remained transfixed, barely blinking, on the bead of softening wax building. Just after thirty seconds into the game, you gasped as the first drop of hot wax landed on your left breast, sliding down to cool on your erect nipple. Further drops landed on your stomach, just below your right breast, and your chin before the first minute ended. The wax was beading more quickly now, dripping down onto your body, pooling against the underside of your breasts and in long ropes down your stomach, but the candle barely moved as the 1:30 mark approached. With ten seconds to go in the second minute, a drop landed directly on your right nipple, causing you to shudder and the candle to begin slipping out of your pussy. You clenched down on it further, but in doing so angled it up into the air, a thick stream of wax washing over your cunt. Despite the cool air in the basement, sweat broke out over your body as you struggled to maintain your grip on the candle. ?Two minutes down, two more to go.? Wax began dripping down onto you even faster, and the wick was close enough to start softening to the wax that had pooled against your pussy, but as the third minute mark approached, you held onto your grip of the candle. Unseen by you, still staring intently at the candle, I picked up a pair of nipple clamps connected by a small silver chain and began applying them to your nipples. You looked up at me with a look of shock and betrayal. ?What, I don?t care if you win or not?? I tugged on the chain, causing the candle to bobble slightly, but you clenched down even harder. ?Thirty seconds to go,? I told you as I picked up a thin rattan cane and tapped it light against your breasts. Tears began to flow from your eyes as you realized I had no intention of letting you finish. ?Twenty.? I slapped the cane down against your left breast, bringing a tortured scream from your throat as the clamp dug through the wax pooled underneath it and bit down again on your nipple. The candle now tottered drunkenly from between your legs. ?Fifteen.? I brought the cane down on your inner thigh several times, increasing the intensity each time, but you held tight. ?Ten.? With a full overhead swing, I brought it down, expertly connecting with both nipples, finally dislodging the candle. I blew it out as it rolled down, hitting her tortured breasts and landing beside her face. ?Oooooh,? I said mockingly, ?Sooooo, soooo close.? I removed the nipple clamps, placing them, the cane, and the candle on a table near me as I watched you crying beneath me, your body wracking in deep, mournful sobs. I removed the cuffs from your wrists and ankles, allowing you to rub some feeling back into your limbs. You were certainly an enigma. I was sure you would be scurrying for your clothes by now, but again you surprised me. You remained on your knees, softly feeling yourself up, inventorying your injuries. Every time I looked at you, you?d turn your head down in embarrassment. ?Sir?aren?t you?you aren?t going to fuck me??I stepped in front you, my cock achingly hard and almost slapping you in the face. ?Not your cunt, slut.? Your mouth dropped open in a moment of confusion and I slammed my cock home. Gripping the back of your head, I roughly fucked your face, your mouth erupting in rivulets of spit and drool as I forced my cock farther and farther into your throat. For the second time tonight, I enjoyed watching your body struggle as you fought for air, but you never tried to free my cock from your mouth. After several minutes, I drove the entire length of my cock into your mouth, pressing your face further into my groin as your throat spasmed around me before pulling out and painting your face in thick ropes of cum. I left you on your knees, gasping for air, and walked over to where I had piled your clothes earlier. ?Three minutes, that?s three articles of clothing.? You finally looked back up at me, wondering which pieces I?d allow you to take with you. I tossed you your right shoe, bouncing it off the ground and against your stomach where you caught it and held it questioningly. ?Go ahead.? You slipped your foot into it and began tying it as I flung your shorts at you, striking you in the face. You bent forward (at the waist, I noticed, little whore), staring up at me seductively as you pulled the shorts up over your waist, shimmying your hips for me as you did so. I held your left shoe and your t-shirt in my hands, an evil grin spread across my face. You lowered your head, already knowing what I had in mind. Instead, after so many surprises from you, I offered you one of my own, flinging the shoe behind me into the far corner of the basement and dropping the shirt at my feet. ?Thank you, thank you, thank you,? you sputtered as you got back down on your knees, crawling over to the discarded shirt. Just as you were about to pick it up, I unleashed a steady stream of piss down on it, soaking the shirt before aiming it up over your shocked features. Your mouth hung open, my urine pooling in it before you swallowed and picked up the now soaked shirt, pulling it over your head. Your formally white shirt, now tinged with a dingy yellow, clung to your body, your erect nipples sticking out through the now see-through fabric. ?Remember what I said, whore. You walk home, staying underneath the streetlights wherever possible. If you have to cross the street fifteen times to get under a light, you do it. If anyone asks you about the cum all over your face, you get on your fucking knees and you beg him to add to it. If it?s a woman, you smile and tell her this is exactly the way cunts like you belong. Don?t deviate from my instructions, I?ll know.?I led her up the steps and through my house, roughly pushing her out the front door. She looked back at me tentatively before walking quickly down the driveway, keeping her head down but crossing the street towards the nearest streetlight. I pulled my phone from my pocket, dialing as I watched her. ?Yes, she just left. Mm-hmm, everything you said, and more. Yeah, I?m sending you the videos now.? Part 2Susan ran into enough of her neighbors on the way home to have it cross her mind it was no coincidence. Mr. Teller (Roger, his name might?ve been) had been on the PTA with her a few years ago. They hadn?t been friends, but had been friendly enough. He was taking his garbage to the curb when he saw her, a predatory (definitely unfriendly) grin crossing his face. ?Why Susan, I always suspected. What, are you making the rounds through the neighborhood? I suppose I?d be remiss if I didn?t also get my turn.? He wasted no time pushing her to her knees, gripping her head in both hands, her hair wrapped tightly around his fists, his cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. ?You know, one of your whore daughters turned down my son when he asked her out. Shame he?s at his mother?s house tonight, otherwise I?d bring him out and let you make it up to him.? He continued to rain down insults on her as he fucked her face, most of them directed at her daughters. ?Here?s a fresh coat, whore,? he grunted, pulling out of her mouth and spraying her face with a generous helping of cum. She tried to affect confidence as she picked herself up from the ground. It was a confidence that she didn?t entirely feel, but she thought she was managing alright. Alright, at least, until she caught sight of Little Robbie. Robbie, who had mowed their lawn every week for several summers until he was old enough to get his first real job. Robbie, who was anything but little now, having just finished his second year of college, attending on a wrestling scholarship. He was standing in his father?s driveway, the two of them paused from unloading his car to stare at the disheveled woman crossing the street towards their house, covered in piss and cum. ?Well,? his father called out, ?I guess we see where Amy gets it from, don?t we?? Both laughed as her face flushed at his comment. She had long suspected it was Robbie who had deflowered her eldest daughter, but what would his father have known of that? ?That?s quite the load you?re wearing there. Either he?s one virile guy, or you?ve had more than one satisfied customer tonight, haven?t you? How about we freshen that up for you?? At that, each of them grabbed one of her elbows and led her towards their front porch. Robbie shoved her to the ground and, pulling her arms back behind her, placed his foot against the back of her head, roughly kicking her into his father?s waiting cock. She heard him groan as she was impaled on it. She tried to pull back from him, desperate for air, but Robbie kept his foot firmly on the back of her neck. ?She doesn?t have Amy?s tits, that?s for sure, but she sucks like a damn tornado. You?ve got to try this, son.? Susan gasped for air as Robbie released her, barely filling her lungs before Robbie had spun her around and filled her mouth. His cock was longer, although not as thick as his father?s. ?What do you think, son? Who?s better, Amy or her???Tough to say. Amy could never quite conquer her gag reflex, but there?s something to be said for making some dumb cunt finish a blowjob after she?s thrown up all over your cock. Maybe we should call her over and make them compete.? Their assaults on her mouth were interrupted only for them to switch places. Their assaults on her daughter didn?t stop at all. She wasn?t sure which hurt more. She had tears in her eyes when they finally stopped, jerking themselves furiously right in front of her face. ?Look at us.? Robbie?s voice, cold and commanding. Had he stood over her daughter Amy, drool and vomit dripping from her mouth onto her admittedly ample breasts, using that tone of voice? ?Look at us and take our cum across your slutty face, Susan.? His father came first, splattering thick ropes of cum across her forehead before aiming the rest at her hair. Seconds later, Robbie was shooting what felt like a gallon of cum against her face, aiming for her eyes before squeezing out the rest into her upturned mouth. There was no confidence, real or imagined, as she picked herself up this time. That well was dry. ?Well, bitch, aren?t you going to say thank you?? Their laughter sounded like thunder as she quickly turned away from them, her face flushing again. ?Send your other two daughter?s over. We can make sucking my cock a real family affair. Then we can finally answer the question which of your daughter?s most takes after their whore mother.?Susan had lived in this neighborhood for years, but it was much harder to navigate through cum-covered eyes. She knew she must look a mess, but wouldn?t allow them the benefit of watching her try to wipe herself off. She tried to blink away as much as she could, but it only succeeded in gumming up and crusting over, so that she could barely see at all by the time she felt a rough noose land across her shoulders before tightening around her throat. Before she could react, someone had yanked the rope, pulling her off her feet. Her knees buckled, striking the sidewalk beneath her and scr****g the skin away as her left wrist bent awkwardly, trying to break her fall. ?Cunts like you belong on all fours, don?t you?? She thought she could place the voice and hoped she was wrong as she was half pulled, half dragged across the driveway. Gripping the makeshift collar in his fist, twisting it enough to restrict her breathing, he slammed her head back against a wall and pushed his (unfortunately) very lengthy, very thick cock all the way down her throat. She wiped the cum from her eyes with a bloody palm to see that her fears were not unfounded, her new abuser was indeed the neighborhood creep. She had never known his name, but had seen him hanging around the sidelines at her daughters? games, walking entirely too slowly past her house, staring through her windows each time. Unlike the others tonight, he wasn?t fucking her face. He wasn?t moving at all. He simply held himself in her mouth, her head shoved against a wall, the rope pinching off blood flow to her brain. Her fists beat uselessly against his thighs as her vision grayed around the edges. He pulled out long enough for her to take half of a shuddering gasp before burying himself back in her throat. This time it was too much. She retched violently, her stomach feeling like it was up in her chest. She coughed around the thick cock filling up her throat and, unable to expel it, spewed vomit around it, splashing his pants, spraying back in her face. He pulled out again, laughing as she hunched over, gasping for oxygen. She thought of Robbie?s comments, of how humiliating this was, even compared to everything else she?d been through that night. A wave of fury crept over her and she lashed out violently, punching blindly. She never even connected with him as he once again pulled on the rope around her neck, sprawling her out flat in a puddle of her own vomit and spit. He hauled her up on her knees, punching her hard in the side of the head before thrusting his cock back in her mouth. He began fucking her face. Hard. Hard enough that her head was bouncing against the solid brick behind her, worrying her that she might end up with a concussion at the end of this. She had stars in her eyes by the time he began shooting great torrents of cum straight down her throat. He didn?t withdraw from her mouth, but had at least stopped slamming her back against the wall as he began wiping the cum from her eyes. He then wiped his fingers in her hair as his cock grew flaccid in her mouth. He tightened his fist around the collar, a hateful smile growing on his face. Still confused (she?d later find out she did indeed have a concussion), she worried he wasn?t going to let her go when he unleashed a stream of piss straight into her mouth. It was rancid and hot, but she swallowed it down, more out of fear of what he?d do if she didn?t. He slipped the rope from around her throat, but before she could stand, he brought it down hard across her breasts. ?Now get the fuck out of here!? he screamed, whipping her violently with the piece of rope. This time, she no longer cared about following her tormentor?s rules, in fact, she had forgotten all about them. She simply ran. A van slowed passing her and she heard a voice calling to her, but she wasn?t slowing down. The voice might?ve asked ?Are you okay?? and no, no she wasn?t, but the voice might?ve also been propositioning her for another blowjob. She couldn?t tell, and she wasn?t stopping to find out. And so, she ran.
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