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Denis(e) Femboy

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Denis(e) FemboyBrief story summary: Mummy feminises son Denis(e) from birth. She, Denise, was born with a penis but in spite of that, she has always been a little girl like her two slightly older sisters. Mummy was/is a great believer in Strict/Extreme Corporal Punishment in Disciplining her c***dren and does so on a regular basis with the help of her pharmacist friend Mrs Nugent. All punishments however are lovingly although not sparingly applied and are implemented solely for the c***dren?s own good. That Mummy and Mrs Nugent also get pleasure from the disciplining is not the main purpose of the exercise but only an added bonus as it ensures that they are extremely diligent in their practice.Denis(e) FemboyDate: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 09:37:57 0000 (GMT)From: Bi-Bill Subject: Denise Femboy (TG)Denis(e) FemboyBy SusannaThis is a semi-biographical description of my c***dhood or to be moreaccurate it is a description of my younger brother's upbringing,Feminisation and Disciplining at the hands of my mother, my sister andmyself. It will perhaps go some way to explain my interest in all thingssexual and why stories of BDSM, Feminisation, Enema, Watersports etc turnme on so much. Actually it is more about Mummy's feminisation of him that Iwrite and it will perhaps explain in some small way my own reasons forfeminising my own little boy. Both my brother and my little boy were bothcalled Denis at birth but as I myself done some years later, our brothersoon became "Denise" as did my own boy. It was Mummy rather than Daddy whobrought us up for the most part but more of that later.Let me tell you about my own experience with my brother Denis or "Denise"as we (Mummy and my older sister Celia) now call him/her. I will refer tohim as a female from now on as almost since birth we have all helpedfeminise him and she was happier as a little girl than she could possiblyever have been as the naughty little boy that she threatened to growinto. Actually she is a very subservient loving little girl who simplyadores us all and is always willing to please us in any way that we mayrequire of her even to this present day. Alas, this was not always the caseas my little story clearly demonstrates.You see shortly before Denise (Denis) was born our father was killed in atragic road accident. As a result of this Denise of course has neitherknowledge or memory of our father and as for Celia and I, well I have onlyvery vague recollections and even Celia cannot remember much about himeither. I do believe though that he was a very loving father and husbandwho simply doted on both our mother and ourselves. Our mother also was andstill is a very loving caring parent although she is I must admit a verystrict disciplinarian with a firm belief in Corporal Punishment as adeterrent to the bad behaviour of c***dren. Although as c***dren we weresubjected to varying degrees of CP it was always (a) well deserved, (b)always applied with love, (c) only done for our own good and only on veryrare occasions was any excess or undue severity of punishment applied. Ofcourse we didn't appreciate all of this at the time but now as adults weare trulyunderstanding of its necessity and thus very appreciative of its merits.As you can well imagine for Celia and me it was a totally new experiencehaving a new baby in the house. Celia of course had been around when I wasborn but she was too young then to fully appreciate the situation. Nowthough we were both in awe of the new arrival and for us who had only everexperienced living in an all girl environment, a little brother was a verynovel idea indeed. We were absolutely enamoured of our very own new littlelive "doll". I refer to Denise as a "doll" because to us little girls he(or "she" as we were soon to come to regard her as) was just that. She wasjust another little plaything differing only from our toy dolls in that shewas a living breathing little thing. We were enthralled by everything abouther and we would both spend hours simply gazing open-mouthed at her as shelay in her cot asleep or nuzzling and suckling at Mummy's engorged nipplesand milk-filled breasts. We were totally in wonderment atthis method of feeding and at first we couldn't understand exactly whatwas going on. Mummy explained to us that Denise received her much neededfood and nourishment through those enormous breasts and she even allowedCelia and me to suckle her and to taste her life giving nectar. We ofcourse as mere c***dren wanted to do this every time that Denise was beingfed but Mummy would only allow us this privilege on rare occasions when wewere particularly good and not disobedient or naughty. I actually believethat we were now beginning to get quite jealous of Denise as we were tooyoung to understand that breast-feeding was only for babies. We began Ithink to feel excluded from our mother's love and we began to resent theattention paid to our new sibling. It didn't stop us loving our littleboygirl however but I fear that the green-eyed monster, jealousy, wasbeginning to rear its ugly head. That may in some way explain the rathercruel ways inwhich we were later to treat our lovely little c***d-doll much to my latershame and mortification. Celia also harbours a great sense of shame anddoubt over certain aspects of our bullying of our little sibling at timesdue I think to this jealousy that we harboured believing wrongly thatDenise was Mummy's favourite as she denied us the same access to hernutritious breast mounds that she accorded Denise. Still though although wewere at times a little cruel to our little "sister" for most of the time wewere just loving, caring, and protective of her.When she arrived home from the hospital with Mummy we were so in awe ofDenise or Denis as she then was that we were actually afraid to pick her upor even touch her. She looked so tiny, delicate and frail and yet soabsolutely beautiful that we feared that we might hurt her simply by gazingat her. Imagine our sheer wonderment that first time that Mummy put her toher to her breast. Can you begin to understand our feelings at the firstsight of her naked? As you will no doubt understand we had no knowledge ofmale genitalia and we were simply awestruck at the sight of her tiny littlemale appendage. We were even more amazed the first time that she urinatedthrough this (to us) mysterious little attachment and not through a littleslit between her legs as Celia and I did. In fairness to Mummy she didexplain to us all about male and female genitalia and the differencesbetween the sexes but we of course were much too young to apprehend quitewhat shetold us. She also explained about breast feeding and other associated babythings but again I think that we could hardly understand little if anythingof what she told us. Nonetheless within a day or so we overcome our initialnervousness about touching Denise and natural c***dish curiosity tookover. Indeed we at first began to poke and prod at her and eventually underthe close supervision of Mummy we even ventured to pick her up. Oh what joythat brought to us both. I can still remember even now the thrill offeeling her warm little body close as I kissed, cuddled and squeezed herwarm, breathing little body. She was even better than any toy doll we hadever had and Celia and I never tired of hugging and loving her and it waswith great reluctance that we allowed Mummy to take her from us and feedand place her in her cot etc. We didn't understand at this early stage ofour lives that a baby needed plenty of sleep and regular feeding althoughthefeeding was always a source of great pleasure to us and even more so ifMummy decided to treat us also to a portion of her milk. Thanks to Denise Ican still remember the warmth, love and closeness of Mummy during theserare occasions when she allowed us to suckle at her breast. We had alreadybeen breast fed as infants but we obviously had no recollection of thishaving been mere infants at the time. I can still almost taste Mummy'ssweet nutritious life-giving liquid food and to this day I would simplylove to suckle on the nipple of a milk-filled breast. It is something thatI have actually done on a number of occasions with some of my pregnantgirlfriends and even with my bi-sexual friends who have been pregnant oreven given birth. I did mention I think that I myself am in fact bi-sexualas indeed is Celia with I think possibly a stronger leaning towards womenrather than men. This may in some way explain my fascination with "girly"or"sheboy" males rather than masculine types whom I find both vain andboring although I do confess that I use them for various sexual activitiesat times. To me though my ideal is a beautiful girl or a feminised shemalethat I can dominate and love at the same time. I also love the idea ofenforced orgasm denial for penis adorned feminine ladyboy types but themore masculine types I feel are more suited to the more cruel side of mynature in which I admit I love to take pleasure in beating these b**stsrather than loving them in the way that Mummy loved Celia, Denise andme. Oh what a complicated lady I am I hear you asking yourself. I admitthat at times I may be somewhat of a contradiction in terms as I Do LovePenis and at the same time I simply Adore Vagina. However I love even morethe assimilation/marriage/integration of the two, namely; a lovely littleboygirl who in spite of her male part is also a very loving, faithful,extremelyfeminine possibly submissive, obedient and subservientmaid/lover/plaything/wife/sperm donator (if needed/required) and one onwhom I can lavish all the love that lies within me with (hopefully) thereciprocation of my ideal little baby/girlboy/lover/partner albeit slightlylower status partner as I am incurably a rather dominant lady.However to get back to Denise. As she grew Celia and I were more and morefascinated by the difference between her body and ours. Of course this wasNOT in any way sexual as we were far too young to experience anything of asexual nature. No! This was mere c***dish curiosity of the kind experiencedby all c***dren who have siblings of the opposite gender tothemselves. While she was still a nappy-wearing baby we were allowed tochange her and on occasions we would tweak and perhaps flick at her tinylittle male part which now with hindsight was more similar to a femaleclitoris rather than a male penis. Of course testicles were not in evidenceat this stage but very soon we began to question why she didn't have alittle slit down there like Celia, Mummy and I had. Mummy did of courseexplain to us as best she could but at our age it simply went right overour heads. We were very happy though to change, oil, powder and pamper ourlovely little sisterand Mummy fully approved and encouraged us to openly show our love andaffection for our "little doll" who grew ever sweeter by the day.Within a few months of her birth Denise began to first crawl, then stand,albeit on shaky little legs until finally she took her first tentativesteps cheered on and encouraged by the rest of us. Soon she was almost asmobile as we and we were truly amazed at her progress. Mummy began now todress her in my old clothes and she was a really lovely littleshe-girl-baby sister. It was only much later when Denise began school at aboy's establishment that she was allowed to wear boy's attire. Then laterstill when it became blatantly obvious that she was in fact more femininethan masculine and would never fit in with other boys that Mummy managedwith the help of a friend of her who was headmistress at the local girls'school to have her enrolled as a girl in the school. Throughout her schoolyears her little secret was never discovered by anyone at the school exceptfor the chosen few teachers who in fact had direct contact with her. Celiaand I ofcourse knew but we didn't divulge her secret either preferring to keep itto ourselves. Even in gym and games classes she managed to conceal herhidden male part and although I am sure that some of the other girls did attimes suspect that all was not as it appeared none of them actually guessedat the real truth. Even in the showers she managed to keep her secret andlater with the help of a woman pharmacist she even grew her own pert littlebreasts complete with darkened aureole and solid little nipples.As she grew older Denise began to experience erections. She was stillextremely young when this first occurred and Celia and I who had never seenan erect penis before were both fascinated and mystified by thisphenomena. Her pencil thick little appendage would harden and stand outfrom her slim feminine body. Again we were naturally curious about this butnot in a sexual way as we were still far too young to comprehend what washappening to our little sister. In fact it was I who first brought it tothe attention of Mummy one day when I was bathing Denise that I noticedthat her little pencil was standing up rigidly. She could have been no morethan six or seven years old at the time and it was when I made her stand upso that I could sponge her all over that it occurred. I had her tiny penisin my hand and was gently soaping it when I felt it quiver and tremble as Igently massaged it. Then it suddenly hardened and sprung up strongly as Icontinued toclean it as I had been taught to. I dried her off and brought her into thefront room where Mummy and Celia were watching television. I removed thetowel from around her and showed Mummy her rigid little penis. Mummy seemedto get a little angry and immediately she flicked the very tip of the peniswith her finger causing it to soften right away. She then hiked up hershort skirt to her waist and pulled Denise across her naked thighs andproceeded to give her a sound bare buttock spanking calling her a dirtylittle girl as she applied her hand to the twin trembling orbs. She thentold Celia to fetch her clothes brush from her bedroom and she finishedpunishing Denise with the smooth backside of the brush. Denise was thenordered to stand in the corner with her reddened buttocks on display untilit was time for her bed. We, Celia and I, couldn't understand what Denisehad done to merit the chastisement but nonetheless we were delighted tohavewitnessed it and we just couldn't take our eyes of Denise's beautifullyglowing posterior as she stood naked and sobbing in the corner.It was soon after this that Mummy caught Denise spying on Celia and myselfas we prepared for bed in the room we both shared. Again to our delightDenise was spanked severely and we were allowed to witness her distress. AsI have said Mummy was and still is a firm believer in Corporal Punishmentand we all three of her c***dren were regularly disciplined in this waywith the severity of the spanking, caning, or in extreme cases whippingbeing determined by the enormity of our "crime". These beatings were veryrare however as on the whole we were three very good little girls. Howeverevery Saturday night following our bath and weekly enemas we all three ofus were subjected to an over the knee mandatory spanking just as a reminderto us of who was in charge of the household and as a reminder of theconsequences of misbehaviour. These spankings were never painful and werealways lovingly applied with Mummy constantly telling us how much she lovedus asshe applied the "punishment". We all enjoyed this ritual every week. Wewould be pulled over Mummy's bare thighs and our skirts would be pulled uparound our waists. Then as we wriggled and squirmed a fair but firmspanking would be bestowed on each of us in turn prior to our bedtime. Ican still remember with pleasure the warmth of Mummy's body as she held mefirmly over her naked thighs whilst applying this very pleasant warmingdiscipline. Our panties or knickers would of course be either lowered toour ankles or removed altogether during this ritual spanking. She wouldalso caress and knead our buttocks and run a finger up and down the cleftbetween our buttocks but only rarely did she push a finger or maybe twointo our exposed orifices. We would all witness each others spankings andlooking back at it now I believe that even at an early age we didexperience something of a sexual or sensual nature.>From the time she was a very small baby Denise had become a plaything forCelia and I. We never tired of dressing, undressing and generally treatingher as our very own living, breathing little doll. Mummy encouraged us inthis and she allowed us free rein in our treatment of our little sister. Weplayed all sorts of games and lived out various fantasy role-playing gamesthat we invented with Denise always as the helpless one depending solely onus. We played doctors and nurses with Denise usually as the patient whowould need to be examined and inspected by "Dr Celia" with me in attendanceas her nurse. This would inevitably mean probing and prodding at our littlepatient and sometimes the intimate intrusion into her rear orifice whichwould be deeply explored by one or both of us. She would sometimes becomehard when involved in these games but of course we didn't understand thesignificance of that at the time due to our tender years. Sometimestoo we played Mummies and Daddies with Denise invariably being cast as thenaughty little girl who usually needed to be spanked for some real orimagined misdemeanour. Celia and I usually took it in turns to be eitherDaddy or Mummy and more likely than not we would both participate inwhatever punishment was deemed necessary for the "crime" committed by ourlittle sibling.On one particular day it was decided that Denise had merited a severespanking and I was the one lucky enough to apply it. I took her by the handand laid her across my bare thighs as Mummy had done so many times to allof us. I raised her little short skirt up around her waist and proceeded topull down her tight little panties thus exposing her rounded littlebuttocks. Holding her firmly with one hand I positioned her in such a wayas to have her buttocks high in the air allowing me ample space and an easytarget to chastise. I gently kneaded and stroked her twin mounds running myfinger up and down her buttock cleft as I did so. I prised her buttockcheeks apart but did not attempt to push a finger into her opening. InsteadI peered closely into her interior and invited Celia to do the same. Then Iproceeded to spank her but not too severely just enough to redden and stingher exposed buttocks.I was so engrossed in spanking her lovely twin buttocks that I hardlynoticed that Denise's little pencil penis had hardened and was rubbingagainst my thighs as I punished her squirming wriggling posterior. Then ithappened! Denise's body suddenly seemed to go completely rigid andstiff. Then I felt a rush of hot sticky liquid gush from her male part andcover my naked thighs. She was shuddering and trembling all over with whatI later came to realise was her first ejaculation. I reacted angrily andpushed her off of my lap. Her little cock was dripping with her goo much tothe delight of Celia who thought that the whole thing was simplyhilarious. I was less amused however as the clammy substance began to gocold on my naked thighs."Make her lick it all up," Celia cried delightedly. "Make her clean up herown filth with her tongue."I immediately grabbed Denise by the back of her neck and forced her down tothe offending emissions that covered my exposed inner thighs and orderedher to clean it up or else face unspeakable consequences. Denise appliedherself to the task without complaint as she was by now well trained intodoing what she was told without question. When she had finished cleaningher filth from me, I again returned to spanking her and then I threatenedto tell Mummy if she ever dared do it again. Now the point of this story isthat at the time I am certain that Denise was only about eight or nineyears old . I find it difficult to believe that let's say a boy of abouttwelve would not at least achieve erection if not ejaculation if naked inthe presence of a young girl or woman who may be putting a nappy on him oreven just spanking him especially when it necessitates the handling of hisgenital area. I merely mention this as I have read numerous stories whereyoung boys are being punished and yet few of them seem to get aroused. Iam sure it happens on a regular basis.>From an early age Mummy insisted on inspecting our panties and knickers atleast once daily. She always paid particular attention to the crotch ofthese garments and although we did not at first know what it was she waslooking for, we soon enough realised that she was on the lookout forinappropriate staining which might indicate impurity of thought or deed inthe wearer. She had always insisted to us on the necessity of avoidingtouching or stimulating our genital areas and I daresay that theseinspections were her way of checking to see if we obeyed her. She wasespecially vigilant in the case of Denise and was forever questioning heras to whether or not she ever touched or rubbed herself in an inappropriatemanner "down there" between her legs. Denise always assured her that shenever abused herself in this way but still Mummy still remained unconvincedand suspicious. It was at about this time then that she began to tapeDenise's wrists toher thighs at night before putting her to bed to "prevent her fromyielding to the temptations of the flesh" and the sin of impurity. Howeverin spite of these precautions Denise began to have nocturnal emissionsalmost nightly and so it was that Mummy called on her pharmacist friend forhelp with the problem. Repeated spankings and even on one occasion a severewhipping did nothing to remedy the situation so more drastic measures wereneeded to prevent the nightly soiling caused by these nocturnal emissions.Mrs Nugent was a severe looking woman in her early sixties. She had a nononsense air about her and she was clearly one who believed strongly thatall c***dren should be chastised and trained to be submissive, obedient andrespectful of their elders. When she arrived Mummy explained to her indetail about Denise's nocturnal emissions and asked for her advice inpreventing it occurring on a nightly basis. Mrs Nugent immediatelysuggested that a physical examination of Denise was the first priority. Tothis end Denise was told to strip naked to allow herself to be examined bythe pharmacist. We were allowed to stay and witness what was of necessity avery traumatic and humiliating experience for our little sister especiallyfor one of her tender age she being no more than eight or nine at thetime. Mrs Nugent was both thorough and none too gentle in her completeinspection of the naked little girl.Little Denise obviously in a very distressed state reluctantly stripped offall of her clothes and stood naked in front of us all. She had never beenstripped like this in front of a stranger before and obviously the presenceof Mrs Nugent was the main cause of her distress. She looked forlorn,nervous and a little frightened as if dreading what was going to happen toher. Her tiny little penis hung limply from between her legs lookingsomewhat sad and pathetic if a penis can indeed be sad and pathetic. MrsNugent told her to turn round whilst allowing her eyes to rove over herentire small body taking in every little detail of her tiny femboyfigure. When Denise was facing away from her Mrs Nugent ordered her to stopand stand still. All the time that Denise had been turning round slowly forMrs Nugent's benefit Mrs Nugent had been running her hands over her nakedbody. She pinched and poked at the exposed flesh of the little girl as iftesting herbody for firmness and muscle tone. Denise stood still with her back to MrsNugent. Using both of her thumbs Mrs Nugent prised apart Denise's plumplittle buttocks opening up the tight little slit dividing them. Denise wasnow open and exposed to us all. Although I had seen her like this manytimes before I can remember strange sensations coursing through my entirebody as I observed her being opened up in this manner by a completestranger. In spite of my tender years I can distinctly remember feelingstrange tingling sensations in my private female part deep inside me and Iwas aware that the crotch of my panties were becoming extremely damp with amoisture that was leaking from me. Of course I was much too young to knowwhat was happening to my body at this time but with hindsight I now realisethat what I was feeling was the stirrings of sexual feelings and possiblydesires that would at this time have been merely buried in my subconscious.Mrs Nugent turned to Mummy."Before we begin I would like to give her a complete physical examination,"she told her. "That will also mean an internal inspection to ascertain thestate of her health, her fitness, her overall condition etc. Therefore Iwould like to give her an enema before we proceed further. Would that bepossible do you think?" Mummy assured her that it would and told Mrs Nugentmuch to all of our embarrassment that we were all, including Denise, givenregular enemas as a routine hygienic means of keeping our anal cavitiesclean and healthy.Denise was led into the bathroom where the enema equipment was kept. We hada large bathroom at the time so we had no difficulty in us all fittingin. Mummy hadn't given Celia and I permission to follow them but thenneither had she said anything to the contrary so being the curious c***drenthat we were, we just went along hoping to be allowed to witness Denise'scleansing. It was something that we of course had witnessed on numerousoccasions previously but nevertheless it still held a fascination for theboth of us. Although we were regularly given our enemas in each other'spresence and I took great delight in witnessing the enemas of my twosiblings even though I found it somewhat shameful and humiliating to begiven my own enemas whilst they looked on with as much fascination I amsure as I did whilst they were at the receiving end of this most intimateof cleansing practices.Mrs Nugent suggested that Denise receive three separate enemas to ensure acomplete cleansing of her intestines and colon. The first one was to bemade up of a solution of warm water with some ginger added to irritate thecolon and ensure a thorough cleansing and emptying of the contents of herinterior. Then following a rinsing out with clean clear water a secondenema would be administered consisting of warm soapy water followed by therinsing with warm water once again. The final enema was to consist of ayeast based liquid which Mrs Nugent had in a large bottle and the purposeof which was, she informed Mummy, was to cause extra bloating to thereceiver of the enema thus making inspection and examination of the analcavity much easier and accessible to her probing fingers. Mother busiedherself with preparing the first enema and Denise was told to bend over thetoilet bowl with her naked buttocks high in the air in readiness. MrsNugent told her tospread herself wide open and Denise reached behind and spread her buttockcheeks wide apart to oblige.Mrs Nugent applied some kind of lubricant to her finger and withoutpreamble she pushed her digit deep into Denise's open orifice. Denisetensed and her little opening tightened involuntarily round the probingfinger. Mrs Nugent slapped her buttock sharply forcing Denise to relax herrectum. Mrs Nugent pushed her finger in and out of Denise as she layhelpless across the toilet bowl open and exposed to the eyes and probingfingers of the pharmacist. The whole of her interior was lubed generously,deeply and slowly by the exploring fingers whilst the enema was beingprepared by Mummy.I must admit that whilst this was taking place and in spite of my tenderage and my lack of understanding as to what was taking place within me, Iwas very turned on by the scene being played out before me. So also wasCelia as I was to learn much later on but she like me was at that time at aloss as to explain her feelings. Although we had witnessed Denise beinggiven an enema every Saturday night, this was the first time that acomplete stranger had been present and it must have been this fact thatadded to our immense enjoyment of the scene. Of course for Denise it musthave been both extremely humiliating and distressing for her but asc***dren ourselves neither Celia not I were aware of this. I do knowhowever that the crotch of my panties did get particularly wet and I wasalso aware that if Mummy were now to carry out one of her frequent knickersinspections on me then I would no doubt have been subjected to a medium ifnot severe spanking. Thewarm glow throughout my body as I watched Denise being so intimatelyprobed and prodded by this strange woman Mrs Nugent is something that I canstill recollect to this day many years later.Then the enema was ready for use. Mummy handed the nozzle of the enema tubeto Mrs Nugent. Then she opened up Denise's tight little buttock orifice aswide as possible to allow for the nozzle and some of the tubing to beburied deep inside our little sister's interior. We watched fascinated asshe opened the little valve allowing the ginger and water solution to flowinto her filling her slowly to the brim. Now the ginger in the enema beganto take effect and Denise squirmed and wriggled in obvious distress as itflowed deep into her irritating her deep in her bowels. It would now begetting ever more difficult to contain the fluid within her and as yet theenema bag was not even half empty. From her position bent over the toiletbowl I had a good view of Denise's little belly which now seemed to swellvisibly as the liquid filled her even more. I knew from my own experienceexactly what she was going through now and the effort needed for her tocontrol her bowels and although part of me felt sympathy for my littlesister, I must confess that mainly I just felt extreme pleasure andprivilege to be allowed to witness her discomfiture. Of course part of mewas also grateful that it was Denise and not me who was the recipient ofthe cleansing soapy solution no matter how lovingly it was administered.At last the enema bag was empty and its entire contents were inside of thehapless Denise. Her ordeal however was only just beginning as she would nowbe required to hold it inside her for at least fifteen minutes to allow itto do its job and ensure a thorough cleansing of her interior. Mrs Nugentwithdrew the nozzle from Denise's cavity. Denise was told to maintain herposition and on no account was she to release so much as a drop of thesolution from her interior. Mummy put her hands under Denise and begangently to knead and massage her now extended belly to ensure that theliquid cleanser was dispersed to every nook and cranny of her insides. MrsNugent again pushed a finger into Denise exploring her deeply and seemingpleased with whatever she felt inside there.When they were finally satisfied with their work Denise was allowed toexpel the contents of the enema into the toilet bowl. She was warned to dothis very slowly on pain of having the process repeated so very cautiouslyshe lowered herself onto the rim of the bowl and began to release a steadystream of brownish liquid into the receptacle. She was then thoroughly andrepeatedly rinsed out with clear water which was pumped into her. When shewas completely empty Mummy washed her anal region lovingly with warm soapywater and then she and Mrs Nugent again probed her interior beforepreparing the second enema.The second enema would of course bring some kind of relief to the burningsensations inside Denise but the soapy water would of course cause anotherkind of irritation to her bowels and intestines although not quite assevere as the ginger-filled enema she had just endured. The subsequent warmwater rinsing would of course afford some degree of comfort and relief fromthe stringency of the enemas administered thus far. The last and finalyeast enema caused Denise to swell almost alarmingly but it was also ratherbeautiful as she swelled up deliciously before our eyes. This one Mummy andMrs Nugent insisted she held inside her for far longer than the previoustwo as they kneaded her swollen belly and subjected her to an even moreintrusive internal probing and prodding as they inspected her anal cavitythoroughly. At one point as they allowed her to rest with the liquid stillinside her, Mrs Nugent inserted a cork into her rectum to prevent herleakingany of the belly swelling liquid from inside her. She looked absolutelylovely standing there with her swollen belly and her little orifice sealedwith the cork. By now all of the liquids that were forced inside her wereas clean when she was allowed to empty the contents of her bowels as theywere before entering her body.At last her ordeal was over and following repeated cleansing clear waterrinsing, she was led back into the sitting room for an even more intimateexamination which would centre largely on her genital area.Denise's buttocks still had a slightly red warm glow to them following arecent hand and hair brush spanking she had recently received fromMummy. Mrs Nugent noticed this with approval and commented on it toMummy. She expressed her belief in the great benefits of severe CorporalPunishment as a means of chastisement and also for the purpose of raisingobedient respectful c***dren who would in time grow into responsible adultswho would be a credit to their parents or guardians. Mummy glowed withpride at this unexpected praise and assured Mrs Nugent that she too was afirm believer in this kind of physical discipline. Then much too Celia'sand my shame and embarrassment, she told her that we were also subjected tothis form of training and she even told her of our mandatory Saturday nightspankings. She also went into even more detailed descriptions of the otherpunishments she had on occasion been forced to subject us to for moreseriousmisdemeanours. We both blushed deeply at these revelations and even moreso when Mrs Nugent showed her approval and expressed a wish to be presentat our future admonishments. Not only did she in fact attend to our manysessions of Corporal Punishment over the years but she also participatedvery actively in their application. In time we came to love Mrs Nugent andregard her as our "aunt" but of course we were never allowed to refer toher as anything other than "Mrs Nugent". I like to think that she too cameto love us even if she never actually admitted it even to herself. However,that is an altogether different episode in our education which I shall gointo in more detail another time. For now let us focus on Denise.As she had done soon after her arrival Mrs Nugent had the naked Denisestand in front of her as she inspected every inch of her nubile body withall seeing eyes. Then with Denise facing away from her she told the littlegirl to bend over from the waist and present her buttocks for furtherinspection. She prised Denise's buttock cheeks wide apart with thumb andforefinger whilst pushing a finger of her other hand deep into herorifice. She then produced what I later learned to be a speculum from herbag and pushed it into the gaping cavity of the girl. She then proceeded toturn the screw on this device forcing Denise open. Denise gasped as she wasforcibly opened up in this way and her anal tunnel was now a gaping tunnelthrough Mrs Nugent and Mummy peered closely examining Denise'sinterior. Celia and I also managed to peer inside our little sisteralthough we were not allowed to put our eye close to the open speculum asthe adults did. Nonethelessit was a wonderful experience for us to be able to look inside her exposedorifice like that. Little did I know then that for many years after Imyself would be subjected to a similar intrusive and humiliating anal andvaginal examination by not only Mummy and Mrs Nugent, but also by otherprying eyes and probing fingers.The internal inspection finished to their satisfaction they now turnedtheir attention to Denise's tiny little male part.Mrs Nugent took Denise's tiny limp little penis in her hand. She ran fingerand thumb along its tiny length and the she grasped its tip and squeezed itwith fingertips. She spread the tiny little hole through which Deniseurinated and then ran her thumb over the tip. Almost immediately her littleappendage hardened and a tiny little moisture drop formed on the tip. Shegently kneaded the tiny organ for some moments. Then Denise stiffened and ajet of warm sticky cream-like substance shot out of her male part splashingMrs Nugent's hand and forearm. Mummy looked mortified and immediatelypicked up the box of tissues and offered them to Mrs Nugent apologisingprofusely and shamefacedly as she did so.Mrs Nugent however wasn't angry."Look", she explained, "although Denise is undoubtedly very feminine and soobviously more female than male, she still retains some of the maleattributes she was born with. Unfortunately one of these attributes is herability to have erections and ejaculate like the horrible little boy thatshe is not, rather than the delightful little she is. Now with the help ofhormone injections and daily doses of female hormone pills, we can easilyeradicate these disgusting little habits and male traits that she stillretains. Why in time when she is older and if both she and you wished forit, she could be transformed permanently into a proper little lady completewith her own vagina. That of course would necessitate surgery but for themoment with the hormone treatment that I propose, we can at least renderher unable to either have erections or to ejaculate. She would of coursehave to have her prostate milked regularly for reasons of draining her oftheunwanted build up of fluid which can be very unhealthy if left toaccumulate but she will experience no sexual pleasure whatsoever from thisif done in the proper manner. I will be only too glad to show you how tocarry out this procedure and you could even show the girls how its donealso so that they can help out when necessary".Mummy brightened up with this news and it was obvious that she was pleasedthat Mrs Nugent had come up with a solution to Denise's little problem."Denise darling", she said, "did you hear what Mrs Nugent said? You couldbe cured of your filthy little nocturnal emissions and eventually you couldeven have your penis removed altogether and have a proper little girl'svagina and breasts like your sisters' and Mummy. Would you like thatdarling?""Yes Mummy", Denise answered. "I would love to be like you and my sisters'down below and get rid of my horrible little boy thing. I'd also love togrow breasts like Mummy when I am older. Oh please Mummy let me become aproper little girl and I promise to be good always. Then you won't evenhave to beat me anymore and I will love you even more than I do now."Mrs Nugent took her leave then promising to come the next day to injectDenise and to bring with her the pills she would need to complete herfeminisation. When she arrived as promised Denise was immediately made tostrip naked and after a full and intimate examination by Mummy and MrsNugent which we were allowed to witness she was again given repeatedcleansing enemas before her treatment began. Mrs Nugent also masturbatedher to completion in order to "completely drain her" of her male filthprior to beginning her treatment.Mrs Nugent began by injecting some kind of d**g directly into Denise's tinypenis. She injected four injections in all into her genital area; twodirectly into the shaft of her small male part and the other two into hergroin. She assured Mummy that these injections coupled with the hormonepills which Denise would have to take on a daily basis, would prevent anyfurther growth of her penis as well as making erection and ejaculationimpossible. They would render her physically and mentally impotent as theywould eradicate any physical prowess as well as sexual desire in her.Next Denise was given four injections into her boy breasts which would intime encourage the growth of proper little girl breasts when she reachedpuberty.And so began the full feminisation of our little sister Denise.Soon after this Mrs Nugent began visiting us at least twice weekly. Everytime she visited Denise would be stripped naked under some pretext or otherand her nubile little body would be examined and inspected by Mummy and thepharmacist. Soon we too (Celia and I) were also stripped and examined inthe same way in order to note our physical development and progression intopuberty and, ultimately, into adulthood. At first of course we deeplyresented these inspections and invasions of our bodily privacy but soon webecame acclimatised to the intrusions and even got to look forward to theintimate probings. Mrs Nugent sometimes stayed overnight and at weekendsand on these occasions she slept with Mummy. She also looked after us forshort periods of time if Mummy had to go away for a few days and she toodisciplined us with the approval of Mummy.I can tell the rest of this story if enough readers wish to hear it. Iwould love to hear some feedback of what you readers think so far. Also youmay feel that our family were slightly i****tuous and you would be quiteright. Celia and I who shared a bed as c***dren also shared our firstlesbian experiences together. We also shared anal and vaginal cock fuckingfor the first time and on many consequent occasions.Perhaps this explains why I JUST LOVE feminine and feminised little boys aswell as girls, men, shemales and ladyboys. Please feel free to comment. Ido hope that my little story did not shock. Love, Susanna.
09-11-2021, at 02:50 PM

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