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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 2

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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 2It was Friday afternoon and I managed to escape from work early again. My wife Brenda was busy at the gym focusing on her usual long afternoon workout and I knew she wouldn't be home for at least two more hoursbecause she texted me that she was heading to the gym just as I was finishing up at work. What happened Wednesday was... completely unexpected and yet very much a turn on! I had been thinking about our housemaid Kim a lot for the past two days and I was anxious to know what she was up to this time.When I reached the house, again I didn't see my wife's car in the driveway and I felt the anxiety buildinginside me now that I knew for sure I had the house all to myself. I parked my car in my usual spot as I shut it off in a hurry and I practically jogged up to the front door. I fumbled with my house keys forabout half a minute before eventually finding the right key and unlocking the door without wasting anymore as I turned the knob. I opened the door open just enough to let me inside as I closed it behind me and I paused to catch my breath for just a second. I listened closely as I heard the sound of the vacuum cleaner coming from one of the bedrooms upstairs and I knew exactly what to expect as I headed for the stairs. I crept up the stairs quietly wanting to surprise Kim just like the last time and I started preparing myself as I unzipped my work pants while heading down the hall.The sound of the vacuum cleaner grew louder as I approached my sonn's bedroom and I was certain that I would catch her masturbating on his bed again. But as I came to the door which was carelessly left wide open I saw Kim was actually vacuuming Eric's bedroom this time! I watched her bend over to pick something off the floor and as she bent over with her thighs pressed tightly together, her extra small skirt lifted just enough to reveal her perfect bare ass to me. I then noticed she wasn't wearing any panties and from the way that she closed her legs it looked like there was nothing bulging between her legs!Kim stood back up to put away the stuff she had picked up and she continued to work for a few more seconds until I gave a light knock on the door. She turned her head quickly to face me and she gave me the deer in headlights look as she sighed saying, "Whoa!... Umm... Mr. Oliver, you scared me..." Kim looked down at my pants which were already halfway undone and her eyes shifted back up to look at me asshe said, "Ohh... So you liked what I did last time huh David?... You wanna see my cock up close this time?..."I nodded my head as I stood there reaching one hand down to pull out my own semi hard cock and she replied in the most innocent girly voice, "Okay... Here, let me show it to you..." Kim started pulling down her skirt ever so slowly, teasing me more and more by the minute. Finally, she leaned over to pull her skirt all the way down as she stepped out of it and she stood back up, revealing her already stiff cock which sprung up in front of her.Kim started stroking her hard uncut cock in her small feminine hand and I watched in awe as I stroked my fully erect 6 inch long circumcised cock in my slightly bigger, manlier looking hand. She started to moanfor me while she stroked her cock lightly in her soft delicate hand. "Uhhh... Uuhhh... MMMM..." I came up closer to her as she stood still, waiting for me to make my move and when I was close enough I reached my free hand over to touch her cock.My hand was visibly trembling as I reached for Kim's fully hard, maybe 5 or 6 inch long cock and she letgo of it when suddenly she took my hand to help me proceed. She pulled my hand closer as I touched her cock for the first time ever and I kept staring at it the whole time while she moved my hand for me, helping me stroke her cock.Kim reached down to take over for me as she took my hard cock in her hand and she started massaging it, making me moan. "OHH... Uhhh!... Ohh yeah... That's it... Good girl!..." I kept stroking her cock after she let go of my hand and with her free hand she reached between my legs, making me jump when she slipped one of her fingers between my butt crack. I let go of her cock as reality started to settle in and I backed away because I knew exactly what this was leading to.I shook my head as I said, "Whoa!... Slow down there Kimmie... I--- I guess this was getting a bit too heated for both of us... I... I'm not..." Kim looked at me as she came closer again and she said, "Can't you see David?... I know what you like... Now get down on your knees!..." I was slightly upset at her since I felt like she had just ignored my reaction all together, and I hesitated at first but I knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass. I eventually got down on my knees in front of her just like she demanded and she stroked her cock in front of my face as she aimed the tip to my mouth saying, "Open your mouth... You're gonna suck my dick today for being such a bad boy... Now go on..." I looked up at her as she stared down at me with a serious look on her face and she pointed down at her cock while nodding her head to remind me of the task she hadgiven me. I looked back down at her cock as it bobbed up and down in front of my face.Kim reached for the back of my head as she pushed my head forward slightly aiming her cock to my lips which were tightly pursed together in protest. I shook my head to either side to keep her dick away from my mouth and she grew impatient as she reached her other hand down to hold my head in place. Kim squeezedmy cheeks as I finally parted my lips and she slipped her cock into my mouth!I gagged on her salty tasting cock as she thrusted forward, slipping it further inside my mouth and I refused to suck on it. Kim slapped my cheeks lightly as she said, "Go on boy, suck my cock!... Isn't this what you wanted?... What are you waiting for then??? HUH?" I started sucking on her thick cock as itbecame slick with my wet saliva and I accidentally touched the inside part of her foreskin with my tongue,getting a taste of her precum.Kim started humping into my mouth off and on as I sucked on her cock, reaching one hand down to stroke my own cock. I leaned my head in forward and I wanted to take as much of it as I could handle. Kim moaned as she said, "Ohh yeah, suck it!... Uhh! Uhhh... Good boy!..." I tried as best as I could to satisfy her, wanting nothing more in return than to make her cum in my mouth!Kim pushed my head in and I took as much of her cock as I could manage when I felt it squeezing into my tight throat hole. She moaned loudly as she fucked my face, thrusting in and out while I stroked my cock faster. Kim seemed to be close to reaching her male orgasm as she said, "OHHH---Fuck... Uhhh!... I---I THINK I'M GONNA CUM... BE A GOOD BOY AND SWALLOW MY CUM!..."Despite her clear warning I kept sucking her cock and soon I felt myself getting close too as I kept stroking it that whole time. Then, suddenly Kim moaned loudly as her cock started squirting fresh warm semen into my mouth and I faithfully kept my mouth wrapped around her shaft, swallowing every single drop. She moaned saying, "UHHH!!! UHHH! UHHH! OHHH!... MMMM! OHH YEAH... GOOD BOY DAVID... Ohhh. THERE WE GO... GOOD BOY!" The taste wasn't all that, but I still managed to take it all and I couldn't believe I was actually doing it.Just before pulling my mouth off of her spent cock I moaned deeply as I squirted my own cum in front of me and it landed all over the bedroom's plush carpet floor. "Ohh fuck!... OHH! UUHHH! UHHH! UHHH! OHHH!... OHH FUCK... Th--- The carpet..." The leftover taste of Kim's fresh sperm became more noticeable all of a sudden and I brought my hand up to clean my lips off with the back of my hand. Kim smiled as she picked her skirt off the floor and she slipped it back on, pulling it back up to her slim waist. She looked down at the mess I made as she said, "It's okay Mr. Oliver. I've taken care of tougher stains before... Why don't you leave this to me... Your wife should be getting back any minute... Go on and get ready for her..."I looked up at her and I nodded my head as I stood up to fix myself. Kim came closer as she leaned her head in and she kissed me on my lips while I was still in a daze from my recent orgasm. I kissed her back, but only for a second as I broke the kiss and I headed off to the bathroom to clean myself up before Brenda got home. While I was cleaning up my face I thought to myself, "I--- I don't know what just happened... But I really seemed to like it!... Does that make me gay? Or maybe Bi?... I dunno... All I know is that I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime..."When I got out of the bathroom I heard the front door opening as my wife announced her arrival saying, "Honey?... I'm home!..." I sighed as I prepared myself for all the questions she normally had for me whenever I'd get home early from work......
09-11-2021, at 02:50 PM

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