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Local Totty Needs Attention

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Local Totty Needs AttentionI was on a six week training course with work and at the end of week two my cohort and I had a bit of a blowout to celebrate completing one of the modules. We were in the bar of a local hotel and it was busy but we were in high spirits and having fun and attracting a bit of attention. I was walking to the toilet when this local milf literally threw herself into me, grabbing my arm.'Oops, sorry.' She smiled. Yeah right.Anyway, whilst having a piss, I started to think about coming onto her. She wasn't a total stunner; slim, petite, shortish red hair, and dressed relatively conservatively, but something about that smile was convincing me she was pretty fucking dirty.I found her at the bar and I sidled up behind her and squeezed myself in as if to order. She turned and we clocked each other. I knew I was in. To cut it short I ended up telling her I loved to smoke weed and I wanted to get high and eat her cunt.One drink later, she was back in my room and I had pulled off her jeans to reveal plain cotton panties and a wet slit. It got much wetter as I tongue fucked her, allowing my slaver to run down to her arse crack. I lightly toyed her bud with my middle finger, just rubbing at first then inserting to the first knuckle. 'That's my bumhole.' She said. Well, duh. Haha.'Fucking right it is,' I told her, sliding my finger all the way in. That was that sorted out. Needless to say she was soon into it, taking two fingers up her dirtbox easily, plus four from the other hand in her sopping cunthole. I tried to get the whole fist in and she was keen as fuck, but my hands are pretty big and her twat kinda tight so she had to make do with sucking my cock and mouthing obscenities whenever she came up for breath.This was as hot as anything I'd ever done, here I was filling three holes of a woman I had only met an hour previously.She was soon bucking on my hands as my cock hit the back of her throat. I wasn't close to coming yet so I pulled off her jumper and got her on her back, no bra, hardly any tits. I couldn't give a fuck.'Do you want to slap my vag a bit?' She asked.Seemed like a rhetorical question to me so in reply I knelt at the side of her head and fed her my cock again. She got to work on that and I reached down to spread her legs and give her clit a little flick. She had a bit of a bush, trimmed, but in need of some tlc. 'You should shave.' I told her.'Mmmmllggh' she repiled. I started to fuck her mouth. The little make up she had been wearing was starting to smear and I spat on my hand and used that to mess her face up a little more. Then suddenly I slapped her cunt hard. She jerked, luckily not biting my cock off. Too much, maybe, I thought; but she looked at me and a wicked, delighted sheen came to her eyes. So I slapped her again, and again, and again, and again. My god, the sound of my open hand smacking her twat was so cool I swear my cock got even bigger. I finger fucked her again to orgasm, then gently licked her swollen and sore labia whilst she writhed on the bed. She wanted me to fuck her, but I didn't want to spoil the night, so I face fucked her again, grabbing handfulls of her hair as she gagged and soon my spunk was oozing between her lips. I let her up. She was a mess, but smiling.We had another joint. It turned out she was married with two k**s, but he never gave her any attention. She lived in a nearby village in a million pound house. Her fantasy was to be properly roughed up. We made a date to meet at her house when hubby was at work.'Just make sure you shave that cunt, and get all your holes ready.'I'll tell you that story if you liked this one.
09-11-2021, at 02:50 PM

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